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Just Some Crazy Vehicle Designs...

Designs that are just plain stupid... LOL!  I just thought of these stuff at the angle of people who are in an attempt to do their own vehicle designs with the excuse of poverty without considering these machines will cost them a lot than securing a proper ticket!

1.) Attempting to build a boat with six barrels below and plywood on top.  They will buy money for a pumpboat motor which they aim to travel from one area to another.  However ignored is that pumpboats CAN'T go that far.  Is it any wonder why fishermen can't go that far?
2.) Or it could be funnier... attempt building an airplane!  Oh yeah while the Wright Brothers were real engineers, these morons attempt to build a plane out from materials that won't even work... some faulty wood, get some engine for land vehicles, etc. and the plane can't fly!
Well this is just plain stupid!

Will You Do An Aguirre?

As much as I can't approve of my favorite politician Miriam Defensor Santiago using demeaning words out of anger BUT Aguirre is just plain wrong with what he did.  So here's a useful insight of a law graduate talks about Aguirre.  And as said, Miriam Defensor Santiago's "not guilty" vote is due to the several loopholes of an idiotic system can't determine the FULL gravity of Chief Justice Corona's case.  Seriously, if there's anything idiotic about the Philippines IT'S THOSE OFFICIALS WHO DON'T SEE THE REAL PROBLEM OF THE COUNTRY!!!!

What Will Nickelodeon Think of This?!

This funny picture of Patrick Star suggesting to take all the Sentai and Riders and put them into one movie is HILARIOUS.  Okay maybe I do find him annoying for aggravating troubles like by pretending to be a doctor but this photo is just FUNNY.  Then okay, the result is...
The Super Hero Taisen movie...

Seriously BLAME the Philippine TV Networks!!!

I began to think of the fan-fiction "Gokaiger vs. Samurai".  While it's a hate fic and I do agree with some of the bad reviews it's receiving that it's being undiplomatic (I seriously don't like PR Samurai but monsterizing them isn't right, besides I opened by Sentai blog with the initial reason to DEEPLY monsterize Power Rangers but I changed my mind over it) yet I can't help it but want to say this that the Philippine TV networks are more blameworthy than PR Samurai itself!  So what do I think?  Here's what I can remember...

ABS-CBN bringing Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers in the 90s is what I'd call it would have not been a garbage move against Toku fans IF they also brought Super Sentai so at least we see BOTH sides of the coin comparing Zyuranger to MMPR and see how each sides differ.  Other countries manage to see both sides of the coin but why not the Philippines?!  I guess it's all out of American superiority mentality, perhaps c…

I Think This is Why Spongebob's Getting Overused...


Indian Curry

I was simply thinking that I'm a fan of intense flavors so I would really say Indian curry imo is better than Japanese curry because of the stronger, more intense flavor.  So I did think that perhaps it's really time to...

Get an Indian curry manual.  Hmmm... I just wonder whether or not the Dino Curry house serves Indian curry as well?  What's good about Indian curry is that it's intense but not too intense to make the person drink plenty of water

Well Super Sentai warriors, ready to eat intensely flavored curry?

Bach's Air on G String

It was said that Bach was given a violin with only the G string, they expected him to make a fool out of himself but instead, he ended up composing such a beautiful song with just a G-String!  Bach was truly a musical genius of sorts.  This song has been used quite many times and I also remembered it being used in Megaman Legends specifically the Kattlelox Museum area.  Well enjoy!

The Rising Need for Mandarin Education

Actually like it or not, Mandarin education is rising up and we can't just do without it these days.  Okay English is the universal language BUT Mandarin is a fast approaching phenomenon which can be seen how not only Chinese culture manages to influence non-Chinese entertainment but also, people of Chinese ethicity are widespread throughout the world.  Take a look at how the Chinese people compose not only the American people but almost every nationality in the world.  Eventually a lot of Chinese have begun to team up with other races and also some have managed to influence commerce.  Think of Filipino businessmen of Chinese ethnicity like Tony Tancaktiong (who owns Jollibee) or John Gokongwei (who owns Robinsons).  They have managed to influence businesses in the Philippines without them, the economy could have gone that bad.

