Pinoy Pridists Need... A BRIGHT SLAP!

Well it's time to really do a bright slap to them Pinoy pridists.  Why is that? Simple, unless they return back to reality, the country cannot progress.  I just had my thought of confronting Pinoy pridists is no easy task especially when the are proud of the values of extravagance, riding on the success of successful Filipinos rather than seek their own success, habitual tardiness, the Juan Tamad mentality, those who are very overacting, el hombre, etc.  And of course, some stinging lectures await!

Yup this is one sector, the sector of procrastination to why they are always late.  Believe me, many Filipinos might think being late is a sign they are patriotic but let's just face it, it is not helping their country.  No wonder the Philippines is the most disaster unprepared country.  You CANNOT tell a dying man to wait longer nor can you tell the volcano not to erupt when it's scheduled to erupt.  No wonder the Philippines is such a losing country!

I'm just too proud to admit I am wrong.  Well too bad the only picture I can find as of right now is Vitaliano Aguire II  those other prosecutors deserve a much bigger lashing than his "Hear No Miriam" act.  To be honest, in that scenario, some people even say he should have not apologized because Miriam Santiago attacks their very being which these poor losers deserve it.  Really, if he were asking for respect and if he didn't apologize for what he did, then it's double standard since he later admitted he did it that it was a signal that she really needs to tone down her voice which is true anyway.  Think about it, he did it on purpose because Miriam went overboard and as he says, she really needs to tone down her voice and that saying the word "gago" was uncalled for but said sorry because he was aware it was improper.  However the other prosecutors can be seen texting, laughing while they were lectured, etc. which I think Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre II is not the only person who deserves to be called (plus detention would be too harsh a punishment compared to the admonition he was more than ready to accept), in fact there's even more who have been doing daily contempt in the Senate over his one act publicity stunt!

Just because a certain Filipino succeeds DOES NOT make the whole Filipino race great.  Successful people come in different races and colors.  Lang Lang's success as a pianist does not mean all Chinese will be successful pianists!  The Pinoy pride syndrome has them riding on the success of others rather than seek their own success.  I mean, while successful Filipinos should be recorded in their history but it is no excuse to gloat and put down other people.

I guess also those Pinoys who make fun of Chinese people but enjoy Jollibee also need a bright slap.  I mean, one doesn't need to be Filipino by blood to be a service to the Philippines.  Besides how many are Filipino by blood but are a disgrace to their country anyway?