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Five Reasons Why FLIPFAGs LOVE Trolling Enlightened Filipino Netizens!

Websites like Get Real Philippines are definitely not the type FLIPFAGs would want to go to.  After all, aren't they Failipinos Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely/Perpetually For All Generations?  When I started reading Get Real Philippines, I felt the fact that even if I am Chinese by blood, nobody has to be born Pinoy to be a true Filipino patriot.  Some are born Pinoy but choose to be FLIPFAGs.  The Pinoy has two choices- to be the enlightened Filipino joining with Filipinos (a trait of Pinoy humility) who are not of Pinoy descent or to be the Failipino/Pinoy pridist.  They love to show people how "brilliant" they are and they are never short of their stupidity, while deluding themselves to be the smartest people on Earth.

Now five reasons below explain FLIPFAGs' reason to love trolling enlightened Filipino netizens:

The FLIPFAG is not the type of person to even want to hear criticism.  For them, they would rather cover their ears when the bitter truth comes…

Jejemon Bitay vs. Doraemar Roxas for President: It's An Aliens vs. Predator Battle!

Regardless who wins, the people of the Philippines will lose!
It's no secret that President Nobita's term is almost over but even if his term is over, the Philippines is again subjected to another Aliens vs. Predator War.  Sherap's running mate Jejemon Bitay is now heads on with Doraemar Roxas.  So why do we face a huge dilemma?  It's thievery vs. incompetence!
The corruption tandem... and yup their children follow in their footsteps!
Here's a simple comparison of Jejemon with his running mate Sherap.  Remembering how Sherap shamelessly re-ran for President (never mind ALL those scandals), you have some things in common.  Jejemon was mayor, Sherap was mayor and both are married to doctors.  Then their children become politicians like Nancy Bitay and Unggoy Estrada.  Now both are vice-presidents to opposition parties (Sherap to Fidel Ramos and Jejemon to Nobita Aquino).  Both are also corrupt, living luxurious lives and it's no wonder why Sherap made him a runnin…

Why Piracy and Smuggling are Hard to Defeat in the Philippines!

While the Nobita Administration may brag all it wants that it has caused the Philippines to supposedly improve, while he shamelessly takes credit for what Gloria Abobo did to improve the economy, but the truth is usually stranger than fiction.  Although there are reliable sources that say that the Philippines GDP is increasing, but President Nobita should give credit where credit is due.  Gloria Abobo did have some economic policies that saved the country and the peso/dollar exchange rate didn't rise up so much.  While I do condemn Gloria but I do also condemn President Nobita's irresponsibility like the DAP program by Abad and how he still practices cronyism.  The economic situation still requires more improvement if the government expects to beat piracy and smuggling.

Let's pirate Imperial Manila shall we?!

First one may consider about piracy.  One of the biggest problems is the Philippine economy makes piracy hard to beat.  For instance, pirated DVDs and CDs are much che…

Why I Can't Say I've Abandoned Tokusatsu as a Whole

Well I remembered the time I watched Tokusatsu as a child and well, bad dubs (UGH, I now pretend I never saw them to avoid my head from splitting) of Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman, Jetman, Shaider, Gavan, Jiban and Janperson.  Years later, I never dreamed of watching fan subs.  As I would say I can be pretty unfriendly to change.  Having watched Bioman first, I didn't immediately embrace Maskman having a secondary robo (and years later, I would know of Flashman's existence).  Later on, I started to think that Super Sentai was having too much mecha, it should have ended in Timeranger but later, I started to rewatch them all over after reading a few episode synopsis' from Jillun's Sentai Hub.

Then I started having issues with Tokusatsu.  I started reading of how Kamen Rider was "dead" starting with Kuuga (but I'm glad I decided to rewatch Kamen Rider after some time), I started to find some of the clips unimpressive, read how Super Sentai's ton…

The FLIPFAG and Victim Card Mentality

Loads and loads of butthurts... 

