The HUGE Difference Between Power Rangers Purists And Power Rangers Fans!

Here's another meme I created to address the Power Rangers purists that may actually illustrate the stupidity of their actions. Looking at a lot of stuff that is labeled towards the Power Rangers purist, I cannot help but laugh while I made the meme. So really, I can't help but crack up a good laugh because... that's how stupid they really are!

So what's the difference between Power Rangers fans and the Power Rangers purists and why in the world are they laughing at the Power Rangers purists? Power Rangers fans recognize that their beloved franchise is based on Super Sentai, Saban paid Toei for the rights and that it was a result of Japanese influence. On the other hand, take a look at the rotten Power Rangers purist who have their pride and arrogance like this guy...

Yes, that's a Power Rangers fantard. Power Rangers fans are willing to accept the shortcomings of their franchise, they are willing to check out Super Sentai. In my case even if I don't consider myself a fan of Power Rangers like I'm really not into Ultraman (both franchises for me are not my cup of tea) but I am willing to check a few seasons out or two, to at least respect the franchise or if a critic gives a good review, check the show out and have a friendly discussion with that critic. But for them, they are just developing instant biases without even checking out the source for Power Rangers to at least, make a decent comparison. Hmmm... and his reason is because it's in English?!

So really, I may write about them but I refuse to even discuss things with them, case closed!