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Filipino Girls Tori Matsuzaka Might Want...

If Tori Matsuzaka will promote Shinkenger or any show in the Philippines, he might want to hang out with...

Glaiza de Castro shares some "exotic Filipino look" that Ryosuke Kaizu's wife has, except she looks better.  Yeah, I'd like them to end up together.  They're both playing bad-ass characters so why not?

Rhian Ramos Howell- I don't know but it seems she has a spunky attitude that he might like in a girl. He might want her.  Rhian Ramos Howell can be like Mako Shiraishi in some way- pretty, funny but OH please NOT the cooking!

A Disadvantage of Spanish Girls

Seriously, before I'd even dare to try and pick up some Spanish girls there has been some disadvantages about them. Like what? Well maybe I should talk pretty much about that Spanish girl I wanted to use as a tool of revenge. Well she was hot, really hot but the problem is that she's got some attitude problems. Not that she's a slut mind you but she can be kind of bossy (like me, hee hee) and arrogant. I guess that's all I can say for now.

My Type of Girl... A Pretty, Kindhearted Bookworm

I figured out that my type of girl would be a pretty, kindhearted bookworm like Belle. Okay she doesn't have to be super gorgeous or anything but a simple beauty, slim and short stature, kindhearted and the nose stuck in the book with a simple fashion sense. I honestly wish I could run into somebody like that. Maybe I did but that half-Canadian, half-Filipino girl is only sixteen years old and I'm twenty five years old. Well love can wait, can't it?

More Emma Roberts

This is just another of those lovely Emma Roberts pictures. But seriously, she should quit smoking. :-P

Spreading Chinese Martial Arts to the West

Well it's definitely something to start to show the power of martial arts to the West as an act of tolerance. If a lot of Westerners are not the only ones guilty of racism, a lot of Chinese are too. Fortunately, some Westerners are quite open minded and so are some Chinese. In fact, some Chinese have abandoned silly traditions that didn't help them progress and they have begun to spread the power of Chinese self-defense from the East to the West. Just this photo of Donnie Yen with Bey Logan is really touching to watch- to show Chinese men can reach somewhere.

Thinking about the past especially with Bruce Lee's story, many of the Chinese were quite racist no very racist with the thought of how the Chinese community didn't like to spread their knowledge to other races. However it came, overtime that martial arts soon spread into America and the whites began embracing the Chinese. Sadly some are just too racist to embrace each other.

Racist Comments Against Chinese Can Also Anger Some Americans

Here's what- making a racist comment against Chinese is not only going to anger the Chinese community but also some Americans who are very anti-racist believing that America was meant for ALL not for those just born American. These Americans can also include those who are married to Chinese partners.

Are Many Orientals and Caucasians Getting Too Unappreciative Of Their Own Women?

Sad but true, even I can find myself in this situation of being unappreciative over my fellow Oriental women. I truly and really have to admit that these days, I seem to want to a Caucasian woman over an Oriental woman but it's case to case basis. So far, I have heard how Oriental-Caucasian marriages are increasing like how in Beijing, some Chinese men got thrilled over dating American women as well. I wonder. So far, I've been thinking that while I once normally went after Oriental girls but some Caucasian girls are too hot to dismiss. It could even become a common site soon to see an area where you have an Oriental woman with a Caucasian boyfriend sitting together with a Caucasian woman with an Oriental boyfriend. I even remembered falling for a half-Swiss, half-Chinese girl as well (but she looks too Swiss I didn't realize she was half-Chinese).

What became the cause? I kind of want to partly blame myself for watching MMPR when I was young and it was then I found …

Between Caucasian Women and Oriental Women- A Choice For My Wife

If I'm to talk, I have only considered taking a wife from either Caucasian or Oriental. I just had to think about how some Western women are actually open with dating Chinese men provided they are their fellow countrymen- like for example, the father may be Chinese in his ethnicity but he and his white American wife are both Americans by allegiance. There seems to be some differences which are:
Caucasian women tend to spend more than Oriental women. Some Caucasians may be thrifty but they have higher taste. For example, a British woman may be budget conscious but she chooses to serve high quality-high priced food for a party. An Oriental woman may compromise the quality with price more than she should.
Oriental women tend to have longer patience over their husbands than American woman. However a reverse can also happen. Bruce Lee's wife Linda Lee didn't divorce him despite the fact he had one mistress after the other. The Oriental wife usually executes her rights to …

Some Americans are Shorter Than We Think, Some Orientals Are Taller Than We Think

While it's been pretty much in our minds that Americans are usually taller, the contrary is true. Also with the Chinese, many of them have gone taller and China also has gave one of the tallest basketball players around Yao Ming. Also there are some Chinese stars of this generation who are actually around 175 cm and higher.