Now China has emerged as a major economic power since the late 90s up to the present not ever since the gates of the country were opened to world trade.  …

Why the Higher Quantitative Subjects in Business Courses

Perhaps one of the greatest questions of newbies is why quantitative subjects like accounting, finance, statistics and operations management are all involved in business courses when there are specialists.  The answer can be rendered by the following truths:

1.) You just DO NOT by any means leave everything to your experts or they sell you out.  After all, being an administrator involves making decisions and decisions involve numbers.  How can you understand your specialists if you don't have ANY IDEA of what they are talking about?  I began to think of what I once told my accounting teacher after she asked me why I thought the subject was important, that I believe that it's important to study accounting and finance because the finance department may soon sell you out.  Yup there are plenty of dishonest accountants as well as honest accountants.  Learning what they do and how they do it (even if it's just four subjects) can help one discern a faulty accounting and finance …

Spongebob is Overused!

I had reflected on writing on rather angry articles about Spongebob and thought I got too carried away by Spongebob 2019.  I have to admit I passed the story to some of my friends and they say they don't like the yellow dude but the story is just WTF weirder (and for them just better left alone) than most of the weirdness our favorite Tokusatsus (and in my part Chinese martial art dramas).  Here's what- Nickelodeon is actually overusing Spongebob, giving the show TOO MANY episodes until to the point what was once funny goes like this- he and Patrick have gone from funny to annoying!  I'd like to really say that between this show and Power Rangers Samurai, I think I'd rather watch the former but somebody has to really stop overusing Spongebob.  So here's what I think has happened to Spongebob:

1.) Spongebob has gone too annoying because the writers can't think of new gags.  At the same he's gone too pitiful because they never let him improve in his driving …

Gyoza Gyoza Gyoza!

Here's a tasty video above on making gyoza.  Whether it was Chinese style, Japanese style or Korean style I kinda like the three different varieties but I prefer mine fully vegetarian :P.  I could remember as a child that my late paternal grandma seldom made these and later my mother did.  All I can say is it tastes better than siomai IMO. And yes, gyoza is just so delightful.
And yup Ryou is my favorite Dairanger also because of gyoza!  LOL!  Oh wait, stupid reason to like Ryou isn't it?!  Gai Ikari goes "WHHHHYYY??!!!"  Now for some memories below... oh how I'll miss the days!

Beethoven's Fur Elise

This is one of my favorite Beethoven songs namely Fur Elise.  I heard this song before I read anything about him, fell in love with the song and began to say, "BEETHOVEN ROCKS!"  And yeah, the song has been used in some classic drama, TV shows, etc. and I guess it was dedicated to somebody who historians still argue who.  Some say it was Therese Malfatti who was possibly a love interest.  Enjoy!

When A Show Overextends... It Tends to Turn Downslide or EVEN TRASHY!!!!!!!

Here's a little bit of truth... some shows get overextended and they tend to turn downhill or even go trashy?  Examples?  Here are they:

I watched MMPR as a child.  Okay the first season wasn't so bad but the popularity of MMPR made them extend the show until it got boring.  TBH I began to yawn at it when season three came. Then the Zordon arc came which overextended the characters.  I guess that's why Amy Jo Johnson left the set.  And oh yeah, even with Kimberly around for some time, MMPR season three just made me yawn too much.  Everything went downhill.  From MMPR down to Zeo, it was going down the yawnhill.  So yeah, I just end up rewatching season one-two but sadly, it had no definite conclusion.  Kids wanted the "same familiar image" but really, it just had to go down.  I wonder if Saban ever learned from the mistakes of Japanese shows since he was really just repeating the same mistake?

Another is the Dragon Ball trilogy.  Some people started to complain o…

Men Shouldn't Cry? HOW STUPID!

