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So What If Think the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers SNES Game Is Better Than the Zyuranger NES Game?

Now just because I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers overall, does not mean I must prefer Super Sentai stuff all the time.  I do think most Toku games suck regardless if it was based on Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, etc.  Like I'd say it, no matter how much I like the three franchises (though I'm a KR "purist" as of late), I simply didn't like the games based on them.  But I can at least, voice this opinion out.

So what do I like about the MMPR game over the Zyuranger game?  While it may be unfair to make a comparison since the SNES is one generation higher above the NES, but I cannot deny that SNES MMPR game has some cooler features.  I mean, it's almost like an upgrade of the Jetman NES game.

Unlike the Zyuranger game (and yes, I do still like Zyuranger as a TV series better), you actually get to select which character you want to send unlike the former, where you must use different characters per mission.  What I also like about the …

I'm Probably a Kamen Rider "Purist" For Now!

It's a real irony I find myself in.  Back then, I went neutral on Kamen Rider but as of late, I have found myself in a reversal of sorts.  While I am currently backtracking on older seasons of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, I cannot deny that as of late, I am more excited for Kamen Rider Drive than I am for Ninninger.

Kamen Rider back then was quite different during the Showa era.  I mean, the Super Sentai villains and Kamen Rider villains had one common denominator that is, the always made typical Tokusatsu stupid, convoluted or just unbelievable plans to take over the world like Gorgom's bee unleashing necklace and that their monsters usually died at the end of the day.

Meanwhile the Heisei era of Kamen Riders were more or less written in a soap opera format where monsters usually don't die at the end of the day.  Ryuki was more like a battle royale and it hardly had a monster of the week, instead the next episode usually focused on the build-up of the Rider War (but I…

My Silly Opinion On Mei and Kimberly Hart!

While I'm more of a Zyuranger fan as of current and I personally think Zyuranger is miles above its legitimate adaptation Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, however here's one area that I am pretty much in the sea of self-contradiction.  It's between Mei and Kimberly where I share a different opinion.

Okay I saw Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers first (and maybe I'm glad I didn't see Zyuranger horribly dubbed in Tagalog, I mean I really won't want to watch them dubs again after seeing Sentai in its original Japanese)... but I can talk about Mei first now.  I mean, I only saw Zyuranger from start to end last year and MMPR, it's way back when I was still a troubled elementary student.

So maybe my memory is more fresh on Mei than Kimberly as of right now.  So what's my latest point?  While seeing Mei, the actress Reiko Chiba-Kirhihara was only 17 years old.  While in paper, Mei is indeed the more-developed, well-rounded character compared to Kimberly but…

Sentai Girls Rambling: Mako (My Choice) vs. Jasmine (Mr. Smith) For The Title of "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers Girl"

Aside from my opinion on Kimberly vs. Jasmine, another worthy contender is Mako herself.  So she's not in Mr. Smith's top five she's in the top ten.  So let's get started shall we?  These are two of my favorite heroines.  Mr. Smith has chosen Jasmine and on the other hand Mako is a worthy contender against Kimberly for me.  Again, it's no secret that both girls are in my list favorite Super Sentai girls not because they are not, but because they are overall likable characters.  Although as of late, I feel like neither Mako nor Jasmine is really that great as characters. =P

For Mako, what I find attractive about her are her really round eyes, she's really pretty with an angelic impression (pun intended on what Kotoha said about Mako, hehehehehe).  If she has any points higher than Kimberly (I can't name the face (I find Kimberly prettier than Mako) and skin tone too much, she's tan-skinned and I prefer fair-skinned girls), she's taller (she's 5…

Rambling On My Choice Vs. Mr. Smith's Choice On Who's Hotter Than Any Super Sentai/Power Rangers Lady!

