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Easy To Boycott Chinese Brands But Not Made In China!

Chinese brands are usually very easy to identify like Hwawei, Haier and Tsingtao while others like Lenovo are Alibaba are not so obvious - just Google for Chinese brands and you'll know what to avoid.  Some research would tell you which is a Chinese brand and for one, I personally don't like Chinese brands as much as Japanese or Taiwanese.  I still have had my own issues ever since the 2008 Melamine Scandal - even the Chinese government admits they are not out of the blue with all the dirt the previous administrations left behind.

Now it's time to talk about Made in China.  I don't want to sound like Alan Impurisima who is using similar words as antonyms like "advice" and "order" when both are pretty similar.  When you are advised to leave, you must leave.  When you are ordered to leave, you must leave.  Likewise, made in China is when you produce any product unit in China.  I mean, have you ever observed imported brands that are made in the Phili…

Satirical News: Retired PNP Chief, Alan Impurisima Slammed For Talking Nonsense About Boycotting Made In China!

Alan Impurisima is said that he always blurts out nonsense.  From the time he said he did not give Getulio Napunas an order but only an advice, he has now talked more nonsense yet again when it came to the issue of Made in China.  With the current conflict between the Philippines and China, Impurisima has yet to spew out more nonsense on how to protest against China.  He was last seen in the Senate House where President Nobita asked him to share his opinion on how they can deal with the aggressiveness of China's infamously dangerous General Damulag and the massive army.  Rumors say that General Damulag has been assigned to beat up President Nobita yet again.

"In order to defeat China, we must first weaken its economy.  That is, if you buy anything imported, don't buy anything that is made in China.  You can buy anything that was made in Vietnam, made in Taiwan, made in Hong Kong, made in wherever as long as you do not buy anything that is made in China.  That way, we can…

Victoria Justice Pictures For June 27, 2015

Indeed she is Victorious...
Free-spirited Victoria Justice...
Man I am going to melt...

I love that tribal outfit!

Vanessa Hessler Pictures For June 26, 2015

Well here's a picture of Vanessa Hessler as a really ravishing beauty of sorts.  I couldn't help but think that, "WOW!" to the picture.  
A stunning beauty indeed!  I love the wet look she has here!
Wow I just love that smile!

When My So-Called First Crush Comes To Mind...

Nothing really kills me with embarrassment more than the mere mention of my so-called first crush. Maybe it's because I was having some kind of scheme in wanting her was more monetary reasons and two, further acceptance due to some stupid tradition. She's Chinese (by blood), she's from a business family... it would be good for business right? I always thought about how disillusioned I was until years later, I saw her. The more I tried to realize my tantrums back as a teenager, was it because I was so serious about her or was I just trying to do a publicity stunt? When I saw her wedding picture, I didn't find myself hurt with it... instead I would only say my past is finally over.

Sometimes I end up thinking of why in the world I even dated my ex-girlfriend in the first place. I only dated her to gain revenge on a girl who I liked but rejected me and two, to get even with my so-called first love. I know, I've wronged her and we both moved on from the experience. We…

When Will Dog Eaters Learn that Dog Meat Is NOT HEALTHY?!

I started to think of the the biggest reason why I am against dog meat, it's for health reasons.  So I started to look for consequences.  Now one can argue about pigs, chickens, cows and ducks but they are different from dogs.  Pigs, chickens, goats, cows and ducks were always raised for food purposes.  Dogs were raised not only as pets but also as guardians, companions and rat catchers.  I always thought that dogs having problems like the frequent need for de-worming, the need for rabies shots and the like should at least raise a RED ALARM that compared to farm animals raised for food, they are not even suitable for consumption.  Pigs DO NOT develop rabies nor are they all that susceptible to worms as dogs are. 
The stupid people in Yulin can go ahead and defend that "it's tradition".  Some stupid Filipinos can go ahead and defend that it makes good pulutan.  Again, should you keep a tradition just because your ancestors did it?  Let's say your many times great…

I'll Continue Going Against The Yulin Festival For Public Health Concerns!

I am frequently disgusted at the thought of eating dog meat maybe because I'm a dog lover.  However this is more than just a personal issue to why I am against the Yulin Festival aside from the cruelty, it's also for the public health concern. It's not just about me and pets, it's about public health concern. You can go ahead and argue "But it's tradition." but as said, certain traditions must drop and I am glad that the Chinese government is taking action.  Meanwhile, it's best to keep an eye on Stinky Soliman because she might use dog meat, gutter oil and fake rice as relief goods for any upcoming disaster.

So what's with me and Yulin?  I hate to say it but civilized Chinese are losing their beloved pets no thanks to inconsiderate people who kidnap pets for no reason but to please their cruelty.  I really also thought about the HEALTH CONCERNS as to why Yulin Festival is also bad for public health.  It just reminded me of why I'm against mo…

It's Not Wrong For Modern People To Enjoy Golden Oldies!

It's a misconception that you must only enjoy anything of your generation which is just stupid.  Why do I think that is so?  I always thought of how certain people say that I'm "baduy" which can be translated as "out of fashion" because I always enjoy classical music.  I am the type of person who can chill out with listening to the classical pieces of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Frederick Chopin, George Frederick Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach and Richard Wagner are among a few.  Classical music was never meant to be enjoyed at just one era but for all ages.

If you want to know how I even got into golden oldies, it was thanks to modern films.  I always felt like Meteor Garden and other Chinese films provide a gateway of the past.  It's funny how watching the 2001 version of Romance in the Rain actually got me interested with the classic Qiong Yao series.  Yes, I personally am not all that used to seeing Liu Xuehua and …

Satirical News: Habitually Tardy Pinoy Named Filipo D. Hippo Sues Philippine Airlines For Missed Flight to Boracay!

