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You Could Afford An Apple Yet You'd Rather Get A Samsung?

I remembered how seven years ago became a big turning point for Samsung -- it was when Samsung sold more phones than Apple. It's the principle of substitution. It always reminds me of how some people who have way more money than I do still take a less pricey substitute rather than the more pricey luxury items. In economics, that would be the principle of substitution. 
It was based on my experience when I lost my i-Pod to damage. Sure, I could afford to have it repaired but it startled me. I remembered when my Samsung laptop won't turn on and I only paid around PHP 2K+ for the repair while I would have to pay for almost PHP 10K+ for the repair of my i-Pod. With that in mind -- I chose not to repair my i-Pod yet I chose to repair my Samsung laptop. Then I thought that even if I bought a more expensive Samsung item -- repairs may not cost as much as the luxury items. Talk about me paying for repairs for a Toyota over a BMW -- one costs much less than the other!

It makes me think …

Once Upon A Gameshark: Them Cheating Days In The 90s And Early 2000s

I remembered there were cheat devices called the Game Genie though I only passed through the Gameshark. Yes, that Gameshark -- it was way before achievement-oriented gameplay appeared! It was those days in the 90s when we've got some games during the era of the first two Playstations, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, X-Box and the like. Those were the old old days when cheating through a game was a norm. You did it and your friends did it. I shared cheats with them a lot during the Playstation 1 days. 
I could remember a couple of games that I cheated in order to complete. I couldn't forget how often I used infinite health and infinite ammo whenever I played Resident Evil games because those games were freaking hard! I could remember how I used infinite money to finish Harvest Moon: Back to Nature or maybe my favorite thing to do was to use the Gameshark to use Shin Vega/M. Bison in Street Fighter Alpha 3 -- way before Street Fighter Anthology gave us Shadaloo-ism as a bonus content. T…

Satirical News: Gary Alejano Sells Fishballs To Finance Anti-China Army

Representative Gary Alejano was last seen selling fishballs to finance the Alejano Resistance Against China's Aggression (ARACA). He had last mentioned that funding ARACA -- his planned army to go against the Chinese military's aggression in the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea would require lots of money. President Rodrigo R. Duterte expressed his disapproval of fighting China head-on while Alejano called using the Hague to defeat China's aggression to be an "act of cowardice".

He was last seen selling fishballs which he hopes will help finance ARACA's cause. He was last spotted and he said, "Everybody loves fishballs. It will certainly finance ARACA in its need to buy plenty of naval ships. I am doing this to let people know that I don't need President Duterte's help to show him how to deal with the Chinese Army. After all, I have Filipino-Chinese in-laws which will help in defeating the huge Chinese army and chase them out of their unwan…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For November 6, 2018

She's really looking pretty in this sunflower field, isn't she? Gotta love the red dress too! Honestly, I think she should've been Kimberly for the MMPR reboot movie if you ask me!

That Feeling I Feel When There's No Super Hero Time Next Week?

It's just out of short notice and its this -- there's no Super Hero Time next week! I was thinking about the good old days which made me write about how Kiddie Show Sundays meant a trip to McDonald's (or Jollibee) or how the Super Hero Time jingle makes me feel like a child. It's really something think about that dreaded time of, "What? No Super Hero Time next week?" makes me remember my childhood days when I said, "What, there's no kiddie show Sunday next week?" Although the trip to McDonald's did seldom come or Jollibee -- I still don't want to deny how it just felt void because Kiddie Show Sunday wasn't airing.

This was probably one of the hurdles of the 90s. There was no Internet TV yet. If you had Internet then you had to wait for those agonizing long dial-ups and connecting was VERY HARD. I didn't have Internet in our house during the 90s. There was always this feeling of frustration that you couldn't wait for Sunday b…

Some R-18 Movies I've Tried Watching As A 90s Child

Who has tried watching some R-rated movies as a child? Well, I decided to think about a few of them that I tried watching and somehow lived to tell the tale. But it wasn't without nightmares. Without much ado, here's the list of these R-rated movies that got my mind warped in some way in no particular order.


