Hmmm... So I've Been Misusing The Word Fanboy?!

Well I guess this shows two types of critics (if they are) and I'll just say that maybe, I'm a critic or well, every fan or fanboy is a critic, right? Some critics stay calm even if they are very blunt (and I need to practice that) and on the other hand, fanboys can be emotional critics.

So what's the big deal with the two groups? The diagram above shows what's going on and the same can be said between the Super Sentai fan and the Super Sentai fanboy or as I call it, fantard. Super Sentai fans acknowledges the faults of the franchise giving proper criticism where and when it's due, accepts the fault of their favorite characters and respects/acknowledges other people's opinions. Meanwhile, Super Sentai fanboys tend to think Super Sentai is oh so perfect, Power Rangers is all trash, won't respect your opinion and hates anyone who opposes them.