Filipo D. Hippo a habitually tardy Pinoy missed his flight to Boracay. He last booked his ticket to Boracay where he did a last minute booking just a few minutes before the travel agency closed. He was told that the plane would leave by 8:00 A.M. and that he had to be on time, to arrive at 6:00 A.M., two hours before the flight. However Hippo only replied, "Time will wait for me! I am never late!"

He arrived at the airport not just an hour late, but two hours late where the plane had already flown off. According to PAL employees, the reaction of Hippo was priceless. Hippo screamed at them for not respecting Filipino Time and said that he was Father Time's VIP. It only resulted to utmost uproar of laughter from the employees of PAL. One of them said, "You see, time waits for nobody Filipo D. Hippo. We can't let the plane stop just for you! The other customers have to be served as well, what makes you think you are so important?"

Angry with his so-called pre…

Vanessa Hessler Pictures For June 12, 2015

Well it's time for some blonde beauty today...
I love those blue eyes...

Simplicity is beauty...

Ciara Hanna: Mega Actress In A Megafail Show!

As much as I hate Megaforce, I just can't hate the actress Ciara Hanna even if her character Gia Moran ends up as the "Head Bitch In Charge".  But the actress?  She's probably the only cast member who can really act.  Heck, why wasn't she the pink ranger?  In due fairness, no matter how much I hate Megaforce, I always felt like she was able to act way better than Christina Masterson who really gets overly cheery on set or Andrew Gray who's just stiff, very stiff.  I do think Cameron Jebo also lacks skill.  Azim Rizk and John Mark Loudermilk are both just okay but Ciara is able to carry her character with much charm.

She should have been Emma in Megaforce, not Christina.  I felt like casting Christina into the set was a huge, huge mistake.  Looking at how Ciara was able to carry out Gia's character so well for me.  Now I think she lacks the charm of previous Super Sentai/Power Rangers actresses like for instance like Amy Jo Johnson-Giner (MMPR's Kimbe…

Satirical News: Neri Cuckonares Proposes "Respect for Filipino Time Bill"

Bobo Muna Representative Neri Cuckonarnes now passes the "Respect For Filipino Time" bill after Akbobo member, former chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, Etta Rosales called scolding people for being late as a violation of human rights.  He was so ready to sympathize he wrote the new bill called "Respect For Filipino Time Bill."  The bill was passed after Rep. Cuckonares showed up one hour late for his work as a congressman.

"We are Filipinos and we are known for Filipino time.  I am so sorry to hear of that incident that our fellow Filipino was oppressed by a foreigner.  That is why we are against opening up the economy.  If it wasn't for 60/40, our country would have been taken over by foreigners.  The incident shows how evil foreigners can be when it comes to respecting us.  He doesn't know how to have fun, it's more fun in the Philippines.  As you see, when somebody scolds you for being late for an hour, they are violating your human …

Rin Takanashi and Ciara Hanna: Blood and Horror After Wearing Spandex!

I just thought of the possible coincidence between the two hotties is... that after they did spandex with Super Sentai and Power Rangers, both of them would later do horror after spandex.

In Rin Takanashi's case, she starred in "Isn't Anyone Alive" and in the slasher film "Killers" where both her characters died.  In Killers, her death was pretty much off-screen which did leave a greater sadness considering that her younger brother is going to starve without her.

Meanwhile Ciara Hanna later starred in "Blood Lake" and in the gory horror/gore film "Pernicious".  She did survive in "Blood Lake".  I have yet to see "Pernicious" where Ciara Hanna goes to Thailand for a supernatural horror with lots of blood.

A Few Of My Favorite Pork Intestine Dishes

I have noticed that I have my love for pork intestine dishes where it's normally served in either Filipino style, Chinese style or Japanese style. After eating at Yakimix with their smokeless grill, there was one moment that brought back my memory at a Filipino grillhouse (forgot which one) which was namely having pork intestine barbeque. I can't really say the style was uniquely Chinese or Japanese, it tasted more or less similar to Filipino-style barbeque while Chinese barbeque and Japanese barbeque were available at the buffet.

Another of my favorite pork intestine dishes had to be Taiwan's famous pork intestine soup. It has a sticky broth that was produced by slowly simmering the now prepared pork intestines. Seasoned with salt, pepper and eaten with vermicelli and some peanuts, it creates a really tasty dish.

Chicharon bulaklak is part of the pork intestine. My preference is, don't fry it BROIL IT or GRILL IT. I am yet to think of how it tastes when it's gri…

More Ramblings On Mortal Kombat X's Delay... FOR THE LAST GENERATION CONSOLES!

One thing is certain, Mortal Kombat X did postpone the PS3/XBox360 release and I am expecting it around fall.  Now I know I am disappointed but that's part of life.  The first release wave happened with the PS4/XBoxOne versions and as far as concerned, Netherrealm Studios had done that practice in the past with Injustice Gods Among Us.  Injustice had its game released on April 2013 for the current generation and late June 2013 for the last generation consoles.  So that I can understand especially downscaling the graphics for PS3/XBox360 will definitely not be easy.  I would rather suffer delays and HAVE A WORKING GAME than having it released then, I don't really get a satisfactory game right?  Hopefully all will go well and revenues will be good for Netherrealm Studios.  Cancelling the last gen releases may result to a serious lawsuit as many have already pre-ordered.  I hope that the rumors will be dispelled and the game will go on as scheduled.  I hope it will either hit on …