Well Mr. Smith is a white American guy and I am an Oriental guy (Chinese by descent), I thought of this event.  I still remembered an old post by Mr. Smith where he in a friendly way, begs to differ over my opinion on Kimberly.  In a later post, he picks Jasmine.  Now I wish me and Mr. Smith can do some exchange of opinions every now and then.  Just a fun post so I won't post it on anything but my personal blog...

On Kimberly Hart, it's probably me as a Chinese guy having some attraction towards white girls and yes she is attractive.  Yup, I have noticed how I've been in denial I prefer white girls over Oriental girls appearance-wise.  In my case, I find myself liking pretty brunette girls including my most current love interest.  I thought Mr. Smith prefers Maya over her, I beg to differ for very personal reasons.  While she's in Mr. Smith's list, she's definitely not on top and he thinks she's overrated which I agree.  But his statement that said sorry, n…

Satirical News: Ed Boon Launches New Campaign "Mortal Kombat X: It's More Fun in the Philippines!"

As soon as the Mortal Kombat X game was released for the PS4 and XBox One, Ed Boon himself had sold the Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Edition pack exclusive to the Philippines.  When he read that the Philippines had the slowest Internet speed in ASEAN no thanks to data caps, he decided to create the new Philippine Edition that will be released on June 12, 2015.  Ed Boon has shown his sympathy for Filipino fans by releasing the campaign.

Mortal Kombat X now has at least 7,107 limited copies for online sale only (which features the Filipiniana costumes for all characters which includes Shinnok's new alternate outfit looking like Jejemon Bitay and Quan Chi's new alternate outfit looking like Bongbong Marcos) of the special box game.  Ed Boon has said, "Well indeed, David Guerrero has made the tagline 'It's More Fun in the Philippines' right?  It can work in promoting Mortal Kombat X to the Philippines.  This new edition will include the downloadable content we mad…

I Got That Minor Butthurt That I Got Closed For Mortal Kombat X Pre-Order =P

Well butthurts are always part of life.  I feel quite sad that I got closed for the registration of the Mortal Kombat X pre-order at Data Blitz.  Well it's understandable considering I usually am the type to wait for discounts.  So I always thought about what possibilities could happen especially with jealousies involving the gamers.

My first assumed jealousy is that right now, GRRR I am jealous of those who were able to pre-order the game.  Again, I have the money but not the gut to pre-order since I'm a discount freak myself.  Then the second assumed jealousy would be that when a Komplete Edition comes out.  Jealousy is a natural feeling that will be evoked that, "Hey they are now playing the game." then when a Komplete Edition comes out, they might say, "Wow we should have waited."

Again, I'm glad I didn't throw a tantrum.  Hahahahahhaha!  XD

I'm Pretty Much Hyped To Buy Mortal Kombat X?!

So I have a PS3 not a PS4 (again while I do have money, I refuse to squander it left and right), so I'll have to wait for Mortal Kombat X to come out by June 2, 2015.  On the other hand, I have the option to pre-order but... I prefer to try and wait for a discount before I get jealous of people who are able to get it at a lower price.  At the same time, I will have ample time to self-study the game before sitting down or two, I might consider going head to head against my peers.  Meanwhile, the game itself looks pretty good if you ask me.
Twenty five years later, we get a Mortal Kombat version of The Avengers... the new generation warriors are here!
The story of Mortal Kombat X takes a span of 25 years (shades of Tekken 3).  After the tragic events of Mortal Kombat 2011, a lot of the good guys were reborn as members of the Brotherhood of the Shadow.  It seems like an Avengers movie... only bloodier which I hope Marvel Comics will be with Netherrealm Studios.  We have a bit of Aven…

The Unique Cebuano Lechon Experience!

Lechon is the Filipino version of roast pig.  Now remember eating lechon isn't always more fun in the Philippines but it can be certainly fun if you know the right place to pick some lechon.  I would suggest that lechon from Cebu will definitely be a hit.  One can think of how Cebuano lechon has that unique Cebuano experience.  Now I'm not going to say it's the best roasted pig in the world but it's definitely worth getting the Cebuano experience!

