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Physical Beauty and Casting Decisions

Appearances do sometimes affect casting decisions though not always.  Sometimes a pretty girl gets the role because of her talent (ex. Emma Roberts' characters are usually not emphasized on beauty but character), not because she is hot but sometimes a girl gets cast as such for being hot.

In the movie "Love for Beginners" it starred both Rin Takanashi and Emi Takei.  I could really say that while both are pretty, Emi Takei is more on the "cute side" than Rin Takanashi is on the blazing side.  Compared to Ugly Betty which really needed all that annoying make-up and obviously artificial ugliness, Emi Takei (who I'd rate a lower beauty) is cast for the main role who is a geeky girl since it looks more convincing to do that outfit on Emi Takei than to that of Rin Takanashi who can be cast well as a Poison Ivy type seductress.  Nothing wrong with portraying Rin Takanashi as a nerd though, provided if she were a nerd that gets lusted after like Belle is.

There ar…

Eye Candy in Casting and Its Unexpected Effects to Superficial Viewers =P

I had my thoughts on the use of eye candy in casting in shows.  However as said, eye candies are just a bonus, not a reason why you should watch a show.  Nothing really wrong with eye candy, some people are just gorgeous but let's not focus on their appearances shall we?  As said, some people are talented and gorgeous but it's the talent that matters, though sometimes appearance can matter in casting.

Eye candy for males:

We may want to consider the 80s, 90s and 2000s Super Sentai and Power Rangers viewing.  So we've got Momoko in the 80s, Kimberly in the 90s (and well I still find her hotter than Mei) and for 2000s we've got Mako as my favorite examples.

Sometimes a variety show aimed towards women (ex. cooking shows, kitchen economics) might end up being watched by guys.  Hee hee, I'll admit I do that als for superficiality sake though sometimes I also watch variety shows ran by elderly women because of their appeal to society.

Eye candy for females:

Sometimes in…

Satirical News: Now We Know Who Rules Capcom and Activision Now!

So why did Crash, Megaman and Resident Evil crash?  So here's the greatest mysteries solved...

First stop, Capcom's new CEO is none other than Sigma.  After eight times he was blasted by Megaman off the scale, he now forcibly took over Capcom and declared that Megaman franchise be killed forever.  Sigma is glad to see Megaman abandoned in the streets.  How Sigma returned is a mystery but one thing is for sure, he rules Capcom now.  Now he seeks to put General Vega on the higher ups as well so the new Street Fighter games will suck eggs.

Albert Wesker was made as the right hand man of Sigma in charge of making Resident Evil games sucky for its latest releases.  He wants revenge on STARS for making him lose a lot.  With sucky Resident Evil games, people now sympathize with Umbrella.

Now for Activision, who rules it now?

It's confirmed that Uka Uka and Cortex are trying to get the sympathy of gamers everywhere by making Crash from Mr. Lovable Guy to Mr. Jerk in one easy step.…

Unnecessarily Stupid Moves in Writing Fiction

In any fiction writing, there are the unnecessary moves that are done.  After watching Zeo as a child, I got WTFed over Kimberly's Dear John letter and thought there are other stupid moves done in fiction in general like...

The Dear John Letter setting.  Why do I say it's stupid?  Okay I can understand that Amy Jo Johnson was leaving the show to pursue career improvements, however it just was so WTF to break her character up with Tommy with the reason she met somebody else.  That makes it very out-of-character for her turning her character Kimberly into a slut of sorts.   I don't like to use Dear John letters except for antagonistic characters.

Not letting your characters improve.  In real life, some people don't improve but some do.  Come on, since they are just fiction why not let them improve?  I've enjoyed Spongebob for quite some time but I'm starting to dislike the show because the characters just don't improve.  Spongebob's failing his driving ex…

Just Some Combinations Worth Trying for Laughs

Here's a list of combinations I think could be hilarious if you do them...

Tough rebel guy x tough chick.  Just a thought on it what if a guy like Gai Yuki decides to flirt with a girl like Sakura Nishihori.  While I can't explore that concept in Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon because Joe Hayasaka (Gai's son made by me as a legacy character to his late father who died before he was born and grew up with his mom Ako) with his relationship with Tori Vega, but the concept can be explored in future Tokusatsu or fantasy J-Drama series.

