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Satirical News: President Xi Jinping Renews Demand To Have Nobita Aquino And Joseph Pabaya Get Run Over By A Train By Chinese New Year's Eve!

As the New Year approaches (but not for China), both President Rodrigo Duterte and President Xi Jinping prepare to settle their differences. The new condition for peace between China and the Philippines renewed the demand that both Nobita Aquino and Joseph Pabaya should be run over by a train. Since Nobita and Pabaya are no longer in office it looks like that this time, Filipinos will get the chance to see both of them ran over by a train for sure.

"As part of the peace treaty between China and the Philippines, the Chinese government now renews its demand to have both Nobita Aquino and Joseph Pabaya run over by a train this Chinese New Year. Tomorrow is the Solar New Year. That should provide the Philippines enough time to honor their part of the agreement. The Chinese calendar's first day of the Lunar Month hits on January 28, 2016 according to the Gregorian Calendar. January 27 is Chinese New Year's Eve and I'd gladly sit down with the Philippine government to see …

Being Fat May Also Contribute To Intellectual Stupidity?

Just when you thought that fat stupid people are just limited to stupid shows like Family Guy (and hence, Peter Griffin is my favorite mascot for that one) then think again. I don't know if I'm shocked or not shocked with the possible correlation between stupidity and obesity. Some people are not fat but they're stupid but it seems that being overweight also contributes to stupidity aside from watching anti-intellectual shows. Even if I'm not a biologist, cardiologist or a nutrtitionist but I still find this study to be amazing. I don't have the answers and I don't expect to find them but reading stuff I have little or no expertise on is an interesting thing to do.

Here's an interesting excerpt from Men's Health article called "How Being Fat Makes You Stupid":

Packing on the pounds isn’t just bad for your body—it’s bad for your brain. According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the brains of obese people work harder than those of n…

Mandopop/Cantopop Covers Of Japanese Pop Songs Don't Usually Sound Better To Me

Even if I'm of Chinese descent but I'll admit that as much as I prefer Chinese food over Japanese food but there are some things Japanese do better. I'd like to present the cover then the original. You can go ahead and think that the cover is better but I think the original Japanese is better.

Here's Leslie Cheung's licensed cover of the hit song "Monica". As much as I'm a fan of his music but I don't think his rendition miles better than Koji Kikkawa's version...

Here's Koji Kikkawa's rendition of the Japanese pop song "Monica". Kikkawa himself has a better voice and passion than Cheung in this area. While Cheung himself has had a lot of good songs but I don't think he reaches Kikkawa's performance level.

Is it me or do most Japanese singers show better vocals than Chinese singers? While Chinese entertainment usually presents better action than Japanese entertainment but I usually like Japanese music over Chinese mus…

Forms Of Entertainment I Get Involved With When I'm Taking A Short Leave From Japanese Tokusatsu!

There are times I simply want to take a short break from Japanese Tokusatsu after having a lot of really good servings from it. That means no old school nor new school Tokusatsu during that short break which may happen up to two to three years or a matter of a few months depending on my mood or how much Japanese Toku I've watched. I admit that I do take a short break from Tokusatsu every now and then depending on my mood. So what do I do when I'm on a break from Tokusatsu? Here's some of them before I end up watching new school Tokusatsu. There's been a lot of good slices but no amount of good gimmicks can ever prevent taste fatigue from long serving patrons.

Watching mostly new school Japanese drama

I may be blogging about Kamen Rider in my drama blog (Heisei era Kamen Rider has the J-Drama feel) but what if I decide to go after non-Tokusatsu type, slice of life stories? As a guy who likes J-Pop and Japanese aesthetics I don't see any reason why J-Drama isn't a…

I've Been Sticking With Samsung Products Over Apple Products!

I always figured out that just because I could afford something doesn't mean I should buy it. Sure I could afford to pay for Apple's labor but it's pretty expensive. Then I started switching to the use of Samsung products from my laptop, smartphone and a tablet. Even if I'm sort of spendthrift (but not really) but I figured out that while I could afford Apple but I hate its labor cost. Pretty much, after I lost my i-Pod 5 I thought I'd go for Samsung over Apple. Oh not to mention, I use a Samsung refrigerator and my repair costs from Samsung give me extra money for pleasure spending.