For example, Japanese actor Tori Matsuzaka is 181 cm in height. That makes him taller than the rest of the Taiwanese F4 boyband members. Some Oriental males who are married to western women are a lot taller than their wives.
And some Americans are actually shorter than we think especially with women. Emma Roberts is only 5'2 tall. Hmmm I wonder why she didn't grow taller? In fact, some Chinese guys who married American women are actually a lot taller than their wives. I remembered meeting an American woman and she was just that tall too. I personally would be interested in dating a 5'2 Caucasian girl.

Optimization or Sell? Some Things I'm Thinking About!

I kind of thought about that selling a business may mean risking unemployment to one's workers but I don't think that has to be the case. Well if you can actually convince the buyer to hire your employees, then I think it can be done through dividing the money among themselves or even selling yourself to the new buyer as an employee... that is selling the rights to the business. I was even thinking that maybe our store if it should shake down, might be sold to my near kinsman and have ourselves under their authority. As long as the buyer doesn't squander the employees away, the deal is better closed.

What's Wrong with the Internet Connection?

Somehow my blogging is getting disturbed by the Internet connection in the area. I want to find one page to another, blam many of the websites can't be accessed because of speed. Can't the telephone company work faster?! Hmmm living in the upper area can be a lot of hassle if you ask me. Honestly, I wish it'd be over soon. Honestly speaking, staying in the Philippines is SUCH a hassle with how most of the people are.

I Have Some Aunts Who Look Like Movie Stars

Well here are a list of my aunts who look like movie stars. Their real headshots not shown.

I have a late aunt who looked like the late Chinese actress Patricia Lam Fung.

I have a second-degree aunt who looks like Filipino actress Gloria Romero.
their co-heir.

I have a second degree aunt who looks like Armida Siguion Reyna. After not seeing her for some time and seeing her after more than a decade, all her hair turned just as white and I mistook her for Armida Siguion Reyna. They are both 80 years old.

Emma Roberts is an Occassional Smoker

Hmmm has smoking really affected much of the West? Then again, some of my fellow orientals also smoke especially in China (but I don't for health reasons, I'm pretty much asthmatic). Emma Roberts admits she's an occasional smoker. I really suggest she should stop smoking before she ruins her lovely image. But not surprising, her aunt Julia Roberts smokes too. Then again, can't believe that one of my second cousin who smokes doesn't look that old for a 50 year old guy who has multiple girlfriends and never got married , I have an uncle by marriage from China who smoked at age 13 to present, who's already 74 years old who doesn't look that old either or my sister's not welcome suitor's father smokes a lot but he looks younger and healthier than my father. :-P

Then again, funny how many Orientals don't look that old even if many of them smoke. And funny how some smokers can live long especially in Japan. :-P

Instead of Smoking During Work and Wait,Here Are Some of My Alternatives...

Funny but true that instead of smoking in private in my work office, I have some very funny alternatives like...

I would suck lollipop while working on anything. A good suck would help relieve stress and I just brush my teeth thoroughly afterward. It's better than having nicotine in the lungs.

I would use some wafer sticks that are as big as cigars. I would bite one like a cigar, when I feel hungry, bite and repeat until it's consumed. I usually finish a whole pack. Although I gain weight, but it's easier to get rid of than the nicotine that's stuck in the lungs. This I do more often because it's cheaper. While waiting for my order at the restaurant, I grab a stick or two and "smoke with it" while waiting for my food to be cooked, but of course not eating too much lest I spoil my appetite.

I hope any smoker out there decides to try these alternatives!  I did.... I did!

Am I Suffering From Oedipus Complex?

What if who I believe is my mother is just my stepmother? Hmmm. I remembered falling in love with a girl who looks like the girl above who after seeing her, gave me some dreams of me calling out for "mother" but had her image. What if it's true? I've even had a bad habit of calling her "mother" at times.

Canon in D Minor Violin and Piano Practice

Somehow this video brings me back memories of my childhood crush. As much as I try to forget about her completely, I could remember her play the piano and her younger brother on the violin in their house although they NEVER played this song.

Vegetarian Dishes IMO Taste Better than Most Meat Dishes

Okay I'm no vegetarian but I like having tasty retreats from meats. Meat may taste better for the first few bites but vegetarian dishes taste better.

A healthy serving of vegetables should do the trick.

Instead of having meat, vegetarian meat comes in. IMO it tastes better than animal meat.