Where do I even begin? I remembered there were some of the cool Aliens toy which made me think that the Aliens vs. Predator franchise was for children when they were for ADULTS. Yes, Kenner wanted to tie a toned-down version of the Aliens movie in a never produced children's TV series. So what happened? I remembered watching the Aliens movie and man was it that BLOODY. Yup, I remembered how I had nightmares about Xenomorphs ever since then! Hmmmm strange enough Frieza's third form was somewhat inspired by the Xenomorphs huh?


I remembered watching the first movie but having a vague memory. All I knew was that Robocop was once Alex Murphy -- a human who …

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For October 18, 2018

You gotta admit that she's looking really classical in here, right? 

Satirical News: Professor Oscar Palamuras Plans To Run For Senator Under The Liberal Party Banner

Oscar Palamuras who wrote his book called "The Success Story of 4Ps" decided to run for senator. His latest agenda is to dismantle any move to shift towards parliamentary and federalism. While staying in Australia -- it's said that he still has his Filipino citizenship intact like Jim Paredes who may run for senator next year. He has now decided to run for senator and claims that he will pass laws to make the Philippines a better country.
"I believe that I must run for senator now. The current Duterte administration is now causing instability. I believe that the country must adhere to the 1987 Constitution even in the year 3018. But it doesn't mean I don't believe in some changes. We can continue passing more economic amendments to ease excessive restrictions and to slowly decentralize. However, shifting to federalism and parliamentary is risky because we have no experience in these systems. We only have hundreds of years experience in unitary and president…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For October 11, 2018

Is it me or is she really that pretty now?

The Problem Of Releasing Incomplete, Mediocre Games And Abusing The Download Patch

I just had a thought of how the download patch or the downloadable content (DLC) can be a good thing but it can also be misused and abused. Innovation is a wonderful thing at the hands of competent people but a terrible things at the hands of the incompetent. This is the issue right now I have with video games since the download patch phenomenon finally appeared to fix up mistakes. Sure, it's helpful tool but it's becoming an excuse for game companies to release a BROKEN GAME...
The Killer Instinct reboot (which was done after the franchise was long DEAD for some time during the 90s) did that excuse. Sure, you've got more characters now but let's take at the first season. It should be better called as "Killer Instinct: Broken Edition" because of its utter lack of content! Yes, that was really so inexcusable. Why couldn't they just start making up the game with sufficient content and add minor DLC later? I mean, it could have been cool if all the characte…

Satirical News: China Requests Philippines To Hand Over Antonio Trillanes IV As Part Of Peace Talks

The arrest of Antonio Trillanes IV and his post of "temporary bail" now reached the Chinese government's ears. Chinese Justice Minister Fu Zheng Hua is destined to meet with Filipino Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra regarding Antonio Trillanes IV as a possible exchange tool for peace talks.

Chinese Justice Minister Fu issued an official statement that the Chinese government is willing to surrender its claim to Spratlys in exchange for Trillanes and his friends. It was uncovered by the Chinese Justice Department that Trillanes himself was guilty of several drug transactions in China. He was in fact helpful in helping Chinese triad members bring their wares all the way from China to the Philippines.

Filipino Justice Secretary Guevarra is more than willing to accept the negotiation concerning Trillanes. Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte was willing to set in a new arrangement to meet with Chinese Justice Minister Fu regarding Trillanes' fate. President Duterte …

Rhian Ramos Howell Picture For September 24, 2018

She's looking great together with the food there. Is that some Chinese, Japanese or Korean food there? 

