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My Assumed Holders of The Title of "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers" Girl As Picked By Super Sentai/Power Rangers Fans

Beauty can be in the eyes of the beholder and here's the possible choices, biased or not.  In my case, I'll present my choices as well.  But here are a few who I believe got picked for the title of "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers Girl" by fandom.

Lin of Dairanger 

I would admit she is really, really pretty.  So okay I do find Kimberly hotter than she is but, she is still hot nonetheless.  I would admit that the swimsuit episode really is a serious distraction to the viewers.  I think she's hot enough to distract Skull Skullovitch but good thing they never met.  Skull would have been beaten up by her.  For me, she is really a worthy contender for the title "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers".  Even her unnamed granddaughter was hot as her.

Kimberly Hart of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Well she's not my first Tokusatsu crush (mine was Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five of Bioman) and for some, she was the first 90s crush.  I would admi…

What I Think of Liu Kang's Gameplay Preview in Mortal Kombat X

Quite understandable that 25 years has passed, so Liu Kang (or at least another version of him) would be older which kind of made me want to think, "Doesn't the Mortal Kombat champion not age until the next tournament?"  But in spite of his gray hair, his features look pretty young for the rest of his body unlike Kung Lao's human form.  So I was thinking of the three variations namely Dualist, Flame Fist and Dragon Fire.

So what am I thinking?  Dragon Fire is the most familiar for Liu Kang players.  Flame Fist will allow Liu Kang to do a huge multiple punch move and charge up his fists (too bad, no Shoryuken type move).  In Dualist, he displays his inner demons but subtly as he goes from dark to light, to which is a subtle reference to Ryu having the alter ego as Evil Ryu in the Street Fighter series.  I think the Dualist would be a tougher mode to master when going "Evil" means trying to master how to launch those bombs he would use.  By my gameplay style,…

My Reaction To Liu Kang's Return in Mortal Kombat X!

Looking at the trailer, YES, YES and SUPER YES that my favorite character, Liu Kang has returned.  I mean, I was pissed off with this scene in Deadly Alliance where he was killed.  Then it introduced a darker, more twisted version of Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat Deception.  Liu Kang's body is fueled by revenge while his spirit seeks to stop his evil side.  In Mortal Kombat X, Liu Kang looks like he's fighting his inner demons.  It feels like Mortal Kombat is now copying Ryu's problem of becoming Evil Ryu into... Liu Kang himself!
Liu Kang in the trailer looks like he's got the Satsui No Hadou in him.  If you remember Mortal Kombat 2011, the heroes save for Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade were killed in the story mode.  Liu Kang ended up fighting Raiden out of foolish rashness.. which caused him to be electrocuted.  I mean, come on, why fight the god of thunder.  So my WMG was that Liu Kang would become part of Shinnok's Army... and yes I was right.  In the video, Liu Kan…

Why Blaming Power Rangers Instead of the TV Stations For Super Sentai Not Returning to the Philippines Is Stupid!

Some Super Sentai purists or better called Super Sentai retards (or Sentards) from the Philippines have the habit of blaming Power Rangers to why Super Sentai isn't airing in the Philippines (which is fine for me, never mind I had to rewatch Maskman and Bioman with subs due to all the BAD DUBS).  Again, I couldn't get over how the Filipino Sentards are always saying stuff like, "Power Rangers ruins the chances of Super Sentai returning to the Philippines."

Let me get this straight that I am a former Super Sentai purist (who had a hatred for Power Rangers after learning about Zyuranger) and later, I realized that Power Rangers IS part of Toei.  Whether you like it or not, even if Saban sticks "Saban's" to Power Rangers, Toei was always part of the production in the sense, Saban has the RIGHTS to produce Power Rangers out from whatever resources Toei gives them.  So as of late, I don't like the current direction of Power Rangers (from post-Ninja Stor…

The Henshin Con: Way More Reasonably Priced Than The One Direction Event!

