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Charisma Kills More Than Looks!

While I seriously thought that a good appearance can hide a bad attitude, charisma does more of a charm than one's own natural appearance. As said, what puts an ugly person and a pretty person together is the inside and the same applies on the side of evil.  In fact I've known a woman who's not even hot but woah she really has flirted and slept around!  Or another woman can be so pretty yet she doesn't sleep around and play with her admirers.  In fact, opposites can be very true.  As said, being attractive can hide one's inner beauty or inner ugliness in many ways.
For example it can be easy to label Belle as a flirt and Beast as a tragic victim.  One extreme over the other must be avoided.  As said, it's always on the inside.

In fact, sometimes the biggest flirt isn't pretty at all and sometimes the biggest flirt is pretty but what's really relevant is that they're BOTH FLIRTS.  Being pretty doesn't contribute to vanity, it's the evil heart!

Is the Philippines that NEVER READY for the Important Stuff?

Perhaps another mark of being a "true Filipino" and I'm being sarcastic whenever I say that is the vice of actually never being ready for disasters.  Just looking at the Hong Kong hostage incident can really bring a LOT of negative stereotypes against the Filipino people.  Not all Filipinos are dumb and lazy but MANY are and they choose to.  In fact I believe stupidity is a choice.  Maybe a person has a low IQ like Natsuki Mamiya or Eri or spacey but stupidity is for people who think they are smarter than everyone else.  Actually I could care less about those who are "idiots" but the Philippines a country that has the potential to be a smart nation chooses to be stupid by its never being ready.

As said, there's always the unanticipated.  True.  And that hostage crisis proved to be so.  Disasters are another.  Now I could compare Japan's tsunami vs. the typhoons that hit the Philippines.  One storm after the other, the teams were not so ready.  Well, eve…

Rhian Ramos on Avon

I have to admit that I'm kind of waiting for the huge Mo vs. Rhian battle.  On the other hand, this photo is driving me to sin.

He's So Gonna Twist Yer Mind...

It's not surprising to how many women fall for his charisma.  Mo Twisted has managed to seduce Rhian Ramos Howell back in the past.  Maybe she's the first one to break his spell.  However I hope this entry should be a warning against other future victims.  There's a lesson after all as Rhian Ramos Howell says.  Well I can't wait to see how explosive the confrontation will be!

A Rather Stupid View of Nationalism for Filipinos

People tend to abuse the word nationalism.  Well it can be true for anyone.  Here are some ways of how to be "truly nationalistic" (and I'm BEING sarcastic here A LOT) as a good Filipino regardless of ethnicity:

1.) Promote Little Miss Late in the punctuality system.  Argue with others that it's Filipino culture and that they're not Filipino if they're not practicing the Little Miss Late system.  Always be late, never be early and accuse tho who are angry for being impatient.  After all, is it any wonder why your boss wants to "promote" you?  Also this includes the procrastination system where putting off what can be done NOW for MUCH LATER.  Patience is a virtue BUT like everything else, patience has its limits!

2.) Colonial mentality especially if it's from America.  Otherwise known as the American superiority mentality.  Yeah ignore the other types of imported products.  Patronize American rips over the real thing is also very good sign you&#…

Rhian Ramos Howell's Statements from Twitter for Mo Twisted

"These fables and lies will be corrected in court. As this is being made into a PR battle and countless 'final statements,' I'd like to save my efforts for my case.

"As he values public approval, I value the truth and justice and would rather not sacrifice that.

"I cannot make carefully crafted statements, I cannot give stories and force everyone to buy it just because I'll tell them 'I don't lie,'  'I don't Twist the truth,' I cannot sway you with the eloquence of thirty-four years in this world.

"But in this first year of my adulthood, this is my quest to become a new me, the me that will actually, for once, stand up for herself.

"But when I do, I will do it the right way and in the right place. See you in court."

I finally think it's time to take some action girl.  Truly she's got the guts.  Hmmm.... I love that in a woman.  It's just time somebody takes care of this cyclone before he gets another vic…

Bullying Your Competitor Anyone?

While it's definitely the desire of every business is to become successful and have its competitive advantage.  However some have stepped away from professional competition to bullying which for those who watch Spongebob- the angle of Mr. Krabs and Plankton in how they compete but at a rather ridiculous gap.  Like how?  The bullying can happen in hacking the rival organization's operation management secret (which can include a secret recipe or ingredient being stolen by the rival network a la Chum Bucket) in every area known to the book and to the current state and to spread foul information.  Well for an actor/actress to move to a rival network can't be considered pirating if it was their free will, however one has to realize that bullying is no longer professional when one recruits people through deceit.  Most of the competitor bullying happens in the most advanced areas of any nation, developed or underdeveloped but seems to be more prevalent in an underdeveloped nation…

Beauty Even in Frailty

I have to admit though that Emma Roberts even in her frailty in this picture is still a beauty to behold in this candid shot.  To be honest, I think she's the hottest girl I've seen.

My Opinions and Ramblings Against Mo Twisted... Just My Thoughts!

Everything below is my opinion with some facts stated to defend my opinion against Mr. Mo Twister... AHEM MO TWISTED!

I have to admit that I'm not to judge on the Mo Twisted-Rhian Ramos Howell case plus, I have to admit that tugs are in my heart not for Mo Twisted whose words have deceived people for too long.  Okay, I do expect violent comments from his followers but I really have to say this has gone too far.  Here's how it goes- his so-called video story of being "repaired" or whatever, I can't even digest it.  Maybe I'm not really a big fan of Rhian Ramos Howell but I do feel the need for this entry to express my thoughts.  Also, I have to admit that he's fleeing to New York after he uploaded the supposed abortion video which he kept denying until he was forced to confess it.  I can't be the judge of him or Rhian Ramos Howell who I really have grown to like on TV.  However I do somehow have to admit that this video was already filled with TOO MUCH…

The Reality of Filipino Entertainment Dumbness... These Days!

If there's one thing that's obvious about Filipino TV is that it's filled with utter stupidity.  Why?  Here are some reasons:

Imitating the ongoing American stupidity on TV could be the number one reason.  Many American shows these days have little or no mental value to the viewer. Yeah.  Just think of the difference between American adaptations vs. Japanese source materials.  The Filipino media becomes stupid for imitating such stupidity.  There were many great Filipino films and series back then but today, it's really falling down down to the level of the prevalent American stupidity!

Another is that gossip spreads too much like wildfire.  Just think about the Mo Twisted guys and his followers.  To be honest, I won't jump into conclusions of whether or not Rhian Ramos Howell had an abortion or not.  However it's kinda  a reality that Mo Twisted himself is really a heartless playboy and he might have caused several miscarriages.  I do not discount the possibil…

Emma Roberts and Childlike Innocence

Somehow she's got that childlike innocence in this photo (for an occasional smoker) and well, it's kinda cute.  Hmmm... despite the fact she's already 20 years old she still looks like a teenager.  Man, how such beauty is so haunting.


It pretty irritates me to think that such sick, wicked scoundrels are around.  Well many of them are but good actors and horrible people.  In short, a hypocrite. So they pretend to be so kindly before people but they're really nothing but a bunch of douches.  So the real worse part can be is in making up a very convincing story that could deceive the people.  Oh yeah, like the way Lex Luthor lies a LOT!  Smooth talkers you get them.  But as said, fire is never covered by paper.  There is no smoke without fire.  Yeah right, even my cousin Loki's schemes are getting exposed.  In fact, try to hide it all he wants, he's getting exposed!  And to Mr. Twisted, I hope he gets confined soon with all his reverse talk and really bad acting!