Some Funny Illustration Of The Super Sentai Purist

For Tokusatsu communities, I always found it funny how the Super Sentai purists are ranting all their nonsense, bragging how "enlightened" they are and now for some comic memes to address their issues...

Using this modified version of an original meme describing Failipino stupidity, I made shows the possibilities of Bandai, Saban and Toei actually having a very negative reaction towards them. Bandai and Saban might be laughing considering that both companies benefit from Power Rangers. Toei might be facepalming saying, "Really?!" towards the attitude of the Super Sentai purists. Bandai, Saban and Toei are all involved with Power Rangers whether you like it or not.

Seriously, I dare to ask those guys to go to Japan and PROVE that the Ninningers hate the Power Rangers cast members behind the scenes. Really is this really just, "Oh they are just trying to smile." I don't see the cast of Ninninger just trying to smile, they look pretty enthusiastic here and not poked by laughing ass in this one. I really and I really dare them to prove it. =P