Although I regret not being able to go to the Henshin Convention thanks to real life circumstances (I will admit that Red mask and Five Blue are my favorite rangers in their respective shows), but here's what I thought of the practicality between the two events.
One Direction's CONCERT tickets were just too expensive and besides, it's just a concert compared to the Henshin Con.  The Henshin Con offers meals and seating for PHP 1,000.00 and PHP 2,500.00 respectively.  If I were to talk about my choice if I had the time, I would go to the Launch Party which prices are lower which is practical because of the principle of utility.
For example, if I spent PHP 1,150 on a standing ovation, it would be really stupid compared to if I spent PHP 1,000.00 which has a MEAL and seating.  It would be practical when I think of the following... I would have WAY more pocket money than if I spent it all on a One Direction ticket.  Also a VIP ticket worth PHP 2,500 with a meal, VIP seating, …

Victoria Justice Pictures for March 19, 2015

I just love this girl as my favorite Nickelodeon girl!
She's really pretty and fashionable!

So beautifully Victoria Justice!

The Sentai Extremists vs. Power Rangers Extremist War is Getting Too Old and Not to Mention OUT OF HAND!!!!!

The fan wars is getting old and not to mention CANCEROUS... the comments from both sides are giving me cancer especially with their childish agenda of getting rid of Power Rangers, calling it bootleg and well you know what I mean... or some Powtards too.

I'm amazed that a lot of other people who are carrying out the fan wars are ADULTS?! I can understand if it were a group of toddlers but ADULTS?! Come on, I've heard that the leader of this movement is already 28 years old and the other officers are in their late 20s... doesn't that sound really freaking childish? I can understand why I was a Sentai purist back in my teenage years, it was only because I didn't know any better. These guys are already ADULTS and they are still acting like a group of children like the writer of that Gokaiger vs. Samurai hate fic.

Again common sense, COMMON SENSE. Power Rangers is also part of Toei and like it or not, if it were bootleg, Toei would have sued Saban into oblivion. I know Sab…

Ciara Hanna at the Belen Comic Convention

While Ciara Hanna has graduated from her status as a Nickelodeon girl (considering she has done Blood Lake and Pernicious), she has a Spongebob shirt.  Hehehehehe.... but seriously, Spongebob should be cancelled already before it destroys itself.

Satirical News: Migraine International's Plan to Screen "The Plor Kontemplasyon Story" in 3D is A FAILURE!

Yup the 3D version of the film was SO HORRIBLE... 

In honor of Plor Kontemplasyon's 20th death anniversary this year, Migraine International had released the Plor Kontemplasyon film as promised (during the Edz Ello incident) but the result was a failure.  The Plor Kontemplasyon movie was screened by Migraine International to "raise awareness" of the "plight of Plor Kontemplasyon".  Migraine International Chairman, Garry Martinez had said, "This is the greatest moment yet.  20 years has passed since our heroine Plor Kontemplasyon was slain in Singapore.  She was innocent and a patriotic woman and Delia Maga was indeed a victim of foul play.  We have placed subtitles to induce guilt to the Singaporeans who had wrongfully executed."

The whole film was screened last June 7, 1995 which was months after the execution of Plor Kontemplasyon.  A Chinese film critic named Liu Jianhua had arrived to examine the film and even before the film could reach its half,…

Satirical News: Chinese Government Reveals Offenses of the Bitays in China!

The Bitays are given persona non-grata by the Chinese government!

After Jejemon Bitay was named as a possible candidate by 2016 and with the Philippines having the possibility of a Bitay presidency, China has further imposed the already implemented persona non-grata against the Bitay family.  China had uncovered some recent incidents involving the Bitay family that may give them more reason to make the persona non-grata against the Bitays a lifetime.

VP Jejemon Bitay has been helping out illegal Chinese businessmen make a livelihood in the Philippines.  Chinese government has considered that VP Jejemon Bitay has been helping Chinese criminals escape China's chopping board by giving them "It's More Fun in the Philippines" permits.  A Chinese lawyer named Anthony Lin commented, "Yes indeed it's more fun in the Philippines for Chinese people who are due for the chopping board.  Bitay should have deported them back to us.  Looking at how Bitay wanted us to pardon…

Victoria Justice for Kode Magazine

What can  I say?  She's really stunning!

Insane Rant: How I Was Dealing With the After-Effect of Power Rangers Megaforce on Me!

Don't look so happy, you Megaforce Rangers may have even Mega-Hurt the Power Rangers fans!

A bad show is a bad show and I'll admit that Kyoryuger and Megaforce were two shows that really SENT me to the dumps.  And ToQGer while it's not entirely bad for me, I just felt like Yasuko Kobayashi had just burnt out or refused to write a good story due to Toei's current management system.  Moving on, the whole season burned me out and...