Satirical News: Risa Hontiveros Scrutinized For Giving Away Free Domino's Pizza To Rallyists

It is September 21, 2018 and Senator Risa Hontiveros a member of Akbayad and of the Liberal Party led her rally. Now the Senate has raised an investigation team has been raised ever since she launched today's rally. 
What was found at the site were delivery trucks of Domino's Pizza for the rallyists. It was a truck full of pizza. The total cost of Domino's Pizza ordered by Senator Hontiveros totaled up to PHP 5 Million pesos in one day. However, as the number of rallyists were really low so the pizzas were so low -- all the pizzas ordered went to waste.
Former DSWD secretary Stinky Soliman soon arrived and decided to give the expired pizza to the victims of Typhoon Ompong. However, both Hontiveros and Soliman were soon force-fed with the rotten pizzas they intended to give to the victims of Ompong.
Stay tuned for further details!

I Remembered Watching The Educational Cartoon Called The Many Dream Journeys Of Meme

It was back in my simple childhood -- back when it was those "good old days" or not. There was one Japanese cartoon that was intended to educate -- it was called "The Many Dream Journeys of Meme". It was Tagalog dubbed on ABC-5 in the Philippines as "Miem". Unlike most of the other shows I watched for nonsense -- this was pretty educational.
A mysterious creature named Meme would pop out and narrate the story of certain discoveries. She would pop out of the personal computer to help in the events. She helps out both siblings Daisuke and Sayaka in their research about important figures.
So far, I have a very blur memory of this one considering I was only seven or eight when I watched this one. But I hope this is one of those great days that can be relived or even remastered. I feel this is part of my childhood that helped me cope up with troubled times. 

I'm Still Remembering The Late 90s With The First Playstation

Looks like Sony isn't going to let Nintendo beat it huh? I thought about how often I fumed over not having a Super NES and ended up almost forgetting about it because of the first Playstation. I remembered how I was told to just forget the Super NES and go for a Playstation 1 or even forget about the Sega Saturn. As the Playstation Classic is coming out -- I just thought about how I had lots of fun and frustration with the very first system! 
So I remembered the days when it was CD gameplay. It had slow loading times yet it was enjoyable in some way. There were some games I could remember like a better, superior version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo than that of the Super NES. It was also that time I wasn't established yet as a Tekken fan -- though Tekken 3 was a fairly enjoyable leap from the first two games. I didn't want to ride on the Tekken bandwagon while I did enjoy it. I just wanted to enjoy Tekken on my own pace.

In spite of the coolness -- there were limitati…

Missing My Grandparents Last Grandparents' Day

My paternal grandmother died of old age. Not so many reach 91 years old these days and I hate to admit how I hate to see people dying so young! It had me thinking of those moments when I just don't want to wake up -- that is when she's in my dream and she's there, smiling and we're talking like the good old days. I saw her knitting on her chair and she was smiling at me. Today, she would have been 101 years old would have she lived. I still think about how I miss her because I grew up with her.
One thing I remembered about my paternal grandmother was that she was fond of lumpia and fish dishes. She also made good empanada and humba. I couldn't forget how often she was one to make me move forward whenever I felt like giving up on my studies as a high schooler. It was really something to think how she always managed to calm down my rage during my teenager days. She told me not to keep asking stuff from her and not to keep asking for it. Somehow, I still feel glad th…

Satirical News: Toei Ltd. Announces New Movie Called Gohan Heishi: Soldier Of The Future

It has been a year since Toei's Failed Hero series Gohan Heishi became a hit in Japan. Now, with the pending arrest of Antonio F. Trillanes IV in real life -- Toei Ltd. now has announced its decision to make the movie they never made. The movie will be called "Gohan Heishi: Mirai no Heishi" or "Gohan Heishi: Soldier of the Future".

This will be a spin-off, non-canon movie similar to the spin-off movies of Kamen Rider Ryuki: Alternate Ending, Kamen Rider Faiz: Paradise Lost and Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace. In this continuity -- the Shinjuku Mutiny succeeded in overthrowing Prime Minister Gloria Akeko from her seat. Worse, Gohan Heishi becomes the new prime minister and abolishes the opposition and the symbolic monarchy -- making himself the sole ruler and dictator of Japan. 
The plot involves a dystopian Japan where real Tokusatsu heroes are banned. Those who are going to star in the film will have the Kyurangers, Gavan II, Shaider II, Jiraiya, Janperson and…

Rhian Ramos Howell Picture For September 9, 2018

Some morning breakfast with her would be fun. She's looking naturally pretty here!

