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Becoming Fresh Fruit Obsessed Lately

Like Eiji Takaoka of Boukenger, I find myself becoming fresh fruit obsessed. Well that's good as for one good reason- fruits can help prevent several diseases including cancer, which is a dreadful way for me to go. Well I'm doing so because I've been eating too much fatty foods and I'm getting fatter. Not good. On the other hand, the fruit habit may help give me the motivation to do some exercise as well as peace of mind.

I'm Drinking Much Clean Water

If there's one habit I've changed is that I'm drinking more clean water than I used to. Why? Well realizing that drinking just enough clean water can help clean the body of toxins, it can also help reduce the risk of cancer.

Characters Emma Roberts Could Cosplay As

Since America has somewhat adapted cosplaying (and some Americans do look good in Anime costumes), well here are some characters I think she can cosplay as despite her short stature:

American entertainment:
Poison Ivy from Batman (that would be hot)Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Kaoru from Rurouni KenshinPrincess Farla from Golion (known to America as Allura from Voltron)
Mako Shiraishi from ShinkengerSakura Nishihori from Boukenger

Emma Roberts: Just So Sweetly Pretty Here

If I'm to talk, Emma Roberts looks good just the way she is with proper diet and exercise, soon she'll age gracefully if she lives longer.

Love without End... in Poverty's Eyes

After seeing the movie "Love without End" and seeing a situation where an old beggar woman's boyfriend got arrested, I kind of thought that the song may fit in the situation. It was actually taken from the movie starring the late movie queen Lin Dai (RIP) where it was all tragic so I thought of writing my own version based on what happened although the leading lady hasn't died in real life. I'm too tired of the average-rich taking roles, why not the poor?
Here's the summary nearly similar to the plot I made up:

Dolores is an old beggar woman that everybody in the market place gets mad for her bad attitude and she is made fun of her ghastly appearance. She is accompanied by her brother Ariston. She meets another old beggar named Alfonso who she falls in love and the two began a romantic relationship. However it happens that Alfonso was caught gambling with his fellow beggars in a game of tossing the coin. Arrested, Dolores is in despair as her boyfriend A…

Lively Couple in Their Old Age

If I'm to talk, even in their old age, Leonardo (he must be that handsome when he was young to have such a handsome son) and Armida Siguion-Reyna are still as lively as ever. Hmmm... the song Endless Love can be sang again and again. :-P

Some Filipino Women Easily Get Deceived by Shady Male Foreigners

Some Filipino women sadly are easily deceived by shady foreigners especially Americans (many of them don't mind how they look, it's sex they're after) in either actual appearance and others through the deadly realm of online dating. Either way, it's a big loss.

How do these Filipino women become prey to these shady foreigners? Simple. If one is a victim of colonial mentality, they think everything foreign is good even when that is not true. That means they reject their own allegiance for another. Since they think everything foreign is good, then foreigners must be better than the Filipino males in their country regardless of ethnicity right? Then that's when a Filipino woman ends up a victim of a shady male foreigner.

Also these shady foreigners are not even rich guys in their own country. What's even worse to think of is that, some of these foreigners are actually criminals who are either common goons or masterminds, just looking for women to play around…

Ballade Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman

From one of my favorite composers, Richard Clayderman, this is Ballade Pour Adeline composed for his newborn daughter. However this song gives me a romantic feel. This song also kind of reminds me of my childhood crush, which I believe today I am ready to meet her in a different way. It's just time to move on.

Some Websites Needs Redesigning in Colors

I've been visiting a few webpages and blogs but it's something that there have been several terrible color combinations, which really strains my eyes. How straining is it? Well think about the design where there's a dark background and dark text, the same with a bright background and bright text when it's supposedly a dark background and bright text and vice versa.

A Dumb Way to Write A Diary...

It was way back then I was merely fifteen years old when it happened that a classmate of mine wrote an incredibly stupid diary entry which went like:

I woke up in the morning. I brushed my teeth. I combed my hair. I changed to my school uniform. I rode the car with my brothers. It was time for Math class. Yeah Math class. Then it was time for English class with my most hated teacher of all. Then it was time for recess. The bell rang...

Really, I don't even want to finish typing it. Makes me full so stupid. I mean, diaries are meant to express how one feels, one's thoughts of the day and so on NOT a step-by-step account of what one did during the day. He had the thickest diary but the teacher flunked him with an F. As said words are like leaves, it's rare to find fruit among them.

