What A Shallow Reason To Like Power Rangers More.. Cause It's In English?!

Heh, I always found this reason a big facedesk and believe me, it's either frustrating or entertaining to read these guy's posts. So really, I could care less if a person likes Power Rangers more than Super Sentai, but hey GIVE IT A GOOD DEFENSE.

Now here's an old blog post that had a good defense, Here's an excerpt:

Power Rangers, on the other hand, is my childhood. I grew up with it. It's the thing that has stayed with me since I started watching it back in '97, and from that point on it's played a large part of my life. The key to continuing success for Power Rangers is always present something new and inventive, even knowing that most of the material comes from Sentai. Without originality, Power Rangers would be known as nothing more than an "English version" of Super Sentai. And no matter how bad the season may be, there is always at least one original thing that wasn't seen in the original material. Like for example, MMPR is about overbearing teenagers living their teenage life while fighting off a evil alien witch and her minions, where as Zyuranger is about ancient warriors from the past defending the planet from their sworn enemy.

Which if I can respond to Kingdom Rider, I'd be saying I prefer Super Sentai at a very cultural context. Now there are some things in Power Rangers that I like better than in Super Sentai like Ransik in Time Force, the mutant/human war in Time Force, Kimberly for me will always be a more charming character than Mei to name a few but I still prefer Super Sentai overall. I'd be stupid to say, "Super Sentai is better because it's produced by Japan." Please, Japan also has some terrible shows and I'll admit, as much as I enjoyed Takara Transformers but some people think that era was stupid. I don't blame them for thinking that, the Headmasters Series had lower quality!

Ironically, the guy can be seen still watching Sailor Moon or playing Japanese-produced computer games. I always felt this guy is your typical Murican. Well I hope this guy won't be allowed to go to Power Morphicon ever because this guy like the Anti-Power Rangers Organization... is just trouble. =P