Remembering The PS2: It Was A Lot Of Fun Last Decade

Yes, it's official -- the one time game system that was coveted by so many children and teenagers 18 years ago is DEAD. That's right! I just gave a thought about how the PS2 finally met its end. I remembered getting a PS2 a few years after it was released -- I think it was on 2006 or so. I remembered just how the graphic interphase, the much better loading speed and bigger performance than its predecessor amazed me. It was really my time to complete a broken childhood by getting some games that I never played before through anniversary disks -- such as Megaman X Collection, Megaman Anniversary Collection, Sonic Collection and play some games that I liked so much.
So what was with the PS2? I just can't get over how many cool games it had. Right now, it's really sad to know that after 18 years -- the system is finally dead. It's like how the PS1 is finally dead -- though I still dread the very slow loading times it had but it had a load of fun games. I couldn't …

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For September 1, 2018

It's the first month of September and here's a starter. 
She's really looking gorgeous here.

Naturally pretty isn't she? 
She has that very sweet, childlike innocence with her.

A Delicious Lunch With Rhian Ramos Howell

Well she's looking naturally pretty here and the food tastes pretty good! 

Soya Chunks Are The New Magic Meat

I remembered the time I actually started tasting Meat Magic last decade. What was my impression? It had a certain taste which made me give up on it. Years later, I discovered something that would actually be a good meat substitute for a vegetarian diet even when I'm no vegetarian.

Soya chunks is used in several kinds of cooking -- though I've tasted the ones used in Indian vegetarian cooking. At first, I expected some fried tofu since some Indian restaurants do admit that they practice fusion cooking. The use of soya was most likely from Chinese influence. Cultural exchanges brought something on both sides so it's only natural Indians have used tofu in their cooking. I mean, you've seen various cultures innovate on tofu, right?

These are dehydrated chunks of tofu. They are usually boiled for a certain amount of time in order to get them hydrated for preparing various dishes. They are boiled in water and added some salt to taste. They are later cooled down on cool water…

Better To Have Loved And Lost Than To Have Never Loved At All?

It's been six years since one of the girls that I liked behind my closet tied the knot. I would dare say it's been a four year denial that I didn't want to fight for -- perhaps it's my greatest regret. But again, we were just teenagers when I had that crush on her for those four straight years. Yes, she was the woman that I wanted to marry and I admit, while she was short -- she was quite a stunner if you ask me! But I always had to abide with the "no interbreeding" policy which just SUCKS. If I'm to talk she's prettier than that crazy high school fling I've had.

What I thought about that four year denial was this -- why wasn't I honest with my feelings for her? I was having my painful high school crush rejection who wasn't really pretty compared to her. If anything, I thought about how I used to tease her a lot to throw my frustrations at her yet she always repaid most of it with kindness -- except if she's had enough and decided to …

Satirical News: Liberal Party Supporter Professor Oscar Palamuras Endorses Triple Your Money In Three Years Through 4Ps

The arrival of Professor Oscar Palamuras and his wife Mrs. Marilyn Nadedma-Palamarus to launch their book "The Success Story of 4Ps" now created a new event. Professor Palamuras had also been invited to speak in an anti-charter change rally where he mentioned stuff like Philippines should stay unitary because federalism would break the country into 18 governments with 18 constitutions and 18 flags. Now, he promotes his latest scheme called "Triple your money through 4Ps."