A lot of FLIFPAGs are also known for their victim mentality mindset like the Gilas losses against foreign teams.  Rather than take their losses as chances to improve, some of the even made FOUL comments against the Iranian players blaming their stinky armpits as the reason they lost... and the referee and say, "We are the victims here."  One of the problems of Philippine sports is a lack of training and COMPETENCE.  In a team of crabs, can you expect a victory?  Some Pinoy athletes win with competence and training, but sadly most of the Pinoy athletes are more Failipino than enlightened Filipinos.  The Gilas showed how much of victim mentality they have in those games.

Failipinos are know to be sour sports, prideful winners and sore losers.  One of the examples of being a prideful winner is whenever they celebrate big for victories that belong to Pinoy achievers alone.  Figures like Lydia de Vega, Regine Velasquez- Alcasid, Cecil Licad, Lea S…

Rousong Roll is My Favorite Taiwanese Bread!

Rousong Roll is one of my favorite Taiwanese bread.  I was able to taste this in Hong Kong and China.  So what's the big deal with this?  The bread itself is tender, soft and chewy while it has some pork floss at the sides, it also has some chopped green onions and ham on it.  What I really love about it is how its filling manages to be so deliciously mixed together with the dough.

For a lesson on how make it, you may click here to Angie's Recipes.

My Ex-Girlfriend: A Stormy Love Story!

Well at least this relationship doesn't have all the complications of a Marvel Comics story... but it was nonetheless stormy with my ex-girlfriend who looks like Mika Katsumura.  So I would admit this was a complex Gai/Kaori then Tatsuya/Yuuri type of relationship.  And I would admit that the whole love story was a messy one.

I remembered the time I had a crush on her in High School but shamefully, I was also chasing after her best friend who looks like Sayuri Uchida.  We did develop a bit with texting, I showed I could care about her and vice-versa but... the whole love story wasn't meant to last and it only went for a school year or so.  Which I thought I even had my rival for her affections, who lost interest in her and then, I fought with that rival for other girls too.  So we did date for a short time... I was starting to get close to her, and her to me... but what she didn't realize in-between I was rejected by some mean girl who pretended to be a good girl.

So I d…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson with the Late Thuy Trang Picture

Back to memory lane... here's Amy Jo Johnson and Thuy Trang WAAAAAY back... and I still cry whenever I remember Thuy Trang died so young!

Satirical News: President Nobita Blames Gloria Abobo for Typhoon Mario!

President Nobita is never short of blaming Gloria Abobo for just about everything from his mistakes to inevitable events like random hostage taking or EVEN the weather.  Now President Nobita has released yet another statement that many considered preposterous.

"My countrymen, just as Gloria Abobo was responsible for bringing in Typhoon Yolanda and the earthquake that devastated Bohol, we have confirmed again by PAG-ASA that she hexed the skies to cause Typhoon Mario.  She magically cast the sewers to flood because she is jealous of my achievements.  She had also collaborated with Bongbong Macoy who killed my father Ninoy.  For my people, I am doing the best I can to fight Gloria Abobo's witchcraft but she she is more powerful than expected.  But fret not, I have called for the help of Mario the Italian Plumber!" said President Nobita.

Mario the famous Italian plumber commented on what's basically wrong with the Philippines' sewer system.  Mario had visited the P…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures as Kimberly for September 22, 2014

I still can't deny this...but this still brings me back to memory lane and I remember my real first crush... and here's more Amy Jo Johnson pictures...

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for September 22, 2014

Beauty by the sun...
She is really gorgeous...

So gorgeous...

Satirical News: President Nobita Granted Emergency Powers... for His Brain!

After some heated exchange of thoughts, President Nobita was granted his emergency powers by the legislative and judicial body.  However it was not emergency powers for the nationwide energy crisis but to be granted emergency powers for his brain.  While the judicial and legislative usually do not meddle too much on health issues of government officials, but President Nobita's brain was confirmed to have been brain dead since 2010.

"Indeed we are really suffering a real crisis here.  A lot of the events in the Philippines are a result of the fact that, President Nobita is confirmed to be a brain dead person.  Here are the MRI scans that prove that Nobita's brain needs emergency powers.  The worst breakdown happened yesterday was when he said, he would allow better Internet services only if his cousin Bum Aquino can be allowed to show Red x Pink in all Philippine cinemas!" said a neurological surgeon from St. Luke's who refused to be disclosed.