It's pretty much of a stereotype that men shouldn't cry but the truth is, they have EVERY right to cry.  Why?  I for one view that crying is a part of life and forbidding men from doing so is STUPID!!!!  Sadness, death, yes... unless men cry, they would just keep bottling their emotions until it becomes lethal.  It could run into insanity and all.  However by allowing men to cry, they can relieve all that tension sooner or later, getting healed and getting ready for tougher challenges.  Just take for example my own tears managed to heal me in accepting the fact people have to go for good someday.  And yes,. I felt like even the greatest heroes must cry too... so they can face tougher battles later!

What is WRONG With the Picasa Web Album Right NOW?!

I am currently experiencing PLENTY and I mean PLENTY of blurred, not displayed properly images RIGHT NOW. What in the world is wrong?!  Seriously I feel like I so wanna do this... unless it's fixed...

I so wanna shoot at the screen like Galvatron!  Oh my!  Now I'm under anger management issues again!

Canon in D Minor

If there's any song I really find is overused yet I never get bored of it, is Canon in D Minor by Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Minor.  It's used during special occasions and especially weddings.  So I did think of how this music in orchestra really sounds good...

Then again playing it in piano just suits fine.

Either orchestra or piano, this song just happens to make it in Tokusatsu (a few) and in Chinese/Japanese soap operas.  Wow this song is just really old yet timelessly nice.

Contradictory Attractions

It can be true that you can have a contradictory attraction.  An example in the works of fiction is that Poison Ivy has some attraction to Batman despite the fact the two are also enemies.  Minus the super powers (blah blah blah) but it can also happen like in these few examples...

An Oriental guy who normally has a dislike (or even racial prejudice against whites) will fall for one and feel that tight or...

Or you don't like bad cooking yet you're in love with one...

Or we do have you're attracted to your enemy who hates you too much.  
Okay that's just a few and I'm encountering several of them! :P

Sometimes Your Positive Criticism Can Be... UNINTENTIONALLY FUNNY!

Okay criticism can be positive or negative, that is one may criticize another to help improve the other to put the other down.  On the side of positive criticism, one can get deep in thought or mean-spirited at first... however there's such a thing as unintentionally funny criticism.  How does that happen?  Well if it happens with when the positive critic points out a mistake that's pretty too much of a goofball rather than the usual "wrong direction" mistakes.  I don't know how to elaborate on this but it can go like this...


Good leader?!  Oh my you need to rewatch Shinkenger OVA please do so so you don't make any more similar mistakes!  Ryunosuke was so much of a lousy leader there.


WOOPS! (giggles and thinks of that scenario from the Shinkenger OVA).

So yeah, the positive critic had no intention to make the respondent laugh but sometimes, there's just something funny that tickles the funny bone at times because some of the mistakes may…

Remembering the PS1 Before the PS2

It can't be denied that I had a PS1 which of course, I had some form of severe addiction to it as a teenager (and my grades plunged until my mom locked it up and only allowed me to play within restricted but fairly reasonable schedules) so what do I remember about it?

As great as games were and yeah the PS1 version of the arcade hit Mortal Kombat II had a better translation than the SNES, much better BUT the whole problem was the LOADING times.  Not only this game but almost every game had the problem of lagging loading times which was later fixed with the Playstation 2.  Yep there were some games in the PS1 that had the cheating bastard of the CPU. 
Okay graphics do retain in quality unlike the SNES however the arcade crossover games could not get the "true tag team" due to memory purposes.  Sad.  That was the downside of the Playstation.
It was also the era of blockier 3D graphics that became stepping stones to downright brilliant endings.  People were "oohed&quo…

Why I'm Currently More Into Chinese Dramas and Films?

It's kinda reality but it's true.  Although I'm a Tokusatsu fan specifically my favorite overall is Super Sentai yet I got stuck into Chinese drama more than Tokusatsu.  I think it's no longer hard to explain especially I know myself in that area.  Also, I like Chinese drama more than J-Drama.  Don't worry I still like Tokusatsu but I'll present you one of my guilty pleasures in the form of Chinese drama.