The Wicked Stepmother

If there's anything that's continuously plaguing society has to be the wicked stepmother. Only a few stepmothers are ever tolerable. Most of them? They're pretty evil. Well in the first place, they are mostly women who have become stepmothers by homewrecking, the father divorces his wife and marries the wicked woman then comes in the wicked bitch of a stepmother, who may have been a mistress who bore illegitimate children, sometimes by more than one man then finds a wealthy husband to marry and she becomes a high social climber.

So far here are some characteristics of the wicked stepmother:
Being good in front of the husband but wicked in front of the stepchildren.Favoring one's own biological children to the point that they're not reprimanded for doing wrong while the stepchildren becomes the scapegoats of sorts even for sins the biological children did commit.An overly controlling attitude over the stepchildren.Keeping the stepchildren away from their father.P…

The Laborer and The Beggar

It was time for lunch. The boss is calling everybody to make sure they eat more than usual because of the huge workload that was going to be given to them. Just then the beggar who happened to be his girlfriend's older brother came across the laborer looking for a place to sleep. He lets him sleep on the wooden cart for the whole noon fanning him while the other employees eat. By the time the bell rang, he had not eaten anything at all and fainted. :-P

Norm Crossings Between Chinese and Western Marriages

In the past, it was usually a Chinese woman marrying a Western man that was becoming the norm. However, things have gotten a little different. Now it's becoming the norm of having a Chinese guy marrying a Western woman and it's no longer counted as deviant. Why do I think Chinese-Western marriages are now happening the other way around? Here are some reasons why I think so:
The Chinese men are not very ancient Chinese in thinking upon migration and blending in so much into the Western culture while keeping a few values that can still mix well.The Western women may have found them better than most of their Western suitors.Also in China, some men have a hard time finding a wife so they fly west never to return and find themselves falling for Western girls.Maybe there are some values that these Western girls find in the Chinese men.I don't know really. But somehow, I'm open to the idea of marrying one and spending the rest of my life with her, and well... grow old tog…

That Hamburger Stealing Fiend!

Just one of my memories had to be some girl that looks like Chise Nakamura who I frequently got into a fight into as she was always stealing my burgers. Well, I was just glad she was gone the next year when I turned from freshman to sophomore. Just when I thought she was gone, we met back in College where she again repeated the same crime before seeing her away for good. Hee hee. Now she has a family to take care of. Hope her daughter doesn't turn into a hamburger stealing fiend like her!

I'd Like To Taste Seaol Long Tang

I haven't got to taste one of these. After viewing Brilliant Legacy, I just want to taste seaol long tang to find out what makes it so special.

Just Fabulous...

Emma Roberts looks really hot in this outfit. Can't deny it.

Even with so much covering, she's still hot.

In a glamorous style of dressing...

Emma Roberts With Less Enhancements

As an appreciator of natural beauty, Emma Roberts really looks H-O-T... HOT even with little make-up. Too much make-up makes women look stupid. Moderate to none... better. :-P

Emma Roberts In Winter Outfit

Even in her winter outfit, Emma Roberts is hot, hot and hot. Hmmm...

Der Holle Rache

Der Holle Rache... ah I remembered trying to sing this song all I can but can't reach it. Even if I can't reach the goal of being able to sing this song, but this song is still nice to listen to like even if I don't like to take up piano lessons, but piano music is still pleasing.

I Could Relate to Beast

I just don't find it strange how I could easily relate to Beast in Disney. Why? Well I did grow up with a bad temper tantrum that can't be resolved by normal means. Okay so let's say that I can easily get irritated over trivial matters, can really roar so loud and argue over a prolonged period of time. And somehow, some people think I still have some gold within me.

So I think the last thing I'd like to hear is, "You have to control your temper." And indeed it's true. And I kind of thought though maybe I've met my future Belle but she's not yet ready. I kind of figured out that my type of women would be like Belle, some beauty, more brains and character that exceeds the outer while the outer gives a preview. What if that woman I met nine years younger is the Belle I'm searching? I certainly wouldn't bet that only child I met would be Belle due to her tough attitude much like Sakura Nishihori in Boukenger.

Emma Roberts Looks Classy

This photoshoot of Emma Roberts in black and white just looks SO CLASSIC I feel like I'm watching an old movie. Just really gorgeous. Only if stars today would just stop altering their appearances!

Need to Buy New Glasses

Can't believe I lost my glasses. Hee hee. Well I'll just have to buy new ones. After all, it doesn't hurt that much and have to try harder to cope up with my attention deficit disorder. Well that's that. I'll just have to get more sleep to cope up with my permanent disorder.