Then again, not all my gadgets are Samsung products. I'm still using Japanese products, American products and European products based on their quality. I use Hewlett-Packard products for printing and scanning. I'm a Sony Playstation enthusiast having owned all three generations (and still waiting for better games for the fourth). I drive a Toyota Vios because it's very rel…

Five Stuff I Don't Like About Americanized Versions Of Japanese Shows

While I do respect the need for localization because America is a much different market than Japan but I do feel the need to express why I don't like the localized versions of Japanese shows. I guess this effect happens due to cultural reasons. Then again, there's more than just cultural reasons that could have caused it. To localize something means to make changes so any company can do business in a culturally different country. America has TV-Y7-FV ratings while Japan doesn't.
What are my reasons for not liking Americanized versions of Japanese shows? Here are they and I'm going to mention some reasons from the 80s to the present. Take note that I don't like most American TV in general though I'm not an anti-American guy. All these somehow happen due to cultural differences but I could go beyond that.

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Picture For December 13, 2016

Although I have no intention of rewatching any Power Rangers series but this is too good not to post here. 

Some Simple Remedies For "Darth Vader Breathing" Anyone?

I find it annoying how I easily get phlegm down my throat or a clogged nose whenever there are irregular weather patterns. It's not giving me enough sleep for the past few days. I even feel like I only get some "breathing space" in cooler places. But when I'm out of those breathing spaces, it's time to start breathing heavily again. This is when I consider myself to be "breathing like Darth Vader".
I could remember Darth Vader's deep heavy breathing. Whenever I feel like I can't breathe properly, I want to pretend I'm having mechanical lungs when I don't. I feel the heavy breathing happens then I start using peppermint oil in a water based air purifier to ease my breathing while sleeping. Another method is to actually breathe through steam from a facial sauna to ease that breathing. Using a nasal spray also had helped remove the clogged nose problem. Then it's time for me to take a long nice warm bath to at least help alleviate the …

Are American TV Standards Making It Too Hard For Japanese Shows To Be Aired There Without Localizing Them?!

As a kid, I remembered how I started out as a fantard towards American culture (while hypocritically watching Tagalog-dubbed or English-dubbed Japanese shows) then it happened. I watched more Japanese shows and I remembered reading a very old edition of Questor Magazine with an article called "Sentai: It's Not What You Think". I wondered what in the world was Sentai then I found it it's the very TV show that Power Rangers was based from. While I acknowledge that Toei and Saban worked together and made big tons of money from it but I still feel that deep inside, they're probably still grumbling while saying, "Are Americans really that chicken?!" I can't say they are and I won't say they are but I'd dare say that they're probably grumbling like that. Sometimes, making money means making a lot of difficult decisions that makes you feel stupid but you need to do it anyway.

After writing Part 1 on JEFusion, I felt like Part 2 should be writt…

The Playstation 2 Era: A Huge Leap From The First Playstation!

I thought about how the Playstation 2 was officially dead some time ago but I'd be rude and disrespectful not to write any "farewell notices". Yup, I felt this system was a huge leap from the first Playstation. While the first Playstation had a lot of cool games I enjoyed but as said, I always get annoyed by the slow loading times. I couldn't forget how there were times a game would fail to load correctly. Then the Playstation 2 console came which surprised me with how much power it had before the Playstation 3 came.

The First Playstation: Lots Of Cool Games But Slow Loading Times!

As a 90s child, a Playstation was part of a child's wish list. I remembered getting one somewhere in the late 90s and there were some really cool games. I got addicted to a lot of them to the point my grades dropped considerably. I remembered there were a lot of cool games to play such as Croc, the original Crash Bandicoot series (before the franchise got bastardized), I remembered the time that Capcom didn't suck yet and cheat devices (which I may sorely miss while playing the old school games on a new school system in this time and age) are among a few stuff I could recall about the 90s.

I'm Not Anti-American But I Avoid Most American TV Shows!

I'm not anti-American nor do I want to become one. I'm still using Microsoft Office, Google and I'm still on the Internet which was made by Americans but I avoid American shows. That pretty much explains why I don't even intend to be updated on Power Rangers. As much as I acknowledge Toei's involvement in the production and the need for localization but just the mere fact it's an American-made show makes me think, "There goes my brain!" I admit, I still suffer from the mental decay because I spent a lot of time watching mostly American shows as a child. I thought that just because it's American it's good. Boy, I was really that wrong and all those American TV shows may have attributed to why my learning ability slowed down during my teenage years.

Gracie Dzienny Picture For November 30, 2016

Woah is all I can say to it!

Electric Shocks To Get Smarter?!

I do find this to be pretty amusing to try to use a certain degree of electric shocks to get better at Math or become smarter. After watching this video, I thought about it that I kind of wanted to do that to myself. I remembered this episode from Bioman.

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For November 22, 2016

She's a pretty flower indeed. 

Gracie Dzienny's Twitter Picture As Of November 22, 2016

Well it's almost time for the holidays... 