Some Lower Class People in the Philippines Can Be SO Weird

It has come to my mind that I can feel sorry for somebody for being lower class but at the same time, ironically I can feel some dislike over some of them. Why? Well some lower class people in the Philippines can be so weird like some of the store laborers to the beggars. Here's the situations that's really kind of weird:
A laborer who only earns PHP 1,700 a week dumps his wife for a younger woman who's way richer than he is and he's old enough to be her father.A laborer's nephew whose father died, he and his mother stay in that laborer's house and do nothing ALL DAY but waste their time, waiting for that one sack of rice of arrive.Some beggars are wasteful to throw the food they don't consume.Some beggars bet on their money even as high as PHP 1,000 in street gambling.A laborer can be more boastful than his boss' son. While his boss' son doesn't brag about his money, this particular laborer pretends he's rich.A certain student doesn'…

Internet Dating with Strangers's Too Risky

If I'm to talk, Internet dating with strangers is just way too risky. Why? People can assume their identities like I'm using an assumed name as a blogger. I mean, it's just plain crazy that this form of leisure can lead to suddenly surprising homosexual courtships (and I'm a straight) to unintended huge age gap courtships (Fairly Oddparents anyone). A friend of mine nearly dated a woman way older than he was- somebody else's widowed mother! Others could just lead to the plain deadly case of knowing a wanted criminal in the process, which is even more risky. Personally, dating sites are not for me. I'd rather meet women in person before dating them online. Fortunately my cousin didn't marry her second husband living in the countryside whom she knew online at first- it took them a LONG time to get married plus she was a divorced woman, dumped by her husband to marry another woman.

A Bad Experience With Irresponsible Water Suppliers

I just kept thinking about the incident I really quarreled with my water supplier for failing to check the quality of water that was sent to me. True it was affordable but I discovered that some of my tanks were filled with wrigglers and another, a decaying lizard. Surely they had NO concern for their customers. Oh yeah, just for profit? They'll definitely lose it because they'll lose customers. As said, either you're drinking safe water and you save more in the long run or you save more today, lose more tomorrow because of possible water borne germs. I ended up checking the facilities to find out how DIRTY they were and that worse, they had failed the cleanliness inspection many times. That for sure, they really deserved to be closed down.

Online Gaming Wastes My Time More

If I'm to say, online games usually waste my time. Why? If I'm to talk, using real time can interrupt me in my work plus, it means getting up too early just to finish the scores. That is especially with Facebook games, why I called it quits and well, that was just it. I mean, it took a lot of my precious time. Compared to normal computer games where you can stop and not affect your score, these games can't just be left alone. Finally I'm just so FREE after I've stopped online games. Hee hee.

Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata No 23 in F Minor, Opus 57

This is Beethoven's Appassionata Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Opus 57. I just can't help but think that this sad sonata can affect me in two ways. When played in piano, it eases the mind. However when played on violin, it reminds me of the first girl I took seriously. Sadly, I have lost her.

Will Tori Matsuzaka End Up Marrying a Filipino Girl?

So far, it kind of surprised me that Ryosuke Kaizo married a Filipino girl he may have met at work in Japan (or maybe, he's residing in the States) and his character was named Takeru. When Shinkenger came out, another Takeru was conceived and acted by Tori Matsuzaka. If Shinkenger will get promoted in the Philippines, or should he decide to drop by, I think some lucky Filipino girl may be his. I can't imagine who.

Getting a Caucasian Girlfriend Despite Being Oriental?

Although in the past I have had one bad experience with an irritating Caucasian (at age 11), however I had been thinking about, that maybe, as of late, I may change my mind as some Caucasian girls are not necessarily liberated as I think they are. Some are even in the conservative, private type girl next door. So I kind of thought about that especially after that one experience, some of the other Caucasian girls I've talked to (some are actually having Asian heritage too), aren't arrogant and conceited. In fact, one half-Swiss, maybe less than half-Chinese girl was not only pretty (but she wasn't that hot either) but she had an inner beauty that would shine over her appearance. Somehow even if I'm an oriental, I kind of thought that dating a Caucasian may not be a bad idea. I'm not the typical oriental male presented in Amy Tan's novels, I'm kind of more of a blend of a moderate person with old American values.

So what's my type? Well it's more…

Just Some Old Time Beauties... Pretty Even When Old

Do my eyes fool me or are they still pretty when old? Hmmm... I guess they didn't go under the knife more often than they should.

Jane Fonda. Despite the fact that some shine has been lost, but she looks pretty for an old lady.

Ursula Andress. Once the most lovely woman in Hollywood, now an old lady. But somehow, we can still tell this is Ursula Andress. Lovely for an old lady.

Caucasian Girls and Chinese Guys in Romantic Relationships

Somehow I've always thought of this fact- some Chinese guys have left China because they're having a hard time finding a wife (blame it on abortion and gender biases), flew West and ended up dating and eventually marrying Caucasian girls and staying in their new countries for good. While it's the usual norm that it's the mother who's Chinese and the father who's Caucasian, however it's also becoming the new norm that you have person with a Chinese father and a Caucasian mother. Brandon Lee was an example as his mother was American, his father Bruce Lee was Chinese.