A Dumb Way For A Birthday Blowout

It's just crazy how most people don't really care to budget, especially in the Philippines. So let's think about a laborer decided to treat his fellow laborers during his birthday, bragging he lives in a very big house (which it wasn't). So it was time for lunch. Since he had 20 people on a 200 pesos budget, he could only give a 10 pesos treat to each and everyone. What did they eat? Well he bought some chicken and they all just ate a pinch of meat and a spoonful of rice! Hee hee. Stupid isn't it?

Just A List of Some of My Favorite Classic Composers

Hmmm... without classical music, life would be too boring and loud. Classical music helps me relax. Here are some of my favorite composers:
Johann PachalbellWolfgang Amadeus MozartLudwig Van BeethovenFrederic ChopinAntonio VivaldiPeter Iljitsch TchaikovskyFelix Mendelson Bartholody

Vegetarian Meat

All about vegetarian meat! It does sound very paradoxical but it is true. There is such a thing as this "vegetarian meat" or "vegan".

It is popularly used by orientals and later by Indian vegetarians as a healthy alternative.

How is this possible of having meat without the meat? The mind boggles. It sounds impossible but it is possible.

Actually all you need is to get gluten flour, knead the dough several times desired, let it rest for half an hour and boil it in water with seasonings. It will rapidly spread but it takes time to master that art.

Actually it is NOT a complete protein. You'll probably need to mix it with soybean flour to make it a complete protein. Or you can get the finished gluten, mix it with soybeans to make a complete protein without the meat.

As for taste, I find it better than meat. Speaking of which, I do add some vegetarian meat in meat dishes since I'm no vegetarian.

Fresh Raw Vegetables

Why eat fresh raw vegetables?

That's something you should know. Unlike meat that needs cooking, vegetables need little or no cooking. Cooking vegetables will take away its nutrients while a good wash with clean water doesn't. The fact is it goes away with the steam and usually, when color begins to fade, it's an indicator that the vegetables has lost its nutrients.

Okay I do boil vegetables for a few minutes or add them into soup but eating more of raw vegetables can help gain more fiber which helps fight obesity, cancer cells, slows down the aging process, prevents constipation which in turn prevents appendicitis.

It's also fun to prepare salad but I suggest NOT to add mayonnaise if you want lower fat. Instead, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add some olives and tomatoes to taste.

Oh yeah make sure they're wash cleaned first before eating!

Too Much Coffee on the Pudding?!

My dessert had a strong taste of coffee resulting me in sleepless nights. Sigh. Maybe I should have coffee less and tea more. I can live without coffee but not without tea.

My Basic Types of Physical Attractions These Days

So far here are my types of girls I'm bound to get attracted to:

The pretty Oriental girls. They mostly exist among Japanese and Chinese girls. I don't like Korean girls as much as most Chinese girls and Japanese girls.

And I'm also attracted to certain types of white girls. However being a white girl doesn't always make one attractive either.
But ironically, my first love isn't pretty. LOL.

Am I Ready to Fall In Love Again?

I always thought about it that girls I had a crush in High School were just desperate attempts to forget my first love. So young was I yet I was that deeply in love. I tried to forget her but I wasn't able to. I have to admit that lately, I had found some way to contact her yet she already has somebody. It may be a sign I'm ready to fall in love again. Yet from all the crushes I had, she was my greatest admiration even if she wasn't attractive but it's just time to move on.

Despite Emma Roberts' Lack of Voice, I Like Her Songs

For someone who's not much into the American culture, well I end up liking Emma Roberts' songs even with her lack of voice. Hey I kind of sound like Andy Lau having the bad voice quality. I wonder is it me or is it that Orientals don't mind much of the voice quality of their singers? But weird, I like Emma Roberts' songs.

I Had Some Ignorant Incestuous Attractions

If there were any misadventures in my love life it has to be with incestuous attractions. In my case, I remembered falling for a girl who turned out to be the daughter of my second degree cousin I didn't know at first. It was just so crazy that as a teenager, I fell for her but we didn't attend the same school together. She was really gorgeous, I could see. I was determined to have her to exact vengeance on my old rival. However when attending a party I realized that her mother was my second-degree cousin, a rude awakening she is my third degree niece. Seeing her again and again, somehow reminds me of my incestuous attraction towards her before.

Sega and Nintendo Were Plain Wasteful

Remembering back in the days of huge system wars, Sega and Nintendo were known for releasing too many systems. These were what I remembered:

Sega- Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Megadrive, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast

Nintendo- NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii

Looking at it, they were producing more junk than they could have ever thought. Why? People buy too much stuff, only throw them away later. And yup, glad I didn't have those stuff above. Remembering how things were, none of them ever had backward compatibility save the Wii and Gamecube, where the Wii could use a Gamecube controller and play Gamecube games.