In this newest promotion -- Professor Palamuras endorses his latest scheme with a minimum of PHP 3,000.00 investment per family. He calls it as the "Nobody gets left behind scheme." He mentions that the 4Ps project will help the poor and return the money three times to the giver. He says that for every PHP 3,000.00 spent on the 37% of Filipinos below the poverty line - it would generate three times return which means every PHP 3,000.00 will return as PHP 9,000.00 to the investor within …

Satirical News: Toei Announces Upcoming Failed Hero Series "Squatterman"

Toei Ltd. is now proud to announce that after the success of its parody series in the past namely B.S. Man, Shippaiman, Gohan Heishi and Bakacop -- it will now release a new failed hero series called Squatterman. Squatterman is all about an incompetent member of the Japanese Council know as Joe Ritikake who passed a law that would allow squatters to have rights to squat in Japan. As a result, he was kicked out of the Japanese Council when he was found out to be using squatters as a private army.

He went to the slum areas of Japan where he found the mysterious artifact known as the "Squatter's Cape". Wearing it -- he became the new "superhero" known as Squatterman. His mission in life is to defend the right to squat from the incumbent Japanese government. His actor will be played by Joji Nakata. Nakata himself played as Sir Kaura in Choshinsei Flashman and as Great Professor Bias in Liveman. He would later voice Azald in Doubotsu Sentai Zyuohger and as Roshuo i…

Chubby Checker's Let's Twist Again

I may not be so fond of old school films but I do love a lot of old school music. One of these songs that I kept hearing on the radio since as a child and still loving it is "Let's Twist Again". Chubby Checker (Ernest Evans) is now 76 years old. I think I heard this song in some 90s films or was it some 80s film? I fell in love with this song and I still do -- even if I'm not interested with watching most old school films due to the generation gap! 

Many Of My Old Shames Will Be Gone Soon?

I was thinking about it that I tend to be putting too much value on myself (which is why I blow up whenever I'm told about something wrong that I do or just did). Just compare it to the scene where Galvatron (post movie) ended up believing that he was invincible when he isn't. I decided that some old shames are better off gone for a reason. There's no reason for me to be proud of my bad work especially if they were a result of self-indulgence and lack of badly needed self-control!

But there's other reasons why I'm really thinking of getting rid of my old shames aside from valid criticism towards it (such as that I love to play extreme favoritism and not being honest to myself about my dislikes) -- there's also the present to take care of. In fact, why should I even bother writing about something too much when I really didn't like something? Why am I allowing myself to be bothered by childish quarrels on the Net and in real life -- thus I end up becoming ch…

Rhian Ramos Howell Picture For July 20, 2018

She's looking pretty glamorous with those green foods. Hehe!

Rhian Ramos Howell Pictures For July 12, 2018

Looking tired...
Looking stunning...

Olivia Jordan Picture For July 6, 2018

She's really all natural here, isn't she? 

American-Chinese Vlogger Mike Chen Enjoys Filipino Food

American-Chinese video blogger Mike Chen (who carries on a channel called Strictly Dumpling) now shows off his love for Filipino food around February to March 2018. Yup, it's a pretty good experience of him having eaten the delicious foods of the Philippines. I was thinking I would probably start watching all those videos with how this American-Chinese guy gets to taste some of the best Filipino foods. 
You could do yourself a favor by trying to watch these videos. Whoever says that tourism is automatically bad for the economy is just dreaming.

Do You Remember Wok With Yan?

Wok With Yan featured Stephen Yan -- a Canadian-Chinese cooking show host. I could remember watching him with his rather awkward English considering that he was born and raised in Hong Kong before he became a Canadian. Sometimes, I wish that he ended up becoming Filipino instead of Canadian because of the popularity of his show in the Philippines.
Speaking of Canadians, I remembered the time when there was the Chinese immigration to Canada during the 80s because Hong Kong was soon to be turned over from British control to Chinese control. I don't blame them for doing so even if China during that time was already starting to enjoy Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms -- yet no one can deny China is still a dictatorship. So I guess that's how a lot of Chinese ended up having other nationalities as a result, right?