Picture from Hacien…

Nobitards Who Want a Second Nobita Presidency Should Remember the Consequences of Macoy's 20 Year Presidency!

Meanwhile at the Malacanang, Nobitards want Nobita to sit longer!

While the 1987 Constitution did something stupid with its reinforcement of economic protectionism, something that was granted by Macoy to his cronies... however it sought to limit the presidential powers to six years, though I'd rather have it four years first term, and he may run again for another four years and no more.  The late couple Cory and Ninoy both worked to remove any chances for any president to sit longer than six years.  Unfortunately Nobitards want to grant him a second term, a direct violation of what Cory and Ninoy worked for when they were still alive.

So why should they remember the 20 years of the late Ferdinand Macoy?  Those years had become the dark ages of the Philippines- censored media, graft and corruption, oligarchs on the rise, brutal practices... and when Ninoy spoke against it... they vilified him.  Today, Macoytards continue in their propaganda to make the late dictator a hero and to v…

Seven Ways Failipinos are Self-Contradictory Morons!!!!

One of the ways to butthurt a Failipino or better yet called the FLIPFAG is to address just how self-contradictory their Failipino pride is.  Being a Pinoy is not wrong, it's Pinoy pride.  And for one, being born Pinoy is not a guarantee a person will become a FLIPFAG... it's a choice.  In the kingdom of FLIPFAGs, there are bound to be a lot of self-contradictions.  I would start to name some of them:

Sheesh Toady should have gone here wearing an ethnic outfit!!!!

1.) They are anti-foreign but they are using foreign stuff or even eating foreign food, or at least anything that has foreign influence like t-shirts, pants, ice cream and the list can go on.  The ultranationalists are just so easily quick to say, "We are patriotic, buy Pinoy, down with imperialism." which by the way, is non-existent imperialism.  I mean, it was stupid how members of activists groups can go ahead, protest against America then end up eating at KFC or McDonald's at the end of the day.  The…

Some Classic Irish Beef Brisket

While the food product would cost around PHP 800.00 in the Philippines which I usually use that money to buy more beef, but it's relatively cheap in Europe because it's a poor man's food.  Some relatives of mine in the States would send me whenever they can.  
It's being slowly cooked in the pressure cooker for the entire day.  After that, it becomes a beefy ham with some delicious broth along with it.  It is served along with cabbage, carrots and some boiled potatoes.  And I just love its taste though I generally prefer beef steak and Chinese beef steak over it... but it's still tasty nonetheless!

Flooding in Imperial Manila is Proof of Huge Mismanagement!

"Should the budget of the money go to DAP or to the flood.. wait I'll send it to DAP instead!!!"
It's annoying to see how FLIPFAGs still think nothing is wrong with the country, especially FLIPFAGs from Imperial Manila.  For the FLIPFAG, the Philippines is paradise, it's the best place on Earth, for the idiot they may think Tondo is Paradise but the contrary is true.  Looking at the floods of Imperial Manila is one good reason why foreign investors would rather fly to the Visayas these days and why Imperial Manila is no longer that advisable as a tourist spot.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's wrong... plus all these problems could have been avoided with proper timing, money, 
The Department of Energy and Natural Resources has always purposely IGNORED the consequences!  Better rename them the Department of Blackouts and Destruction of Natural Resources!
Failipino loggers that are reckless with their logging activities result to massi…

Satirical News: President Nobita Delivers Statement Blaming Gloria Abobo for Everything Wrong in the Nobita Presidency!

All I do is blame Gloria day and night!

President Nobita aside from what critics call as obvious lack of accountability has decided to blame Gloria Abobo for everything that went wrong with his administration.  Yesterday, he had released a press statement that had made Nobitards love him while others to boo him.

The transcript below was translated from Tagalog which he made at a press statement while he was wearing a samurai costume together with his band members of "No Direction"
"My people... for the past four years of my presidency, I, President Nobita have vowed to bring you to the straight road.  If there are no corrupt there are no poor, but there are still corrupt officers who were all brought in by Gloria Abobo.  I assure you removing all things Gloria-related will save the country for the ill-effects that Gloria Abobo did.  Even her influence lives on, bringing our nation's problems. The problem of this nation is Gloria Abobo!"  "Let me assure yo…

It Was Never a Love Story!!!!