Now I'd like to talk about some experiences of lechon in Cebu City that you can find:

CnT Lechon is one of the best lechon in Cebu.

Its main branch is located in Guadalupe but you may also taste it in some malls' fast food eateries.  It has the unique taste of Cebuano lechon.  Its tagline is "The Test of Cebuano" and it is one of the best ways to get the taste of the unique Cebuano lechon.  The tagline is kept simple as it is and the taste testifies way better than its tagline.  It definitely convinced some …

Bongbong's Finest Delicacy: Maker of High Quality Pinoy Baked Products!

Bongbong's Finest Delicacy is a Bacolodnon company.  Located at the Visayas, this is one of the best Filipino baked delicacy makers.  It's no surprise why foreigners love their products.  I cannot deny how I saw a few Japanese folk buy it in boxes as a take home present.  Indeed, eating food products made by Bongbong's Finest Delicacy is fun in the Philippines.  On the other hand, here's me crossing my fingers this becomes a worldwide franchise.
Biscocho is delicious buttered toast.  It's a fun treat prepared in such a way that makes it different than your regular toast.

Bongbong's Garlic Bread is delicious garlic toast.  You can enjoy this food with genuine Italian pasta as well.  For those Italians, I suggest buying these because it's a tasty treat!

Lessons from Cebu's Lechon: Making Sacrifices for Greater Happiness!

Cebu's lechon or roasted pig is indeed a very tasty treat.  I could testify that lechon from Cebu really has a much better taste than lechon from Manila.  CnT Lechon is indeed one of the biggest symbols of the Cebuano food industry with its slogan "The Taste of Cebuano" and its outlets are a tourist hit.  Now I just thought of Cebu's lechon and why it's very tasty.

Cebu's lechon when you think of it has a unique infusion of spices.  It's slowly cooked and roasted to perfection and high satisfaction.  Even some people I know who prepare lechon say the process is indeed tedious but it is worth it.  When I hear of all its difficult processes, I would admit that my mind BOGGLES thinking about it.  It's a very meticulous process and mind you, you cannot get wrong.  One wrong mistake makes the lechon a disaster.  I've seen how the preparation take place... at least on Youtube.  All I can say is, it's not easy.

It's no easy preparation putting t…

It's Fun to Eat Cebu's Mangoes!

Cebu itself is known for its mangoes and it's one of the finest mango producers in the world. Now maybe you have tasted other delicious mangoes, Cebu is also one of those fun to eat mangoes worth tasting. But let me warn you... the best season will always be summer. Sometimes Cebu doesn't produce fine mangoes during rainy seasons so you might as well wait for the summer. The wait for Cebu's mangoes is worth the gold it is for Cebuano mangoes.

So what makes Cebu's mangoes another worth the trip? It's less fibrous, smoother and luscious with a natural sweetness as evidenced by the picture above. One tip is that the brighter the gold color, the more likely the mango is going to be worth your while. Which of course, Cebu's mangoes make such a delicious treat. Guadalupe, Carbon and Taboan are places in Cebu to buy fruits. The summer may be hot but a cold mango treat is worth it. The taste of mangoes during the summer is indeed a fun treat.

Mortal Kombat X: To Pre-Order Or Not To Pre-Order?!

Right now I feel like Ryu struggling in between his real self and his evil self when it comes to pre-ordering Mortal Kombat X....
Yeah I know I'm gushing over the reality that the game I am waiting for at least two years is out.  And I am now ready to want this game but I may have my needs first.  I mean, I may have money to buy the game (much better than that 1D concert) but, I do need my needs to be met.  I was thinking of the fact I have to wait until summer for the PS3 version.  I can wait... but somehow I want to pre-order so I can play as a depowered Goro.  Again, what if there will be a Komplete Edition right?
The intial cost may cost me PHP 2,667.73 if I pre-order.  I would have to be conscious about my spending because it's not all the time I have the money.  I mean, I can be jealous of those who pre-ordered but they can also be jealous of those who didn't.