For me, I don't find the whole way Chinese were portrayed in some American cartoons to be racist with their accent. I mean, it's true that early Chinese immig…

Using More VS. Less Images In Having Images In One's Posts

More is less and less is more? It seems to be the new issue with doing posts. I remembered reading through the now defunct Orends Range using Blogspot where he did some rather interesting episode reviews of retro Super Sentai -- sadly most of them didn't reach the last episode for Bioman and Maskman. He did a good job with Zyuranger. The other blog I'm trying to get inspiration from is Sentai Bandicoot where his Gingaman posts are well -- minimalist in some way.

So how do I want to do my episode reviews and updates? I thought about doing a mix of both whenever I feel like it. there's also the problem of having too many pictures -- it kills the loading time. Having a few pictures can be helpful and it can add flavor. It's all about trying to achieve some balance in doing them, right?

IMHO, I thought that the Lupin vs. Pat ones can do one image per paragraph. On the other hand, updates related to Kamen Rider Build or the latest K-Drama can do with less images. Then agai…

Satirical News: Narco Alcos Arrested In Xiamen, China For Drug Related Offenses

Narco Alcos who supposedly escaped from imprisonment in Camarines Sur found himself in a new pickle. It was discovered that Alcos himself was teleported to China by Atty. Romulo Macalinlang's magic spells. He was last seen in China where he was actually involved with Chinese drug syndicates to whom he served as their agent to bring drugs to the Philippines.

In late afternoon of June 19, 2018 -- Alcos was arrested in Xiamen where he was last seen meeting with Chinese drug syndicate members. He was last seen eating in a Chinese restaurant where gangsters meet to have a good time. However, Xiamen Police arrested several Chinese drug dealers together with some Filipino henchmen. Alcos was among them and they were brought to the Xiamen Detention Center.

It was later discovered that Antonio "Sonny" Fuentes Trillanes IV had transactions with Chinese drug dealers. Investigations later discovered that the PHP 6.4 billion worth of shabu was brought in from Xiamen via Atty. Macali…

Satirical News: Leni Loud Robredo Dismissed From Patrick Star Hospital, Doctors Warn Her No More Photo Ops Under The Rain

Leni Loud Robredo was admitted to the Patrick Star Hospital days ago and she was released today. Doctors say that her pneumonia was nothing to worry about. As she got out of the hospital -- she was attended to by news reporters who are now asking questions regarding the ongoing electoral protest. Others came to cheer for her while others jeered as she got out of the Patrick Star Hospital. Some even wish she died from the pneumonia.

One of the doctors at the Patrick Star Hospital said, "Leni Loud Robredo should have not done that photo-ops under the rain. The more she insists in doing her stunts, the more she is really going to put herself in danger. Good thing the pneumonia wasn't really that serious. But we had to check her in because we wanted to check how much of her brain is left."

Doctors confirm that Leni Loud herself has been too stubborn about not doing photo-ops under the rain. Medical results have shown that Leni Loud now only has 25% of her brain left. 75% of…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For June 17, 2018

She's really looking extraordinarily stunning in here isn't she?

Olivia Jordan Picture For June 16, 2018

Here's a bit of a throwback of her working out. Roses can be deadly if you ask me!

Satirical News: Narco Alcos Escapes Jail In Camarines Sur, DOJ Declares Him Among Those Wanted Dead Or Alive

Mystery to mystery comes in as the ever-elusive Narco Alcos escapes jail yet again. First, he escaped jail in Dasmarinas, Cavite and now he escapes jail in Camarines Sur. This time, no amount of anti-magic charms were able to prevent Alcos from escaping his prison cell in Camarines Sur. What happened was that a group of janitors made to clean Alcos' assigned prison cell removed the magical charms. The very act allowed Atty. Romulo Macalinlang to cast another magic spell to let Alcos escape via a puff of smoke.