So here are some reasons:

The ever emerging truth of Chinese influence has managed to influence much of Asian way of life. So it'd be nice for people to also get immersed in the modernized Chinese society.  Japan has already served much but now, even Japan copies much of Chinese influence.  Yup I got to admit over most crappy shows, they have REAL good script writing and their adaptation of Anime is not decayed at all most of the time compared to American adaptations.  Then again, why are they using the Toku hairstyle? 
I like having all the trendy drama a…

You Don't WANNA Compete in THIS SHOW!!!!

Okay sorry for non-Filipino viewers if you can't understand everything so I'm going to try and say this- the clip above is a spoof of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and the game show host asks some simple questions which the contestant can't answer.  Of course this is NOT a real game show or anything but this is plain funny.  And of course, nobody wins at the end of the game show as implied by the title of the clip.

Underacting Isn't Annoying

I personally would like to share my thoughts on how underacting isn't annoying.  Okay you expect more but some people just can't act.  So here's why I'm not really annoyed by underacting...

Okay I do have my complains certain hot chicks are just well... not very good in acting.  Even my favorite model Emma Roberts is what I'd call "you need to work it out girl" but it's not as bad as this...
Well this is just a few nuisances that's either left with the ignore card because they just LOVE all the attention.  Oh yeah one of these days somebody's gonna obliterate them even somebody they don't expect.  Ignore card for once?  I gotta try it as a new alternative!

Seasonal Economics: Supply and Demand

One of the biggest factors that really do affect business is not always how we run (although it is important to know that!) but also with the seasons that come.  Different countries have different seasons so it would be something to know that slow seasons do come.  The are fast seasons, slow seasons and average seasons to which is why the economics of overspending is not practical.  Fast seasons are usually when a holiday is coming  to the country (or to town) and people want to celebrate.  Slow seasons come after the fast season to when people either still have stocks or are saving their money for a rainy day.  The average season is when like every other day, sales are neither too fast nor too slow.  So far, one cannot control this factor yet one can survive through this.

Here are some possible ways to survive aside from avoiding the economics of overspending:

Make sure you are well-stocked a month before the fast season.  Know what's hot and what's not.  If demand gets too h…

So What if It's International Filipino Talent?! Not All of Them are GOOD!

It's a real issue these days that many Filipinos get hyped over people from their country (or ethnicity) who are there on a foreign show...

This is WORTH praising for.  Lea Salonga's performance of "Reflection" in English is really good though IMO it feels more natural for Coco Lee to sing it in Mandarin, because Mulan is a Chinese folktale.  Her international performances are worth praising.   Or this...

Or Regine Velasquez abroad.  I'm quite a fan of her music myself.  My favorite duet with her is with Jacky Cheung.  I didn't care about her tandem with Coco Lee though, not much of a Coco Lee fan. :P

But this is HORRIBLE.  Yeah I know Rhodissa Montemayor is a Filipino BUT this is Filipino talent in a BAD SHOW!!!!!  Forget it!!!!  Operation Overdrive was so bad, it's best not to even write about it.  I hope she gets a better script than this!!!!  The same goes with Jungle Fury!

Here's my response to such stupidity...

All I can say is "AAAHHH!!!!&…

The Classic Super Nintendo

Ah yes the Super Nintendo just one of those systems in the past.  It's another of those 90s system which some children end up bullying other children over the Super NES and later cry when they discover the coming of the dawn of Sega Saturn and PS1.  So what was the real deal with this system before?  It was 2x the NES system (and Famicom) and here was its power...
Super Mario World looked much better than the NES Mario games.  The games also managed to improve in itself in Super Mario All Stars... all glitches from NES removed though. 
Killer Instinct in the SNES just didn't have the capacity to recreate the arcade glory.  It was in 16 bit and the arcade endings could not be seen at home.  SIGH.
Well it did eventually die at the hands of higher rival systems leading to the Nintendo 64 which however IMO wasn't as good as the Playstation 1.