When a Chinese guy adapts to the culture of the Caucasian girl and vice versa (to a certain extent like belief systems), there is NO problem into it. I mean, for example, Vanness Wu may be Chinese but he's more American in his upbringing.

Take for example Jonathan Patrick Foo who starred as Jin Kazama in Tekken. He's one of the norm reverse results. His father is Chinese, his mother is…

Something About Many American Kiddie Shows in My Childhood

I remembered watching a LOT of American kiddie shows and decaying my head back then. Well then, I guess I'll just have to talk about how American cartoons are... mostly that is. Unlike in Japan where most of the shows usually get proper send-offs even for a very LONG one like like Dragon Ball or Yuu Yuu Hakusho, most of them DON'T get a proper finale. True there is the cool storyline but it gets spoiled because things don't come to a FULL CIRCLE. Some of these shows I can remember are:
Wizard of Oz by DIC. After 13 episodes, we never see the protagonists beat the witch.Galtar and the Golden Lance- Tormac never got thwarted. So where's the prophecy fulfilled?
Thundarr the Barbarian- Well no finale either.Penelope Pitstop- Poor her. She'll have to deal with the Hooded Claw for the rest of her life in our heads.Lion Voltron- When can they beat Planet Doom? You should watch Golion instead!Vehicle Voltron- One episode left hanging. Uh oh... watch Dairugger!X-Men …

Which is Hotter? Oriental Girls or Caucasian Girls?

If there's anything that's going to be quite a tacky thing for me, it's which is hotter- Oriental girls or Caucasian girls? Actually I'm attracted to both kinds of girls but it depends really. It can be said again and again, being Caucasian doesn't mean one is hotter.

Somehow having fairer skin, brown or blond hair enhances appearances naturally.

On the other hand, some Oriental girls do have a unique charm to look better than some Caucasian girls.

Being Caucasian or Oriental doesn't make one necessarily hot. There are Caucasian girls that don't look attractive to me IMO and some Oriental girls that are really attractive. For example, we can do this kind of comparison:
Amy Jo Johnson is WAY HOTTER than Reiko Chiba.Ayumi Kinoshita is WAY hotter than Monica May.
Rin Takanashi is WAY hotter than Brittany Pirtle.Emma Roberts is WAY hotter than Rin Takanashi.However, certain girls these days are even mixed between Oriental-Caucasian intermarriages, resulting in h…

Addicted to Rhian Ramos on TV?

I have to admit as of late, Rhian Ramos Howell is one person I'm pretty addicted to in TV. Actually she's five years my junior, making her a year older than my sister. I have to admit that any sight of her as of late, makes me want to have her. :-P

Aging Gracefully is Always Better Than Surgical Procedures

If there's one thing older people should accept is that- they're getting older, not any younger and they're in for a different degree of physical beauty. Look at the elderly in the picture like Gloria Romero and Armida Siguion Reyna. Gloria Romero is already in her 70s but she's one pretty grandma because no surgeries ruined her face. Armida Siguion Reyna may have all the white hair on her head at 80 but still a graceful old lady (too bad she looks like an older Gloria Arroyo to a certain extent). Surgeries will just make monsters out of the elderly... but good health and exercise lets them age gracefully!

Emma Roberts... Possible Career Shift?

Knowing the liberated thinking of American society, however Emma Roberts has admitted she won't be doing any nude scenes as she won't feel uncomfortable doing so in front of the camera. However it may also cause some disdain issues with fans who may want to see her without anything on as she's pretty hot and most nude stars are not that hot. Hmmm... however I don't think she'll easily shed her image if she's still affiliated with Nickelodeon. Well if she's going to be pushed to it and she won't do it, she might as well step down and look for a new career. :p

If she would do adult movies and go fully naked- she would shed her girl next door image to try and gain fame. But despite her average acting skills, she's already popular enough without the need to expose herself full naked. If she does, well, it's going to cause some shocks from the younger audience and ooohhh from the older ones. Dilemma isn't it?

Hoping Emma Roberts Doesn't Undergo Surgery

Looking at Emma Roberts, I hope she doesn't mar her pretty face and nice body with surgeries because she's gorgeous the way she is. I mean, having an inflated chest can make one look uglier than hotter in the long run because it's just not natural. If she should ever get surgery, it should only if she really needs to have RECONSTRUCTIVE surgery. Oh yeah, if one grows old, then grow old gracefully!

Most Celebrities Look Better Without SURGERIES

If I'm to talk, plastic surgeries are really NOT enhancing the appearances of celebrities, instead its ruining it. Yup. If I can't help it, I just wish that those celebrities were just satisfied with their natural appearances rather than having gone under the knife. Most of them look ugly because of the botched surgeries. :-(

My Personal Blog...

Well I can't help but want to write down my personal blog. Like a movie star am I? Well no. This is just a fun blog with no intention of popularity or earning money. Just a post of random thoughts. Hee hee.