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Having Hard Times But Not Really

Considering the fact that finances can be difficult plus I can become very miserly, perhaps I should start considering about doing some budget plans before my problems blossom into monsters.  So what's the big deal?  Anyway, I do hope that I could turn the tide anytime soon.  I just need patience- one virtue that's becoming overlooked in a hi-tech world without realizing that it was patience that made the best computers.

Letting Go of an Unrequited Romance

It's been hooking me for some time, not ever since some girl I was interested in had turned me down.  Actually, she has done worse.  I just kind of thought about it that if it's not meant to be then there could be a good reason behind it.  So I did run into her and well, she's still playing her usual material girl.  Oh not good.  Have to keep away from her, even in my mind.  Anyway, it's really goodbye.  On the other hand, I really regret losing that pure jasmine flower when I was chasing after that material girl.