The Old Famicom

Oh yeah any 90s child may remember this... it was those days when it was the really cheap, low quality, perhaps the computer was too much of a cheating bastard... and yes those were the days when the famous games were but 8-bit, there were pirated games and so on.  Here was the very first memory...

These was how simple games were... and...

There were games that just ended when you could no longer score higher.  Pacman was one.  Before Pacman was given a personality, he was just a chomper.  Now Pacman is a real mascot.

And later with the NES, there were also FAKE versions of SNES games.  Man I was conned!  ARGH!  I'm just glad to play the real version of the game later.

All I have to admit was that it was so brittle, it was easily a goner and I cried several times when one unit broke down.  All I can say is later is good riddance yet playing the NES games on a higher system is still fun like...

Like how the Megaman Anniversary Collection contains the NES Megaman games from 1-7,the…

Can't Do Without Books or the Library

Despite the growth of technology, books and the library can never go obsolete.  Why?  Well in the first place, technology is ran on electricity and electricity isn't always available.  Okay not that I like to use a typewriter, it's so annoying but books and the library can only be enhanced by technology not replaced by it.  Sure computers help us sort out our books but it doesn't mean they can replace our books.  You can't install a system without books, you can't learn without books, you can't read a PC when the batteries are out and plus, books are a more solid evidence than the soft copy that is in the computer because it needed some editing and revising thus developing the nth edition of everything. 
I would also like to admit how books are helpful in learning.  In a computer science course, books are still needed to learn various programming languages so one doesn't always need to have a computer to study the basics of any software.  I for one have be…

Wanting to Rewatch Unfabulous

Just a little bit of proof I've gone crazy is wanting to rewatch Unfabulous again.  Okay I wasn't such a big fan of the show back then because she was only thirteen but still, I was attracted to her beauty despite her being six years my junior.  Yeah well she's a freelancer now but Emma Roberts is still memorable. :P  Her blooming was kinda slow but progressive... and it's really something to be in the fickle world of high school.

On the other hand, I'm watching Victorious for comedy value, not to drool on Victoria Justice since I'm not very fond of Latinas for admiration purposes.

Rhian Ramos Howell with No Make-Up

Here's a hot picture of Rhian Ramos Howell without make-up.  Still pretty.  Wow!  So pretty!

Take Me to Your Heart

Here's one of my favorite love songs called "Take Me To Your Heart" which is performed by Michael Learns to Rock.  Perhaps it's my favorite contemporary love song to think I'm not very fond of American music or adaptation...

In truth it's hard to find somebody that special like Emma Roberts...

Now here's the original...

Jacky Cheung's sad song "Kiss Goodbye"... I dunno but it seems Michael Learns to Rock and Jacky Cheung are good friends.

Emma Roberts' Dummy

I did remember how she slowly but surely bloomed in Unfabulous where she looks younger than her age.  This is the video "Dummy" and I kinda thought of it that it's really a blooming issue.  Oh boy!  I can be her dummy anytime! :P  And here's a song to sing to reply it to...

Tonight and Forever... a timeless classic!

Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You... that old song!

Something on My Niche Blogging

I began to think of how I began to create different blogs and how they came to be. So I ended up thinking of how thing started.  Here's my very specific niches as of current unlike most of my blogs which are hardly niche defined:

Super Sentai- True I began to feel like it's time to introduce Power Rangers fans to Super Sentai.  I originally wanted to use my Super Sentai blog to bash Power Rangers but I did end up thinking that, to promote a show, don't use violence or hate.  After all, I'm creating the blog to promote Super Sentai to Power Rangers viewers am I not?  Well I'm being honest with my primary intentions of being a hate blog and I hope I don't return to that old way of being such a hater.  So oh yeah, glad for Mr. Smith's "PR Sentai Universe" blog for being an all-time supporter with his very unbiased reviews and him following my blog too.Japanese, Chinese and Korean celebrities- I had the passion for mostly Chinese and Japanese actors an…

Beethoven's Ode to Joy

This is perhaps Ludwig Van Beethoven's greatest instrumental masterpiece.  All I can say is that, this tune can somewhat lift me to higher moods or at times, help me have a positive attitude towards studies and work.  Just to think that this guy was deaf yet this music is really that beautiful to hear.