Victoria Justice Picture For November 22, 2016

While I'm not usually a fan of women with tanned skin (and funny a lot of Japanese girls I find attractive are tanned skin) but what can I say? She stole the show!

Satirical News: Nobita Aquino Gets Slot Reserved At The Libingan Ng Mga Bayani

After the burial of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, the Nobitards decided to strike further by declaring that they're at an all out war against the Duterte Presidency. To ease the Nobitard crowd, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said, "Fine! You are angry that Marcos was buried there, don't worry! We have a special compensation for you. Since Nobita Aquino said he was willing to die to preserve his father's heroic legacy then you can bury him in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani when he dies!"

Well-Implemented Innovative Concepts Sadly Won't Prevent Taste Fatigue Formation!

Do you ever feel what it's like to be an old customer of a certain product? I thought I lost interest in some stuff that I like. It's like that you've eaten in some of your favorite restaurants or played certain video game series for a long time. Even if the brand may yet to suffer from franchise fatigue anybody can experience the problem called taste fatigue. It tends to happen that a new release can attract in a lot of new customers but old customers may just be momentarily bored.

Satirical News: Battle Between DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. And CHR Vice Chairman Filipo D. Hippo Rages On

After DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. commented against Filipo D. Hippo's promotion, the battle just raged on between both parties. CHR Vice Chairman Hippo with some unidentified CHR employees was last seen detained for public disturbance during his appointment. CHR Chairman Chito Gascon tried to plead with the DOJ Secretary to help release Hippo but was only given the reply, "Human dignity is more important. If you demand respect, respect others first. Hippo disrespected his neighbors by partying all night with you people. If you're always late, you don't deserve respect either because time is very important and it waits for nobody."

DOJ Secretary Aguirre was last seen in his battle against Senator Liar Dilemma in an angry exchange of words. CHR Vice Chairman Hippo can now be seen exercising his power. The rally was scheduled to start at 9:00 A.M. but started at 10 A.M. as scheduled. CHR Vice Chairman Hippo was given permission by CHR Chairman Gascon to sta…

My Taste For Indian Vegetarian Dishes

I can't deny how much I really like Indian food. Here's a couple of Indian vegetarian dishes you may want to try assuming you have an appetite and/or toleration for spicy food.

Paratha is Indian bread. While curry tastes good with rice but I order paratha to go along with it. It's got that chewy texture and spicy taste that I love. I usually buy frozen ones from the grocery store. Fortunately, there are instructions on how to prepare them but it can get very tricky. 
I normally don't like okra dishes when they're cooked Filipino style. But Indian okra curry happens to be one of my favorites. I guess the mixture of turmeric and the other spices help change the okra's flavor. I do eat okra but I'm not too fond of it unless it's prepared as okra curry.

I want to call this vegetarian curry as Indian chopsuey. While I do like chicken curry but I tend to long for meatless curry.

I may enjoy the way Chinese, Japanese and Filipino do tofu dishes but there are …

The Underused Trope Of Handsome Guy X Unattractive Woman

When I think about some attractive girls I know who have unattractive (but not really that ugly) mothers, I thought about why's the trope may or may not work itself out in fiction but it's reality. We've got handsome guys with unattractive girls. And I always think of some people who are born out of that kind of relationship.

It reminds me of two pretty girls who have both handsome dads and unattractive mothers. I guess father's genes are usually that strong to think how the dad's handsome DNA converts into beautiful DNA for their daughters. One person I know who looks like Amy Jo Johnson and another who looks like Rin Takanashi both have handsome dads and highly unattractive mothers. I don't find it all too surprising that happens because somebody's genes tend to be more dominant. So it's not really too much of a question if an unattractive woman gives birth to a beautiful daughter because of the handsome guy or if the reverse happens. It's all abo…

My Continued Search For The Inner Belle

I always thought about two or more girls who tend to attract me for certain attributes. Maybe one reason why I had a crush on the Rin Takanashi lookalike for some time was because we were both wide readers. For the Sayuri Uchida lookalike, she's an incredibly smart girl who's got a passion for sciences. It made me think of which two had the better "Inner Belle" among these girls. Take note that their appearances vary from average to pretty.

I had my mixed feelings for some girl who looks like Rin Takanashi. I guess part of the reason why I had a crush on her were motivated on common interests such as K-Drama, Taiwan drama, J-Drama though she's NOT Japanese but of Spanish/Filipino descent. One thing's certain... she's a pretty smart girl and any prettier girl who doesn't have her brain won't distract me that long from her. But I'm afraid that some time later, it did mutate from like to lust. Her common points with Belle is that she hates every…

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For November 16, 2016

I love her leopard style suit

She does look hot in that Hawaiian outfit

My High School Fling Once Tried To Make Me Forget About My So-Called First Crush!

