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Being Careful About Arrogant Banks

Just a tip, you might want to be careful about arrogant banks.  Sometimes you can recognize them by either word or mouth or the more obvious like, "Because were (insert bank name) and that's why we are the best." As said, no business should claim to be the best except at the accreditation of customer testimony and two, no customer testimony should come from a bribe.  So how can we identify them?

Based on my horrible experience of investment failure with them, here they are:

1.) They always claim to be the best.  As I said, no business institution should say, "We are number one." without customer support.  I find that to be very dishonest marketing.  At first, I used to believe these people but let's just face it, most of them flop.  Every bank has its own pros and cons.  These banks are sooner or later going to bully their customers because of such a huge amount of pride because they say, "Well we are number one."  Neither customers nor service p…

Why The Standard Express Mail Will Never Be Obsolete!

I would kiss the fax machine goodbye but NEVER the mail service. I always appreciate having a hard letter on my desk because electricity and Wifi aren't always available. Though I can say adios to the typewriters because they are a terrible waste of efficiency, however I can never kiss the postal office goodbye. You can ask why I don't kiss the postal office. My answer is simple- the postal office like your standard kitchen knife, garden scissors, papers, pencils and books they will always stay even with the advent of electronic stuff. I'm semi-modernized one way or another. I do emails but I do most of the time, express mail and I really say the express mail can't be obsolete at all.

So what's so important about the express mail? For one, the post office is where you send documents that require signatures. I DO NOT like electronic signatures because anybody can just tamper with them and I prefer that I signed it, dated it and so I really will do an express mail f…

Low-Tech Stuff Better Than Fax Machines!

Well if you ask me, banks should STOP pestering about faxing documents and instead, here's what REALLY needed by banks to get a hard copy if they want.  Fax machines run on thermal paper, they phase out overtime but computer printed letters are far better.  In fact here's why the fax machine should be virtually ruled out... because these low-tech stuff are here!

1.) You yourself making a personal appearance.  To be honest, I would rather make a personal appearance than fax my work.  True I have to get out of my house but that's okay, I simply do email as an extension but nothing beats the customer delivering their transaction papers and being there in person.  I really love companies that insist I go there to verify things.  That shows they are trustworthy than asking me to fax which is obsolete.

2.) Express mail.  While the fax machine is obsolete, express mail won't.  I personally like the express mail as the best way of sending business transactions or orders.  My …

Bad Banks... and What I Have To Say About Them!

I was starting to do some minor time investment with treasury bills, time deposits and savings accounts.  One thing was for sure, I really had to be careful with selecting the proper bank especially at impulse and impression, this happens around the world.  One may talk about Malaysian Ahman scheme and well, talk about it that it was in Malaysia that it happened.  Malaysia is pretty developed.  Or talk about the Madoff scheme in the United States of America.  What is going on?  We have the problem of bad banks!

So what's the bad bank?  I really had my thoughts of these examples:

1.) Doing the absurd requests to customers. Today in e-commerce we can only honor air mail, express mail and email and I am fine with that if you ask me to express mail anything or me to appear there in person to deliver the papers.  The air mail will never be obsolete, the express mail will never be obsolete but why do they now ask for instructions via fax?  What if the instructions were 20 pages?  Fax ma…

Fax Machines... Why I Agree They're Obsolete

I was pretty irritated with a business transaction that won't honor my email. Really do these people realize the new age of computers is here? I mean, printers aren't all that expensive anymore, computers are now more accessible and maybe I should mention this that fax machines are a hassle and you can only SEND ONE PAGE at a time while in email, you can compress them in ZIP or make a PDF document, send and then print. I guess those people who still demand for fax are just too lazy to print it themselves or two, can't accept the fact that like the typewriter, fax machines are a huge hassle and are now a waste of efficiency. In short, it's time to retire.

In my case another business was pretty competent that after I told them I didn't have a fax machine, they asked for my email. Then we started emailing each other, printing each other's documents and scanning them. If you ask me, the scanned documents was an easy one whole package while the fax is really such a…

Some People Are Too Left Behind with Technology in the Business World

Well it's a fact technology moves forward yet we still do stick to some things old fashioned like manual doors, traditional knife sharpening, stone ovens for some dishes and so on.  However, we also ought to realize some technologies are just already pretty unnecessary like...

May I make mention of perhaps they are still using typewriters to do their documents even when we know how inefficient they are compared to modern day computers.  I mean, the typewriter is really what I'd call an extreme pain.  One, you make one mistake, you end up repeating everything all over again unlike the computer where one can edit and edit their work before printing.  It's really something to think that while I can understand why we still use manual operated doors or gas stoves while there are electric stoves but typewriters have got to go.

Another is the fax machine and it is believe it or not becoming obsolete.  It really irritates me to think how even companies from developed countries are…

Pinoy Pridists Need... A BRIGHT SLAP!

Well it's time to really do a bright slap to them Pinoy pridists.  Why is that? Simple, unless they return back to reality, the country cannot progress.  I just had my thought of confronting Pinoy pridists is no easy task especially when the are proud of the values of extravagance, riding on the success of successful Filipinos rather than seek their own success, habitual tardiness, the Juan Tamad mentality, those who are very overacting, el hombre, etc.  And of course, some stinging lectures await!

Yup this is one sector, the sector of procrastination to why they are always late.  Believe me, many Filipinos might think being late is a sign they are patriotic but let's just face it, it is not helping their country.  No wonder the Philippines is the most disaster unprepared country.  You CANNOT tell a dying man to wait longer nor can you tell the volcano not to erupt when it's scheduled to erupt.  No wonder the Philippines is such a losing country!

I'm just too proud to…

Chatime's Coffee Milk Tea

Well just a few days ago, I went to Chatime to enjoy some tea.  I decided to try this new treat they have of mixing coffee and milk tea.  For me, it was surprisingly delicious and I really needed some caffeine to alleviate my mood swings every now and then.  It came out pretty delicious if you ask me.

Christina Masterson's Age: How Old Is She Anyway?

Well there's been various conflicting sources of her age one says she's 23 and the other says she's 29.  Which is almost as silly as the Isabella Leong de Silva's age conflcit between her born in 1978 and 1988.  Sheesh!

Some Weird Aesthetics from the 70s-80s Tokusatsu and Anime

Here are some weird things I found from the 70s-80s Tokusatsu and anime...

In Gatchaman Fighter, we had the weirdest finishing move.  Ken the Eagle used the Gatcha Fencer on top of the Gatcha Spartan to do the finishing move!  Good thing that was never used in Chojin Sentai Jetman!

Mazinger Z had several weird enemies.  Duke Gorgon is probably the weirdest designed aside from Count Broken.

Breast missiles.  This was pretty silly in itself.

Robots that are vaguely humanoid.  Grand Birth in Sharivan's robot mode is totally funny!  At least it didn't have to fight against another giant robot but still, this is super funny!  This would be rejected by today's standards for mecha design!

Tit guns.  What in the world was this one thinking?

Rhian Ramos Howell Picture I Found as of November 3, 2013

Well here's here and being H-O-T....