Six Reasons Why Imperial Manila is NOT The Crowning Glory of the Philippines!

It's annoying to see how arrogant the people in Imperial Manila really are.  For me, it's not really all that surprising if you know Philippine history.  Not being a resident of Imperial Manila is a blessing for Filipinos who live in the Visayas.  Unfortunately residents of Imperial Manila will have to suffer almost everything why it's never the crowning glory of the Philippines.

Here are the reasons why Imperial Manila is not the crowning glory of the Philippines and why I'm glad I'm not living there:

Arrogant Filipino squatters
1.) The squatter infested areas of Metro Manila.  Tondo, Manila is the squatter capital of the Philippines  The Visayas doesn't have that much of a problem compared to Imperial Manila.  Tondo, Manila can have the keywords "slums", "squatters" and crimes associated with it.

2.) The place has a very poor sanitation.  How can one expect Imperial Manila to progress of people just throw away garbage left and right?  Do observe how Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong are doing compared to Imperial Manila.  In the places I mentioned, you get fined for littering and it's well implemented.  For Failipinos, they seem to have the joy of throwing garbage anywhere it is convenient for them.  The Pasig River is one of the biggest evidences of poor sanitation!

3.) Traffic in Imperial Manila is the worst in the Philippines.  President Nobita is certainly an idiot to think that traffic is a sign of booming economy.  And well where are the investors going?  To the Visayas!  Heavy traffic daily combined with reckless drivers DOES NOT make life worth living in Imperial Manila!  Foreign investors would prefer the Visayas for its good peace and order.

4.) It's the center of the oligarchy.  Expect incompetent services from the oligarchs because they have more or less monopolized needs such as electricity, water and telephone lines.  Just think of how Globe has its data caps, Muralco frequently abuses its customers to the point electricity becomes absurd and so on.  

5.) People with no sense of respect for others.  You get long lines, inconsiderate people, people who swindle, people who borrow money and never pay for it back, and not to mention the most common no sense of respect for others is BEING ALWAYS LATE!  Who wants to invest there anyway?

6.) Also it's the capital of Failipino laziness and incompetence.  So much for saying that Visayan men are lazy.  In the Visayas, most of the labor force are hardworking and it can be counted who's not.  In Manila... you might as well think of many cases of why drug mules are mostly common there.  They want to earn big bucks without working hard.  It's also a place where the lazy are rewarded and the diligent and punished.

To be honest with all these reasons above, I'm not a bit surprised that enlightened residents of Imperial Manila have had a massive exodus.  Either they live in the more progressive areas of the Philippines OR have left the country.  

And yet the people wonder why the country has No Direction?  


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