PNP Naga City revealed that the janitors were not janitors. In fact, they were actually members of Kabataan Partylist. Among the fake janitors to be identified were Sarah Elago and Raoul Manuel. They removed the magic charms that prevented any magical force from entering into Alcos' prison. One of the infiltrators who disguised himself as an elderly janitor was none other than Atty. Macalinlang. Atty. Macalinlang cast his magic spell which allowed their escape without a…

Satirical News: Vice President Leni Loud Robredo Admitted To The Patrick Star Hospital Due To Pneumonia

Vice President Leni Loud Robredo received some cheers from her supporters last June 12, 2018 for honoring the flag under the rain. She developed pneumonia a few days later. She was seen not feeling well before she could report for duty. An ambulance from the Patrick Star Hospital arrived to take her to the hospital.

Her admission to the hospital gave a mixed reaction from the public. Some say that she should be celebrated for risking pneumonia to honor the Philippine flag. Others laughed and jeered at what they called as a lack of common sense. Someone even said that she should have worn a raincoat doing the salute because it was a very risky move. Others even say that the vice president has a severe lack of common sense.

She was last seen rushed into the hospital diagnosed with high fever, sweating, chills and extreme fatigue. She was seen unable to recognize some people. Her daughters went to visit their mother. President Rodrigo R. Duterte went to the hospital to visit her. The pa…

Satirical News: Maria Ressa Dares Stephen Sackur To Interview Her, Says She Is 100% Sure To Grill Him

The interviews of Antonio Trillanes IV, Jover Laurio and lately there was Maria Lourdes Sereno. The interview with all three did not go well. Trillanes failed to answer simple questions, Laurio could not prove her claims at Pinoy Ako Blog and Sereno was criticized for being too personal and for being too much of a Duterte critic. Now, Maria Ressa who previously won the Golden Pen of Freedom Award 2018 now dares Stephen Sackur of BBC HARDtalk to interview her next.

"I did not win my awards from various European organizations for nothing. I won by Golden Pen of Freedom Award and all my human rights award because I am a very reliable fact checker. I dare Stephen Sackur of BBC Hardtalk to disprove my statements on Rappler. No, it is Duterte who is spreading fake news -- not me! I am awarded by those organizations and those foreign organizations affirm my credibility. I'm 100% sure to grill him on his own show. He doesn't have the Golden Pen award and I do." said Maria R…

That One Time I Just Wanted My Jean Grey To Be Happy?

There are times I tend to think about that one woman I had so much of a feeling for and she never answered it. I thought about that one time in my life where I was practically Wolverine while I thought of her as Jean Grey -- I liked her so much but soon enough, she got married to another man. But I thought of it that it's that moment that like Wolverine -- I just want my Jean Grey to be happy. 
She was just a psychological need. She had certain qualities of my frustrated high school crush -- except she was a little more attractive. She wasn't all that pretty but she was definitely what I'd call my Jean Grey. I soon developed a bizarre attraction that was NEVER going to work. It wasn't meant to work. I wanted to do so but I thought it wasn't going to work.
I realized that if I really loved her then I should learn to let go. I thought about it that I should just let her be with the man that she loves. If I love her and she can't love me back then the best thing …

My Recent Dilemma On Writing Weekly Episode Reviews VS. Updating On Recent Shows At A Slower Pace

I was thinking about my move last 2016 when I started doing Zyuohger reviews or when I started doing Gokaiger reviews last 2011 -- then I practically STOPPED because I thought my friendly rivals were covering things up for me. Then I thought WTF what's a friendly rivalry or friendly competition if I don't decide to contest their reviews and show my own review and learn from them? After all, every episode review has the writer showing the facts and their personal opinions towards certain episodes. I have my own views too towards the facts!

This year, I want to focus on Lupin vs. Pat while last year had me focus on Kyuranger episode reviews. I decided to try giving Build episode reviews a shot yet it sort of drained me out trying to do so. Trying to find the best screenshots, the best style of writing and right now, I want to examine how friendly rivals do their episode reviews. I admit, I indirectly declared Sentai Bandicoot as a friendly rival. Dryed Mangoez has long posts wh…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For June 14, 2018

She's looking oh so gorgeous for the summer, isn't she? 

