Destroying the Cobra Organization Isn't That Easy!

After three years since the passing away of the Cobra Commander as he was shot dead by G.I.Joe in his struggle to resist arrest in Pakistan, Destro took over.  Well the world hasn't seen the last of Cobra and Destro has managed to solidify the leadership.  Nobody should forget how cunning Destro really is with calling sporadic strikes against America in itself.  Apparently, the new leader has a more cunning mind considering he is a weapons dealer to the late founder of Cobra itself.  Remember that Cobra organization has ranges in many countries from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and Syria to name a few.  Gone are the days when Cobra Commander used insanely stupid schemes (like who can forget him trying to carve his face on the moon), Destro is all about getting the job done right and the American army is facing a real cunning adversary who just solidified the Cobra organization.


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