My Silly Opinion On Mei and Kimberly Hart!

While I'm more of a Zyuranger fan as of current and I personally think Zyuranger is miles above its legitimate adaptation Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, however here's one area that I am pretty much in the sea of self-contradiction.  It's between Mei and Kimberly where I share a different opinion.

Okay I saw Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers first (and maybe I'm glad I didn't see Zyuranger horribly dubbed in Tagalog, I mean I really won't want to watch them dubs again after seeing Sentai in its original Japanese)... but I can talk about Mei first now.  I mean, I only saw Zyuranger from start to end last year and MMPR, it's way back when I was still a troubled elementary student.

So maybe my memory is more fresh on Mei than Kimberly as of right now.  So what's my latest point?  While seeing Mei, the actress Reiko Chiba-Kirhihara was only 17 years old.  While in paper, Mei is indeed the more-developed, well-rounded character compared to Kimberly but... I felt like she was passable but not great.  Now don't get me wrong I DO NOT DISLIKE the character, I still like Mei as a character but my minor issue was with some acting.  I felt like she was acting too much on the cute side which for me, wasn't as good as Sayuri Uchida (can anybody tell me if she's married) or Suzuka Morita.

My extreme favoritism for Kimberly is no secret like how I show it towards Mako, Jasmine, Nanami, Ranru, Chisato and Lin all worthy contenders of the crown of beauty.  While doing some MMPR rewatching and Zyuranger rewatching, I do admit that while Kimberly is indeed less developed than Mei (she's treated more as eye candy in the show, a mistake that later happened also in later seasons of Super Sentai), but I can give credit to acting experience on Amy Jo Johnson-Giner.

So what's up with the actress?  The actress herself actually attended the Lee Stasburg Theater Institute.  While Kimberly may not have the badass stunts of Mei like Kimberly firing an arrow out of suit or going against Scorpina (yes, Mei is the better fighter as Kimberly didn't have any training since birth so it's a biased comparison), I felt like she was the better actress in terms of bringing the character out.  Now I don't think the actress may have pulled out as much good stunts as her Zyuranger counterpart (considering that she's a teenager with attitude, not a warrior princess), but she is able to act out the emotions required better than Reiko Chiba-Kirihara IMO.