Nintendo had the problem of the NES and SNES becoming fast obsolete. The Super NES was not as great as I would have thought it was. Looking at the graphics, it was plain 16 bit. The translation of many great arcade games like Killer Instinct were not done very well either due to graphical limitations. Sega also had the same problem too.

When Sega released its 3D sys…

Must Say Sorry to Jasmine-San

I still feel the need to apologize to Jasmine-man for that April fool's joke I threw at her with this picture. Hmmm I should give her the right to punch me after all. :-P

Late Menopausal Children Can Be Dangerous

Children who are born unexpectedly like late 40s or even the mother delivering her baby at the age 0f FIFTY can be dangerous. Why? It can occur that the child has the high chance of becoming abnormal. And yup... they can be dangerous. I know somebody who's mother gave birth to her at fifty years old, which was a disaster. Why? The child grew up to become a very dangerous criminal who robbed a lot of banks in the U.S. and outsmarted them all so easily. She has to be that smart to cheat them all. Hmmm think twice before planning a late menopausal baby huh?

A Man's Argument Over His Wife's Ashes

During a cremation service, a man who had a quarrel with his wife for some time heard that his wife got cremated alive with his mother-in-law. Regretting he never reconciled with her, he called his son to confirm whether or not it was true.

"Dad it's true. Mom got cremated alive with grandma." said the son.

The man approaches the crematorium and asked, "Which ashes belong to my wife and which belong to my mother-in-law's?"

"Sorry sir. We can't do anything at all. When the ashes are burned, you can't even trace their DNA." said the crematorium staff.

Some of the Lovely Grannies On Stage

Growing old is no excuse to be "ugly". Well for me, nothing's really ugly about old women except if they don't take care of themselves. Above are three lovely grannies in their best attires. Aging gracefully kept them "pretty". With them is the feisty producer Armida Siguion Reyna who some call as "Tandang Gloria".

Emma Roberts- Just Stunning In This Photo

With just this simple grooming, Emma Roberts shines out even if she's not the hottest girl out there, despite her petite statue of only being 5'2. She doesn't need to go bold to get famous, she's hot even with her clothes on. Seriously I wish I could get somebody with her type of beauty and having inner beauty greater than hers.

Some NES Games Bored Me Later

I remembered owning an NES and later, I never passed through every other system but the Playstation and later the Playstation 2 and I don't deal with so much junk unlike those spoiled kids in my past. Well I was kind of a frustrated guy who played computer games to "escape reality" whenever I can. I thought of it that some games on the NES can rather get super tiring.

Take for example the Conan game on the NES. It was so STUPID I don't want to play it again. Or another was Adventure Island. I enjoyed it when I was small and ended up hating it when I grew bigger. Okay so I have museum collections on the PS2 but the only NES games that I really want to play again were Megaman, which is available through the Megaman Anniversary Collection but with slight reconfigurations.

Or maybe I should also talk about the other NES games which didn't end. Instead, it was just simply getting a high score until you can no longer get it. For example we had Pacman and Yi Ar Ku…

Remembering My China Trip, The Girls in Shanghai were HOT

It's a shame that China had a history of aborting unborn females because many of them would have grown to become lovely Chinese ladies, which in turn caused Chinese men to migrate and intermarry with foreigners the most common being American women and Filipino women. I have to admit that in Shanghai, every last turn I saw a pretty Chinese girl, really hot especially in the workplaces. I have to admit that I haven't seen such pretty Chinese ladies in my life.

I Remembered Having A Crush on Kimberly Hart As a Child

If there was anything weird about childhood is it was also having crushes on much older women. I watched just almost anything but I got stuck with Power Rangers for one stupid reason I can name- I had a crush on Kimberly Hart. When I was first saw her, well she was really prettier than the Sentai girls I had a crush on before like Hikaru Katsuragi (Kimberly in the English dub) and Momoko (Pink Mask).

I was aware of the fact that the actress is way older than I am (today I'm 25, she's already 40) and I was at least eight that time and she would be at least 23 years old that time. That was just funny. And yup, that was just SO STUPID really. I didn't want to miss a single episode because of her and when she left, I didn't enjoy the series that much anymore. But the strange irony though was that, my childhood crush wasn't pretty. Weirdness over weirdness isn't it?

Actually this stupid event has affected me somewhat. How? Well, I have to admit that being bre…