Rhian Ramos Howell Endorses Serendipity

Well she's really looking adorable in here, isn't she? 

Satirical News: Crazed Liberal Party Filipino Expat Living In Australia Plans To Launch Book Called "The Success Story Of 4Ps"

A Filipino ex-pat living in Australia who had graduated a degree in Mathematics decades ago named Oscar Palamuras decided to launch a new book called "The Success Story of 4Ps". He was a known loyalist of the Aquinos and the Liberal Party. His book was written in defense of the Department of Social Welfare and Development's 4Ps Program. 4Ps means Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or "Bridging the Filipino Family Program" in English.
The new book features the following lectures on what 4Ps means will be for the Philippine economy. He says that his degree in Mathematics and systems management allowed him to come up with the book that defends 4Ps as a feasible government program and investment. Here's the outline of the book: An Introduction to 4PsRice and kangkong gets jobs through 4PsAggregate demand given by 4PsHow giving money to the poor gives a 3x return to the governmentThe magical 5.88 multiplier effect thanks to 4PsCountries can do without foreign i…

Courting Lady Tremaine

If there's any courtship you could consider to be scary is if a man courts a woman who's like Lady Tremaine. Yes, that one. I thought of one time I fell for someone who had Lady Tremaine's cold demeanor. She was simply passable, it was easy to think she was a decent lady -- that's until all doors are closed and she reveals just how she may be the nicest person in public but behind closed doors that she's one FREAKING MONSTROUS INDIVIDUAL.

Yes, I thought about how the dark days of College were there when I met her. I just tried to talk to her and man she really, REALLY screamed at me. Worse, she would heckle and insult ANYONE for their weaknesses while she had a table of friends who were mostly after whatever she offered them -  all who benefited from her so-called generosity. She would rudely bring them anywhere to where she was invited but where they weren't invited.

What made her scary was that she always knew how to play the victim. She could make herself l…

Satirical News: Gary Alejano Now Accepting Recruits For His Planned Anti-Chinese Military Army

Representative Gary Alejano was criticizing President Rodrigo R. Duterte for making peace talks with China and wanting to end the conflict at the Hague decided to take matters in his own hands. Rather than try to end the conflict with China at the Hague -- Alejano decides to do what he calls as "the most daring measure ever" by personally leading an attack against the Chinese army.

"We Filipinos cannot just idly sit here and watch. We have our forces. We must challenge China out of the Pacific Ocean or we're doomed. I plan to lead an army to attack the Chinese naval forces that is harassing the Pacific Ocean. It will not only make me a Filipino hero but I will also be a hero to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other countries. President Duterte is a coward. I will show them what a real man is made of. Right now, I am recruiting Filipinos of all ethnic groups to help form the Alejano Resistance Against China's Aggression (ARACA). This will be a momentous ba…

Satirical News: Liberal Party Endorses Agot Isidro As Vice President For 2022

The Liberal Party once announced its latest plan that they plan to endorse Agot Isidro for the vice presidency after she has served three years in the Senate. Both Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Loida Nicolas-Lewis have announced that aside from the planned Kris Aquino presidency and the Leni Loud Robredo transitional presidency -- that it's time to settle for an Agot Isidro vice presidency.

"I believe that Kris Aquino's partner to help restore democracy in the Philippines will be Agot Isidro. She is the most vocal critic against the dictatorship of President Duterte. Both me and Hillary have thought it through to give Kris the best vice president we can come up with. Three years serving in the Senate from 2019 up to 2022 will give her the experience she needs to run the country." said Lewis in an interview at CNN.

Kris Aquino who once denied any plan to run for Senator and previously turned her back on the Golden Age Project just said on an interview with Maria Ressa, &…