The FLIPFAG and Victim Card Mentality

Loads and loads of butthurts... 

A lot of FLIFPAGs are also known for their victim mentality mindset like the Gilas losses against foreign teams.  Rather than take their losses as chances to improve, some of the even made FOUL comments against the Iranian players blaming their stinky armpits as the reason they lost... and the referee and say, "We are the victims here."  One of the problems of Philippine sports is a lack of training and COMPETENCE.  In a team of crabs, can you expect a victory?  Some Pinoy athletes win with competence and training, but sadly most of the Pinoy athletes are more Failipino than enlightened Filipinos.  The Gilas showed how much of victim mentality they have in those games.

Failipinos are know to be sour sports, prideful winners and sore losers.  One of the examples of being a prideful winner is whenever they celebrate big for victories that belong to Pinoy achievers alone.  Figures like Lydia de Vega, Regine Velasquez- Alcasid, Cecil Licad, Lea Salonga-CHIEN, Leondro Locsin, Tony TANCAKTIONG and other Filipino achievers (Pinoy or not) are worth praising.  For example, I can't help but say Cecil Licad is a good pianist, Leondro Locsin is a good architect... they all deserved their awards one way or another.  Some Pinoy athletes are really world material, no questions asked but NOT all Pinoys are world material.  The major problem kicks when when a Pinoy loses fair and square, just like the Gilas

One of the worst examples I've encountered myself are like during the screening of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno.  After I started to say I wanted to see the movie over the FLIPFAG films, I was assaulted by FLIPFAGs saying I'm unnationalistic.  In my case, I would say I am a real victim of FLIFPAG stupidity and discrimination.  The victim card mentality is when a person always considers himself a victim when he or she is not a victim.  More examples follow below.

It's no different than when Viraliano Aguirre called himself the "victim" during his short-term feud with Senator Miriam Santiago.  However I'd like to address the worst forms of victim mentality to where FLIPFAGs have played it the worst!  In Atty. Aguirre's case, his victim card playing saying he is the "victim" is a picture of what's wrong with the Failipino.  The Failipino unlike the enlightened Filipino, refuses to accept that they can be wrong.  To think of it, Aguirre even thinks what he did was a "little wrong"... although I do agree Miriam needs to tone down but... playing the victim in court was a very childish thing to do.  In fact, I would change my stance about his punishment every now and them... he did deserve to be admonished after all.

When Aguirre "stood by" his fellow prosecutors for their incompetence, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THEIR PERFORMANCE IMPROVE?  Granted that he has his high grades and 82.25% bar rating as a lawyer, he should know better it wouldn't grant him immunity from authorities.  A lawyer who barely passed the board can still be promoted high if he or she is competent and hardworking.  Aguirre apparently was supporting the lazy work that reduced the articles from eight to five to three... then "we already win".  To be honest, the prosecutors deserved a lashing.

One can remember the case of Flor Contemplacions' hanging on March 15, 1995 and on March 30, 2008 the "martyrdom" of the three drug mules Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain who were justly executed after a three years trial in China.  China may go overboard because it's a Communist country but as far as as concerned, it may be more moral than the Failipino government that governs the Philippines... remember it's PHILipines NOT FAILippines yet Failipinos rule over it.

Here's the major problem that Failipinos fail to consider.  Their victim mentality mindset will just continue to increase crime.  The cover-up culture they have for family, friends and relatives makes justice hard to move forward.  Take for example nepotism gets a criminal pardoned JUST BECAUSE he is related to the president, the fact that cronyism is rampant in the Philippine government (ex. Marcos cronyism, Gloria cronyism, Nobita cronyism) and how often the leftists plead for their relatives who are about to be JUSTLY executed.  Those Failipinos that were executed for their crimes were executed LIKE EVERYONE who were executed for their crimes.  Proof can be is how China and Singapore executed its own citizens who were justly deserving of death penalty.

Not to mention, why is the Philippines under economic protections?  It's obvious that they hate competition because as long as they have incompetence, they are destined to LOSE to foreign companies.  So instead, they stay that foreigners may only own 40% but Failipinos everywhere around the world should own 100%... which is terrible injustice.  China allows 50% or higher and look where China got to.  The victim card mentality mindset is also another reason why countries can be stuck in economic limbo.  Unless FLIFPAGs throw away their victim card mentality and stop being FLIFFAGs, they are just a liability to the Philippines.  They might as well observe the bad conditions of countries like Bangladesh, Somalia or South American countries... or maybe consider moving there instead if they hate development.