I remembered the time I used to consider my so-called love story was NEVER a love story and it took me some time to figure that out.  And I would admit that there was something I always considered to be the biggest B.S. that I ever said was no matter what, I will fulfill that vow that I will marry her and love her forever.

So I would admit the number of times I replayed Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, out of some stupid "broken heart" and how could it even happen?  I was so young!  And well I did remember the time I started writing to her love letters, thought I was truly faithful and well, a lot of rude revelations just came in and kept kicking in!
For that so-called first love, I was thinking that there was a conflict of interest.  I thought of the fact that the more I look back at the first chapter of the story,  I could never forget how my former best friend lied about him getting her and all his lies, it really made me to believe you have to lie to surv…


Bum Aquino... for all his awards in enetrepreneurship, why hasn't he figured out what's wrong with Filipino Internet companies?!

Okay I can say that Bum Aquino does have his high IQ or two, he is a better businessman than I am.  I mean, I wouldn't say all the Aquinos are bad or what... and besides, not all the Macoys are bad either.  But the problem is that, for Bum, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's wrong with the Philippine Internet service.  Either he is self-serving or he's just like President Nobita.  And now let's first define two important keywords here - intelligent vs. smart.  And for one, I can credit Bum for being intelligent but I don't think I can credit him for being smart.

Being intelligent is what you are born with.  Intelligence according to the dictionary means, "the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills."  Smart means " showing intelligence or good judgement."  One can have ALL the knowledg…

Why I Now Use Failipino/FLIPFAG Instead of Pinoy for Bad Filipinos

Better yet know as Failipno or FLIPFAG pride...

In the past, I have been using Pinoy as a term as the Get Real Philippines website defines the Pinoy as the bad Filipino.  In Get Real Philippines, they call the Pinoy as the bad citizen of the Philippines who is lazy and inconsiderate.  However the term Pinoy like the term Negro or Intsik can used neutrally.  The word "Pinoy" is a demonym which is a term for the residents of the locality.

Using the word "Pinoy" in a derogatory manner can lead to offensiveness not just to butthurt bad Pinoys but also to good Pinoys.  A good Pinoy may not react like a bad one, however he or she may say, "Sir/ma'am not all Pinoys are bad just like not all Americans are bad."  Pinoy can just be used neutrally like how sometimes, the word Filipino or Chinese can be classified as a good one or a bad one.  Sometimes, Pinoy can refer to "ethnic Filipinos" in general or Filipinos are descended from the natives of the P…

Power Rangers is Certified Legitimate, Plain and Simple!

As if the Powtards who refuse to acknowledge Super Sentai isn't enough, one may already consider the grave threat of Sentards... yes Sentards.  While I can respect Super Sentai fans who choose not to watch Power Rangers like I choose not to watch Ultraman, because it just doesn't interest me.  However Power Rangers is legitimate through and through.  It's partly owned by Toei.  Yes, Saban had registered the name for his own yet he acknowledges Toei as a co-owner in the credits.

Common sense should at least ASK the question above.  For those who think that Kenji Ohba "admitted" that Power Rangers is bootleg with the term "recreated" he DOES NOT.  Please notice even thanks the people who went to the Power Morphicon during the time he endorsed that video.  If Power Rangers were fake and bootleg, and one may consider this, why hasn't Toei even dared sue Saban into oblivion?  If Saban were leeching on the money, Super Sentai could have sued him or at le…

Ciara Hanna the Repairwoman!

Hehehehehe... looks like this Megaforce Ranger knows Megaforce machinery....

Failipino Politicians Doing Manual Work in Public is SHOW BUSINESS ONLY!

The amazing Bum Aquino... able to work under the sun without a bead of sweat!