If there's one thing that I tend to look back and cringe, it's just my experience with how my high school fling who looks like Sayaka Akimoto tried to make me forget about my so-called first crush when we were teenagers. I still had my tears which couldn't stop pouring thinking about how my former best friend supposedly "stole" my so-called first crush. All the while, I harbored feelings for another girl who wasn't also there. I tried to forget about my so-called first crush through various means including going after my ex-girlfriend who looks like Mika Katsumura.

The situation was a game of Batman and Poison Ivy in some way. She asked provocative questions to actually asking me to marry her. That year when I tried to forget my so-called first crush was the hardest. She offered some "help" even through her poisonous kiss. She's pretty, she's sexy but she lacked what I somewhat liked in my so-called first crush. My so-called first crush is …

Angry Rant: It's Best To Rename Capcom To CRAPCOM!

Who says new school is always better? Seriously?! I always want to think about how Capcom used to produce a lot of good games during the old school days. Some people may think I'm just innovation but I'm not. Here's what... sorry to say but Capcom needs to be renamed as Crapcom. With my plans to get a Playstation 4, I'm glad that I didn't immediately get it. After the bailout Sony gave Capcom but guess what... we've got Street Fighter V: UNFINISHED EDITION. It's a bigger issue than Netherrealm Studios' cancellation of Mortal Kombat X because of technical issues. At least, Netherrealm learned its lesson and later released Mortal Kombat XL for those who weren't able to get an eight generation console immediately. Plus, the delay was worth it because I hate downloading patch by patch. Mortal Kombat X shows a lot of content that would make me want to get a PS4 though there's not so many games I want to get... yet. I'm going to show how changes …

I Feel The Difference Between Distant And Personal Attraction

There's always that admiration of the physical beauty of a person who doesn't know you. It does get disheartening when they're already taken. But there's a much more different degree of attraction when it happens at a very personal level. It's because I'm there personally to see her. It's much different than just seeing them on digital or print media. I could exclaim, "She's so pretty." but I haven't seen the actress in person. The lookalike I know personally is there.

Let's take for instance meeting a lookalike vs. falling for the actress' appearance. It reminded me that back in 2009, my crush on a girl who somewhat looks like Rin Takanashi (but she's more of a Ranru than a Mako) got unintentionally reinforced by the actress herself. It's not her fault she's born with that appearance. Knowing the lookalike personally vs. not knowing the actress personally has a real impact. Before that, I was longing for that girl eve…

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Pictures For November 9, 2016

What can I say? They're still worth the post the actress is aging gracefully for a woman in her late 40s.
Love that expression.

She's really pretty.

Satirical News: Justice Secretary Aguirre Comments On Filipo D. Hippo's Promotion

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. commented on the issue with Filipo D. Hippo's grudge against him. He said, "I did not accept the case against him and Philippine Airlines on purpose because the reason for suing the company was invalid. If it were labor abuse laws I would have entertained it. But he was left from his flight because he was late. It was his fault therefore I refused to be his lawyer. Only a stupid lawyer would accept such a stupid case. During the Corona trial, I only covered my ears based on frustration but note that anybody would do that if they woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day."

Justice Secretary Aguirre was last seen compiling the evidence against Leila Dilemma. He also mentioned, "I'm afraid that the Commission on Human Rights is better called as the Commission on Human Impunity. Its new deputy chairman Hippo was simply promoted without any credential based on the padrino system. My client Getulio Napenas' case togethe…

Satirical News: Habitually Tardy Pinoy Filipo D. Hippo Gets Promoted As Vice Chairman Of Commission On Human Rights!

The habitually tardy Pinoy called Filipo D. Hippo the same who sued Philippine Airlines over his missed flight has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights. The event was hosted by CHR Chairman Chito Gascon and former CHR Chairwoman Etta Rosales. the appointment of Filipo D. Hippo was partially in response against Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s continued demolition job against Liar Dilemma.

"I personally believe that appointing Hippo as my vice chairman would be beneficial. He holds a grudge against the justice secretary for not accepting his case against Philippine Airlines. This is part of our move to defend human rights. We thought Aguirre was a hero during the Corona Impeachment Trial but it turned out that he just covered his ears because he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We are disappointed to even know he's not an impunity lover so we appointed Hippo to an important position to get even with the new chief justice who will…

My Stupid Reasons To Skip Ninja Steel Altogether?