Which Song is Dumber?!

I don't know what you have to say about these?

Serpentor's really stupid song from G.I.Joe... this is one awfully stupid song I laughed while he did this!

Patrick Star's song in Spongebob Squarepants is really stupid although I doubt it it'll kill a record band...

Too Identical?! From One Era to the Next- A Replacement Look-Alike?!

It seems there's one era to the next...

It's not as freaky to auntie and niece Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts... but Emma Roberts is prettier than her aunt IMO.  Julia Roberts is now aging gracefully even if she smokes at times.  Hey I wonder how will Julia Roberts look like when she's growing older than she is right now?  It freaks me out Emma Roberts hardly looks like an adult to me... and while she was thirteen, she looked younger than thirteen.

I think Taiwanese Jerry Yan in the past looks like a younger Chin Han.

or this...

Georgia Jagger looking like a MUCH YOUNGER Bridgitte Bardot as if she's the granddaughter of the seventy seven years old former star.  Sadly IMO Bridgitte Bardot's current appearance makes her look like she's a hundred years old when she's only seventy-seven.  I hope that kind of aging doesn't happen to Georgia Jagger and she'll age gracefully.

Or just these just my mumbo jumbo eyes disorder guesses...

I would like to say f…

A Missing Cobra Commander File

Although Cobra Commander bit the dust last year on May 2, 2011 one can't deny that after G.I.Joe dug some footage, here's what they found.  Cobra Commander was a dancer behind that mask!  I hope you all enjoy this leakage of Cobra Commander's dance number with his Cobra Vipers.  He did dance this after this event...

Nobody can forget Cobra Commander's usurper Serpentor after all can they?  Ha ha ha!

The Economics of Wholesaling Basic Needs for the Businessman

Sometimes most people don't realize that wholesaling of basic needs can become a powerful tool in the field of economics.  How?  One thing you've got to remember about wholesaling are the following:
You sell LOWER prices.There is LOWER inventory cost.People by the bulk so you earn MORE.You get to target MORE customers.
Well here's how it can work... and here are some examples I can see could make the wholesaler a big player:

1.) Selling of rice, corn, wheat or any agriculture food products by the sacks
Rice grain and corn grits can be sold to restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, groceries, hotels, canteens, schools and factories to name a few.  Since these are fiercely competitive industries, selling to one competitor after the other and telling them that their competitors are now purchasing, it will be a big bargain because of huge consumption.  The household only has a few members, target where there's more!Flour can be sold to the bakeries and vegetarian store…

My Guilty Pleasures on Beauty Appreciation

Here's where I get creepy... by showing my guilty pleasures of beauty appreciation... and they're younger than I am and they're in order:

Emma Rose Roberts- She's top one in this list.  Hmmm why do hot white girls have to be that hot?  Okay I didn't notice her blooming until much later in her career.  Question is though she smokes at times but still looks young?!  Honestly she doesn't look much like an adult to me.

Rhian Denise Ramos Howell- This half-Welsh, half-Filipino girl is too hot to handle but not as hot as Emma Roberts IMO.  But still hot.  I hate what her lousy ex did to her. :(  When she's older, I kinda expect her to look like Gloria Romero.

Rin Takanashi- Saw her in Shinkenger and well I got a serious burn on my skin.  LOL.  I have to admit that her hotness reminded me of my crush on Kimberly back when I was a child.  I could not comment

Gracie Dzienny- Quite wrong since she's only going 17 this year (one more year to go, phew!) but I admit…