Perhaps One Of My Harder to Shake Opinions: Kimberly's Hotter Than Any Sentai/PR Girl!

I would admit that I am a very stubborn guy... which is both good and bad depending on the situation.  So I'm more of a Super Sentai fan and I currently dislike Power Rangers, I mean Power Rangers is not exactly my cup of tea.  I mean, while I don't hate Power Rangers, I do dislike the current state it's in but I'm looking forward to a Lost Galaxy marathon after I'm done with Gingaman.  Now moving on, this is probably one of my most unshakable opinions or not really.  So I did become a Sentai purist, I got into stages of denial then... I just can't shake it off huh?

So I just was pretending over all the years to find Mei and Lin hotter than Kimberly.  Now some people do, that is THEIR OPINION and I respect that.  In my case, I was just riding on the opinions of Super Sentai purists because I joined their ranks for a short time.  While I would prefer to watch Zyuranger over MMPR Season 1 and Dairanger over MMPR Season Two, I cannot deny that I still found Kimbe…

SATIRICAL NEWS: Political Penitensya Happens in Metro Manila This Good Friday!

This Good Friday, the Philippines was seeing the ultimate state of epal. Some politicians who are running for office have now crucified themselves. Good Friday has ended up becoming a festivity thanks to these people as tourists were laughing at them. What would have conveyed a scene of sorrow ended up becoming a feast of fools no thanks to some politicians.

Alan Impurisima had pushed through with his Good Friday crucifixion. However he did not get as much attention as Mar Roxas and Jejemon Bitay. It was described as an absurd way to run for presidency.

Mar Roxas (above) allows himself to be photographed for the penitensya where he will be published in the front page of Esquire. He said, "Well folks, by performing the penitensya, I will definitely make a good candidate. If President Nobita performed the penitensya, so will I. This is my sacrifice hoping for a better Philippines!"

Satirical News: Mortal Kombat X Includes New Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack Philippine Edition!

After the creation of the character known as B. Sibuyas for Tekken, Ed Boon the man behind Mortal Kombat has created a new Philippine Edition Kombat Pack, which will be exclusive to the Philippines. After he heard about the plights of the Philippines, he has decided to create Mortal Kombat X Philippine Edition Download Pack exclusive for the Philippines.

Boon stated in an interview, "The Philippine download pack will be a unique experience for Filipino players. Knowing that the game will be released on April 14, 2015 EST, it would be April 15, 2015 on Philippine time. I hear how often their taxes are very unjustifiable in the Philippines. So I have created this new Download Pack called Kombat Pack: Philippine Edition! Instead of downloading playable characters, the game will allow you to download characters you hate right into your game who can be played as your opponents. This new feature gives you new opponents to fight in Arcade Mode and these characters will definitely give …

Satirical News: Namco Bandai Creates B. Sibuyas In Response to NCCA Philippines

Yes folks Tekken has a new character... that describes the problem of FLIFPAGs!
Katsuhiro Harada the current producer of Tekken was inflamed by angry comments by the National Center of Culture and Arts Philippines for the first Filipino character in Tekken called Josie Rizal.  Filipino-Chinese lessor Sean Kang and Dhathor Cuyos, two Tekken fans had filed the report to Namco Bandai against Gonzalo Campoanor II from UP Diliman.  They were berated by FLIPFAGs saying that the name Josie Rizal is a mockery of Jose Rizal.
What happened was Harada called such Pinoys who complained as "cry babies".  In response, Pinoy staff worker Mark Julio of Mad Catz decided to respond to this new upcoming character.  The new character is revealed to be B. Sibuyas, a purple onion shaped character.  Julio said, "In the past, Tekken 3 had Gon.  Tekken had a vast cast of sci-fi and supernatural characters, so I don't see any reason why B. Sibuyas should not be included."

Sean Kang and D…