I really find Ninninger awful. Maybe the whole Dino Charge is based on Kyoryuger thing makes me also dismiss the former with the latter. But I've got some stupid reasons to skip Ninja Steel and be prepared to be boggled.

One, it's my disappointment that Kayla Coffland freaking didn't make it to the audition. Okay, what if she's not really meant for it or she's just not qualified. Things like that happen and I need to understand that. She's a lot prettier than the new pink ranger. This is one stupid reason to skip Ninja Steel. I wish she would become the new pink... but maybe it's a good thing she didn't. 

Henshin Cuties I Tend To Reject For Shallow And Pitiful Reasons

Just because I'm not a fan of Power Rangers doesn't mean I won't say anything positive about it. Just because I'm a fan of Super Sentai doesn't mean I won't say anything negative about it. So without much ado, I could present the henshin hotties that I tend to reject for shallow reasons. I find them cute but I tend to reject them for shallow and pitiful reasons.

Rishiya Princess Mei/Pteraranger

No matter how much I think Zyuranger was better written than Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, I still can't pick Mei over Kimberly. I agree with what some critics say that Mei's actually more determined and that's true. Kimberly hasn't done stunts as good as Mei does nor has she faced Scorpina one-on-one. Kimberly's still good in her own way though. When I'm asked to why I like Kimberly better than Mei? My shallowest reason is because Kimberly's hotter when I could have a better reason like Amy Jo Johnson's a better actress than Reiko Chi…

What I Feel Like Watching Super Old School Tokusatsu Older Than The 80s!

It's never a matter of old school or new school when it comes to good or bad quality. What's old can be good or bad and what's new can be good or bad. You can't just say that it's old school or new school then you're dismissing it. You can't just say because it's new then it's already good. It's a matter of how something is delivered. Some old school games will inevitably age badly when new school games produce something that will inevitably overshadow the former.

I just had a thought on what it is to actually watch "That 70's Tokusatsu." It's no secret that I'm not having much of a problem with new school Kamen Rider. No matter how bad Heisei Kamen Rider may get (at times) but most of them gave pretty good servings. I usually prefer mostly old school Super Sentai but I usually feel like Goranger up to Sun Vulcan may not be my cup of tea. I usually can't watch super old school Super Sentai to the point that I end up st…

The Lovely Kayla Coffland

After Megafail's well Mega-Failure, I really couldn't watch Power Rangers anymore. I thought I'd give Ninja Steel a chance for stupid reasons when I read all the possible auditions. Kayla Coffland was part of those auditions. But after she didn't make it, I thought I'm not giving Ninja Steel a chance either. 
Love her smile.

Gracie Dzienny's Fall Pictorial

What can I say? She's really looking gorgeous here! I'm tempted to call her the most beautiful woman in the world right now... but that's just an exaggeration. 
Must love that smile!

My Shallow Reasons To Stick Around With Tokusatsu?

From the 1990s up to 2016, I can't deny that I've got some stupid reasons to stick around Tokusatsu. It's namely EYE CANDY. But I can't deny that eye candy can't save a bad show but it won't save a good show. So I'd probably talk about some stupid reasons. Right now, Kamen Rider EX-AID has the pretty nurse Asuna Karino as a stupid reason to stick around and Zyuohger has Amu as a stupid reason to stick around. Amu's actress Haruka Tateishi looks like Tammy Chen who was my stupid reason to stick around Lavender's sad story.

I could still recall why I watched Mighty Morphin' as a kid. It's because of my crush on Kimberly though my first Tokusatsu crush was Hikaru who was dubbed as Kimberly. In-between them, there was also Maskman's Momoko and Turboranger's Haruna. While I do find MMPR rewatches painful now due to Jason David Frank but I can't deny I still like Kimberly over Mei in terms of appearance and actress. But still, a Zyura…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For October 11, 2016

She's having some fun at the beach... 

It's Funny That Most Of My Favorite Shows Aren't In English...

Back then, I usually took interest in American media over everything else. Although I'm not anti-American but I haven't been interested in it lately. Maybe it's because most American media is stupid? Plus, I can't accept the whole notion that something is better because it's in a language you can understand. No, a show isn't better because of the language. It's better because of the content. Fortunately, there are subtitles but back then, there weren't subtitles.

I started to do Internet searches and I started discovering a lot about it that some of the American shows I watched were also based on Japanese shows. I discovered that Power Rangers was an American production based on Toei's property called Super Sentai and that it's a joint production between Toei and Saban (with Saban as its front because it's an American production). I also learned that Lion Voltron, Vehicle Voltron and Saber Rider were based on Toei Animation's Golion, Da…