In the Aliens vs. Predator war of Pinoylitics, one of the ways that Failipino politicians keep up with their campaigns is their show business.  What kind of show business?  One can go from fake charity work at the squatter's area never mind that the slums stay as they are to kissing babies.  Now one of the worst methods is to do manual work not because they want to lend a helping hand but because... well they want to show they are for the people.  Don't get me wrong, I do manual labor at times as a form of exercise.  I am willing to clean the car, paint and whatever... or lift small sacks of cement to either kill boredom or speed up the work process.  Some bosses are kind enough to blend in with their laborers.

But this may not be the case with Bum Aquino as shown above.  Looking at the past event where Doraemar Roxas showed he is also the Transfor-Mar, he became a traffic aid, laborer, painter, etc…

Is Imperial Manila Ready for an Ebola Outbreak?

With the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, I was wondering is the Philippines even ready for an Ebola outbreak especially now it suffers from the "eh-bola" outbreak already especially in its capital Imperial Manila?  One may consider how Ebola spreads could at least, help gain insight to the question I'd love to throw, "If Ebola hits Manila, can it survive?"

The Ebola virus is not airborne but it has other modes of transmission.  The killer disease actually transmits through body fluids.  I would just think about this one.  Imperial Manila has been one place where a lot of its people just don't obey rules.  A lot of its people just spit anywhere, pee anywhere and worse as for squatters, just poo anywhere they want.  More often than not, poor health standards would also involve blood being recklessly handled.  Ebola transmits through body fluids and just imagine, if anybody with an open wound happens to contact with these body fluids, expect the di…

Why a Krisis Aquino Presidency is BAAAAAAAAAD for the Philippines

Anybody who votes for her is just as stupid as those who vote for anybody who's a complete moron!  Please vote according to competence, not according to gender or popularity... forget winnability, please go for CREDIBILITY!

History has records of female achievers like Queen Elizabeth I, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Rodham-Clinton or Miriam Defensor-Santiago.  However gender is not the issue of achievement but hard work.  Women may be more organized than men or better in numbers, but in this world, both genders just need each other and support each other like most great men had great women like Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton for instance.  Sadly, some women are delusional to think they are great when they are not.  Krisis Aquino is definitely NOT advantageous to the Philippines. Besides HOW DARE SHE even compare herself to the more tactful and more dignified woman such as Oprah Winfrey?  Or how dare she even call herself a good parent with her kind of lifestyle.  To…

Six Reasons Why President Nobita's Blaming of Gloria Abobo For His Faults Won't Help the Philippines

"It's simple, I'll just hide my faults under the tatami mat of the Malacanang Palace and then I will blame Gloria!"- President Nobita

While I would express my dislike for ex-President Gloria Abobo and her scams and all, but one must realize that President Nobita is nothing more than a president who refuses to take accountability for his administration's failures.  The whole "blame it on Gloria" scam won't help the Philippines for these reasons:

1.) President Nobita SHOULD focus on correcting every mistake that exists rather than spend time heckling and making Gloria the scapegoat.  Blaming Gloria has diverted his attentions from things that matter to things that don't matter.  In short, he is just playing the blame game.  Shouldn't he at least try to fix the MRT and get rid of the squatters in Tondo than keep blaming Gloria for everything?

2.) Blaming Gloria for the Nobita Administration's mistakes means President Nobita refuses to accep…

Six Reasons Why Imperial Manila is NOT The Crowning Glory of the Philippines!

It's annoying to see how arrogant the people in Imperial Manila really are.  For me, it's not really all that surprising if you know Philippine history.  Not being a resident of Imperial Manila is a blessing for Filipinos who live in the Visayas.  Unfortunately residents of Imperial Manila will have to suffer almost everything why it's never the crowning glory of the Philippines.

Here are the reasons why Imperial Manila is not the crowning glory of the Philippines and why I'm glad I'm not living there:
1.) The squatter infested areas of Metro Manila.  Tondo, Manila is the squatter capital of the Philippines  The Visayas doesn't have that much of a problem compared to Imperial Manila.  Tondo, Manila can have the keywords "slums", "squatters" and crimes associated with it.
2.) The place has a very poor sanitation.  How can one expect Imperial Manila to progress of people just throw away garbage left and right?  Do observe how Singapore, Japan …