Soya Chunks Are The New Magic Meat

I remembered the time I actually started tasting Meat Magic last decade. What was my impression? It had a certain taste which made me give up on it. Years later, I discovered something that would actually be a good meat substitute for a vegetarian diet even when I'm no vegetarian.

Soya chunks is used in several kinds of cooking -- though I've tasted the ones used in Indian vegetarian cooking. At first, I expected some fried tofu since some Indian restaurants do admit that they practice fusion cooking. The use of soya was most likely from Chinese influence. Cultural exchanges brought something on both sides so it's only natural Indians have used tofu in their cooking. I mean, you've seen various cultures innovate on tofu, right?

These are dehydrated chunks of tofu. They are usually boiled for a certain amount of time in order to get them hydrated for preparing various dishes. They are boiled in water and added some salt to taste. They are later cooled down on cool water…

Better To Have Loved And Lost Than To Have Never Loved At All?

It's been six years since one of the girls that I liked behind my closet tied the knot. I would dare say it's been a four year denial that I didn't want to fight for -- perhaps it's my greatest regret. But again, we were just teenagers when I had that crush on her for those four straight years. Yes, she was the woman that I wanted to marry and I admit, while she was short -- she was quite a stunner if you ask me! But I always had to abide with the "no interbreeding" policy which just SUCKS. If I'm to talk she's prettier than that crazy high school fling I've had.

What I thought about that four year denial was this -- why wasn't I honest with my feelings for her? I was having my painful high school crush rejection who wasn't really pretty compared to her. If anything, I thought about how I used to tease her a lot to throw my frustrations at her yet she always repaid most of it with kindness -- except if she's had enough and decided to …

Satirical News: Liberal Party Supporter Professor Oscar Palamuras Endorses Triple Your Money In Three Years Through 4Ps

The arrival of Professor Oscar Palamuras and his wife Mrs. Marilyn Nadedma-Palamarus to launch their book "The Success Story of 4Ps" now launched some new concerns. Professor Palamuras had also been invited to speak in an anti-charter change rally where he mentioned stuff like Philippines should stay unitary because federalism would break the country into 18 governments with 18 constitutions and 18 flags. Now, he promotes his latest scheme called "Triple your money through 4Ps."

In this newest promotion - Professor Palamuras endorses his latest scheme with a minimum of PHP 3,000.00 investment per family. He calls it as the "Nobody gets left behind scheme." He mentions that the 4Ps project will help the poor and return the money three times to the giver. He says that for every PHP 3,000.00 spent on the 37% of Filipinos below the poverty line - it would generate three times return which means every PHP 3,000.00 will return as PHP 9,000.00 to the investor w…

Satirical News: Toei Announces Upcoming Failed Hero Series "Squatterman"

Toei Ltd. is now proud to announce that after the success of its parody series in the past namely B.S. Man, Shippaiman, Gohan Heishi and Bakacop -- it will now release a new failed hero series called Squatterman. Squatterman is all about an incompetent member of the Japanese Council know as Joe Ritikake who passed a law that would allow squatters to have rights to squat in Japan. As a result, he was kicked out of the Japanese Council when he was found out to be using squatters as a private army.

He went to the slum areas of Japan where he found the mysterious artifact known as the "Squatter's Cape". Wearing it -- he became the new "superhero" known as Squatterman. His mission in life is to defend the right to squat from the incumbent Japanese government. His actor will be played by Joji Nakata. Nakata himself played as Sir Kaura in Choshinsei Flashman and as Great Professor Bias in Liveman. He would later voice Azald in Doubotsu Sentai Zyuohger and as Roshuo i…

Chubby Checker's Let's Twist Again

I may not be so fond of old school films but I do love a lot of old school music. One of these songs that I kept hearing on the radio since as a child and still loving it is "Let's Twist Again". Chubby Checker (Ernest Evans) is now 76 years old. I think I heard this song in some 90s films or was it some 80s film? I fell in love with this song and I still do -- even if I'm not interested with watching most old school films due to the generation gap! 

Many Of My Old Shames Will Be Gone Soon?

I was thinking about it that I tend to be putting too much value on myself (which is why I blow up whenever I'm told about something wrong that I do or just did). Just compare it to the scene where Galvatron (post movie) ended up believing that he was invincible when he isn't. I decided that some old shames are better off gone for a reason. There's no reason for me to be proud of my bad work especially if they were a result of self-indulgence and lack of badly needed self-control!

But there's other reasons why I'm really thinking of getting rid of my old shames aside from valid criticism towards it (such as that I love to play extreme favoritism and not being honest to myself about my dislikes) -- there's also the present to take care of. In fact, why should I even bother writing about something too much when I really didn't like something? Why am I allowing myself to be bothered by childish quarrels on the Net and in real life -- thus I end up becoming ch…

Rhian Ramos Howell Picture For July 20, 2018

She's looking pretty glamorous with those green foods. Hehe!