Some R-18 Movies I've Tried Watching As A 90s Child

Who has tried watching some R-rated movies as a child? Well, I decided to think about a few of them that I tried watching and somehow lived to tell the tale. But it wasn't without nightmares. Without much ado, here's the list of these R-rated movies that got my mind warped in some way in no particular order.


Where do I even begin? I remembered there were some of the cool Aliens toy which made me think that the Aliens vs. Predator franchise was for children when they were for ADULTS. Yes, Kenner wanted to tie a toned-down version of the Aliens movie in a never produced children's TV series. So what happened? I remembered watching the Aliens movie and man was it that BLOODY. Yup, I remembered how I had nightmares about Xenomorphs ever since then! Hmmmm strange enough Frieza's third form was somewhat inspired by the Xenomorphs huh?


I remembered watching the first movie but having a vague memory. All I knew was that Robocop was once Alex Murphy -- a human who …

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For October 18, 2018

You gotta admit that she's looking really classical in here, right? 

Satirical News: Professor Oscar Palamuras Plans To Run For Senator Under The Liberal Party Banner

Oscar Palamuras who wrote his book called "The Success Story of 4Ps" decided to run for senator. His latest agenda is to dismantle any move to shift towards parliamentary and federalism. While staying in Australia -- it's said that he still has his Filipino citizenship intact like Jim Paredes who may run for senator next year. He has now decided to run for senator and claims that he will pass laws to make the Philippines a better country.
"I believe that I must run for senator now. The current Duterte administration is now causing instability. I believe that the country must adhere to the 1987 Constitution even in the year 3018. But it doesn't mean I don't believe in some changes. We can continue passing more economic amendments to ease excessive restrictions and to slowly decentralize. However, shifting to federalism and parliamentary is risky because we have no experience in these systems. We only have hundreds of years experience in unitary and president…

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Is it me or is she really that pretty now?

The Problem Of Releasing Incomplete, Mediocre Games And Abusing The Download Patch

I just had a thought of how the download patch or the downloadable content (DLC) can be a good thing but it can also be misused and abused. Innovation is a wonderful thing at the hands of competent people but a terrible things at the hands of the incompetent. This is the issue right now I have with video games since the download patch phenomenon finally appeared to fix up mistakes. Sure, it's helpful tool but it's becoming an excuse for game companies to release a BROKEN GAME...
The Killer Instinct reboot (which was done after the franchise was long DEAD for some time during the 90s) did that excuse. Sure, you've got more characters now but let's take at the first season. It should be better called as "Killer Instinct: Broken Edition" because of its utter lack of content! Yes, that was really so inexcusable. Why couldn't they just start making up the game with sufficient content and add minor DLC later? I mean, it could have been cool if all the characte…

Satirical News: China Requests Philippines To Hand Over Antonio Trillanes IV As Part Of Peace Talks

The arrest of Antonio Trillanes IV and his post of "temporary bail" now reached the Chinese government's ears. Chinese Justice Minister Fu Zheng Hua is destined to meet with Filipino Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra regarding Antonio Trillanes IV as a possible exchange tool for peace talks.

Chinese Justice Minister Fu issued an official statement that the Chinese government is willing to surrender its claim to Spratlys in exchange for Trillanes and his friends. It was uncovered by the Chinese Justice Department that Trillanes himself was guilty of several drug transactions in China. He was in fact helpful in helping Chinese triad members bring their wares all the way from China to the Philippines.

Filipino Justice Secretary Guevarra is more than willing to accept the negotiation concerning Trillanes. Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte was willing to set in a new arrangement to meet with Chinese Justice Minister Fu regarding Trillanes' fate. President Duterte …

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She's looking great together with the food there. Is that some Chinese, Japanese or Korean food there?