Emo and cheery.  So okay while Burai and Mei is nonexistent in Zyuranger but why not make characters based on them and pair them?  Now don't start mentioning Tommy and Kimberly on my face because Tommy is nowhere near Burai in any way especially when it comes to personality.  Burai is way too serious.  Now what if we get these two types to try and fall for each other?  Hee hee.  Now I'll just have to read Chris X's Zyu 2 fan fic to see …

Moral Event Horizon in Writing Fiction

A moral event horizon is when a villain crosses the line too much that any previous sympathy you may have had will be gone with certain events that they do or that they just get more evil by throwing away every chance of redemption they have until they become too dangerous to live. Here are a few examples:

First, Gatchaman Fighter's secondary villain.  Though he starts off as a nobody, he becomes a complete monster with everything he does to keep himself in power.  I pretty thought a lot of his depraved actions broke the line when he broke his promise to his mother to be reasonable.  So pretty much, he imprisons his own half-brother in a cell and tortures the poor guy at a daily basis, he eliminates traitors without mercy and should I mention that he also killed Dr. Nambu and desecrated the poor guy's funeral?  If that's not all, he's usually seen being very brutal towards his captives, far more than his predecessors Berg Katse and Gel Sadora would do.  Overall, no sym…

Caucasian/Oriental Pairings in Fiction

In the past, it was typically a white guy becomes the savior to the oriental girl, however as times have changed it's really pretty much time to flip the roles of the white guy and the oriental girl.  So I pretty much am now looking at this aspect of interracial relationships in literature.  Hmmmm I just don't have the guts to write a black to another race type of pairing though I'm not against it but I'll probably try to or somebody could write it themselves.  Now an examination of the roles in fiction:

The stereotype before was white was the superior race creating racism.  Then we have anti-racist whites who fall in love with the oriental girls and marry them.  Sad to say but Chinese culture in the past does have its own fair share of negative stereotypes as written in the Joy Luck Club.  However as time passed, oriental girls have grown less meek and more independent minded.  In real life we have Maggie Quigley's parents, Lisa Selesner's parents and Karen M…

Victoria Justice's Girl Up Music Video

A little bit no much of Victoria Justice appealing for anti-racism (in a way) where she interacts with third world country people in here.  After all, she is a mixture of white and Latin.  Now just a thought that I'm glad she isn't making fun of orientals like that Miley Cyrus bitch.

Villain Decay in Writing Fiction

There are also instances of villain decay to which a villain goes from competent to incompetent.  Here are a few examples:

Cobra Commander in the G.I.Joe cartoon.  Though he originally started out pretty intimidating, he was later written away from the vein of real life terrorist masterminds like Osama bin Ladin to that of the angle of Yosemite Sam.  It was done on purpose so Serpentor can be introduced who is even a worse leader than he was yet is still well-respected by the others due to the former's cowardice.  However after he overthrew Serpentor, he resumed back to being the ruthless terrorist leader he was originally intended in the rather comical DIC seasons.

Take for instance when Megatron turning into Galvatron.  While Megatron was still a cunning leader though a coward like Cobra Commander (who kept calling for retreat), he retained that side of him as Galvatron in the movie. But after he was rescued from Thrull by Cyclonus and Scourge, any remains of the great leader Ga…

Granting No Character Improvement for Protagonists?

Back to what Chris X said with his plea to let my characters improve, what he said unintentionally pushed by buttons to think about Spongebob Squarepants that's why I ended up overreacting about the show.  So Stephen Hillenburg is definitely nuts with how Spongebob is going on up to present.  These examples of characters that do not improve at all are like Spongebob's always failing his driving, Squidward is always grouchy, Patrick is still as moronic and Mr. Krabs is still the same abusive employer.  This is much different from the silliness of Sosuke, Hant and grouchy Hiruto in Go-onger.

Some of these no improvements tend to go at this direction:

The example is Mr. Krabs because Stephen Hillenburg would not let him improve beyond his skinflint self is that he has become a villain far worse than Plankton and Spongebob has become the obedient slave to this tyrant... but not really.  That's why in my fic Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, he became a villain who I killed off in…

Character Improvement in Fiction Writing

I did remember Chris X's telling me that letting characters fail just to make it funny will soon get boring.  Characters need to improve and here are some examples:

Gai Yuki in Jetman is one example of character development.  Though he starts off as a character I initially disliked (due to him being the anti-thesis of my favorite character Ryu), he later develops into a more responsible member of the team.  In fact, he was the one who snapped Ryu out of his delusion and later pulled the team through difficult times.  Too bad he left us so soon.

I just had a thought on Mako's cooking could be used for character development.  While it apparently got worse in Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers (since her cooking is used to punish people who are guilty of gross offenses!), in Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon I had her improving her cooking at a moderate pace but Addie always bests her out making the love triangle between the two for Takeru more complicated.

Addie Singer in Unfabulous matu…