This scene is just totally WTF considering they didn't get ANY plot development!  Then we'll see these guys dating and you'll probably see Daigo and Amy from Kyoryuger with them!

I will admit this... Megaforce's super stupid ending makes Judd Lynn's finales and Toshiki Inoue's finales LOOK DECENT though nothing is worse than Ryuki's ending that came out as a result of executive meddling.  Yes, I know Judd Lynn's endings are mostly rushed like Ransik's sudden redemption or how Trakeena was dealt with at Lost G…

My Strange Dream of Marrying The Haruka Suenaga Lookalike, Jetman Style!

For any dream I find to be the weirdest and well, just impossible is me marrying someone I know who looks like Haruka Suenaga.  The marriage would be impossible considering that me and her don't really get along that much.  But I did dream of her suddenly falling for me, my former rival being jealous and me yearning for my so-called first crush.  Everything just started to fit in to which really freaked me out.  The dream was a few years ago with me yearning for my so-called first crush and when I became Gai Yuki courting Sakura in a way but I'm probably more Ryu than I can ever be to Gai Yuki.

What I did dream was that I soon found my so-called first crush dead, me wanting revenge and me just wanting revenge on Radiguet (it was very Jetman themed).  I found myself in my desire for my revenge.  Not soon enough the Haruka Suenaga lookalike started telling me, "If the woman you loved see you like this, how is she going to feel?  Do you realize she told you to erase her fro…

Satirical News: Resigned PNP Alan Impurisima Vows to Perform the Penitensya on Good Friday As an Act of Apology!

Alan Impurisima Vows to Perform the Penitensya

After the guilt ridden investigation of former PNP Chief, Alan Impurisima, he has vowed that he will perform the Penitensya on Good Friday for the mishaps he made.  After he was supposedly banned from restaurants, Impurisima was supposedly guilt ridden and vowed to crucify himself on Good Friday of this year to follow the example of President Nobita which happened Good Friday last year.

"After the blunder of the SAF, to show that I sympathize with the SAF Widows, I General Alan Impurisima vow before my country's leader, President Nobita to crucify myself this Good Friday.  It would be a good example of service and sacrifice to the country that after the SAF Incident, I will have myself crucified to atone for my sins." said Impurisima.

A group of Nobita supporters had rallied and call Impurisima's example as an example towards "Daang Matuwid".  Nobita's followers began to cheer on believing that Impurisima i…

Why Haim Saban Isn't Guilty of Legalized Theft!

The real life Kosei Kougami... sadly turned into Mr. Krabs!

The accusation is getting tired of purists who keep insisting that Saban is guilty of legalized theft when the truth is HE IS NOT.  One has to use their common sense, not think from their heart on the matter.  One, as of current I dislike Power Rangers but I do not hate it, maybe because of the bad comeback it had with Power Rangers Samurai or majority of the Kalish era.  Now Saban is back but it's a shaky ground... hasn't Toei found another interested person?!


Let us define legalized theft first.  It is theft made legal within government positions like Kill Henares.  That is, it was made legal by the government.  For example, legalized theft is when any money from the government treasury is misused by the government to pursue its personal agendas.  Kill Henares and Butcher A-Bad are both legalized thieves because they get legal protection from the Nobita Administration.

What President Nobita Aquino and Senator Bongbong Marcos Have in Common

Like it or not, Aquinotards and Marcostards must accept it that President Nobita and Senator Bongbong have some things in common.  Here they are:

Both are named after their deceased fathers 

Even if President Nobita is Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III and Senator Bongbong is Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., you cannot deny they are still named after their late fathers.

Both are the only sons of their parents

President Nobita is the only son while having four sisters.  Bongbong is the only son while having three sisters.

They both have sisters with love life problems

Even if Imee Marcos is the eldest and Kris Aquino is the youngest, both of them had a habit of rebelling against their parents whenever they were in favor of a certain suitor.  Both of their sisters also have a child in show business - Imee's son Borgy Manotoc and Kris Aquino's son Bimby Aquino Yap.

Both are incompetent spoiled brats riding on their fathers' legacies

Senator Bongbong was born with a silver spoon…