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Missing Amy?

I honestly have had my thoughts of chatting with her but not actually seeing her.  It kind of hurts.  So I pretty gave it a thought about it that I do miss her.  Hmmm... and she misses the city we met.  However we were not lovers back then.  If I'm to talk, it's all about missing her.  Sad.  I honestly feel like as if she's in Arkham Asylum or well... let my imagination fly.  Serious?  Maybe.  It seems to be.  I kind of thought that I seriously and seriously, I wish we can see each other and perhaps I wish I could treat her out.   Anyway I also thought about it that she has Bea Saw's type of behavior and naive nature too so looks like her villainous beauty hides the naive nature of a silly girl.

Thinking of My First Crush... She Reminds Me of Mileena Now!

Hmmm.... things change don't they?  Hee hee.  So I've got to admit that after seeing her face again, I can't find myself even a bit admiring her.  But I have to admit, it was a crush, not real affection.  I don't know.  Really.  I guess I'm glad she's got somebody else.  However, I do admit that maybe perhaps once in my life, I was not lured away by appearances.  But now, I feel bad about what happened.
Perhaps what caused me to slowly get drifted away by beauty was watching a few episodes of Baywatch and seeing a younger Pamela Anderson or...
Was it when I watched MMPR... perhaps.
Then again, I remembered my crush on a Spanish girl who resembled Jayme Betcher that I denied for too long because of racism I implanted on myself.:-(
Somehow, and I believe it's for the best to let go of my first crush.

That Pamela Anderson-Look Alike Was TOO HOT to Handle!

Just thinking of that kind of Pamela Anderson look alike I've just mentioned, she was just too hot to handle.  Yeah.  I just couldn't get a hold of her.  The first time I saw her, I was pretty hesitant to even talk to her and could only admire such beauty at a distance.  Hmmm... took me some time before I got into a conversation with her as I never thought I could see such a woman.  But compared to Pamela Anderson, she is a true appreciator of natural beauty and isn't a PETA freak.  She is also a plant lover herself.
I just couldn't have enough of that smile... just enough to balance my aloof personality.
I really have to admit she had a pretty face and a great figure...
But I've got to admit that there's really the possibility of unnatural tensions between me and her.  Hee hee. I'll just use the nickname Amy to represent her.

Just Crazy- Bad Girl Experience!

If there was anything pretty ironic was how some bad girl I met wasn't even pretty nor was she sexy, her two front teeth were kind of huge but she was one really promiscuous girl.  Well she seemed kindly at first but she was in reality, full of evil.  Scheming, manipulative and selecting men that would overspend just for her selfishness.  So how was it really?  I remembered courting her and getting desperate over her.  Was it worth not?  Nope.  Honestly, she turned out to be pretty horrible and fortunately I wasn't dating her.  Just good thing I never had her.  Ha ha ha.  Anyway, I'm still kind of focused with that girl I'm trying to hook on.

Trying to Establish a Long Distance Relationship with Some Hot Girl

I'm NOT posting her real photo but she kinda looks like a younger, pre-surgery Pamela Anderson (not exactly... plus they're not in any way related) but she has brown hair... not really and she's only half-American (her other half is Chinese) but doesn't look like it.  So we do know each other personally in my College days, once mistook her for a childhood infatuation and found out she was  an entirely different person but the current distance between me and her can be something of a barrier.  She's two years my junior and a part-time model.  This is kind of personal so sorry that I won't let you know who she is.  Hmmm... just really personal.  But I'd like to tweet a little bit about it.  Hee hee.  I pretty much thought about trying to ask her out and all.  Well, I might as well start doing business with her to really get a bond going.  I hope to get her soon. XP

Another Young Pamela Anderson Photo

Hmmm... this photo of Pamela Anderson shows how pretty she really was before surgeries destroyed her.  This one has the very much of natural beauty.  Sadly she never saw her beauty.

One Side Says Yes, The Other Side Says No

In an interracial relationship, it's possible one side says yes and the other side says no.  Surprising?  Not really.  Some Americans are pretty open minded about marrying non-Americans compared to the past during the civil war.  I mean, we see American men with Asian women and some really do are genuine relationships.  On the other hand there are Chinese families who don't like the idea of an intermarriage while the girl's family is entirely A-OK with the guy.  Hmmm... well that's better than both sides saying no.

The Summer is Hot... But Emma Roberts is HOTTER!

Here are some summer style photos of Emma Roberts.  

Simply Fabulous Emma Roberts

Compared to having many makeovers, this picture of Emma Roberts is simply fabulous.  Love it.

Devil's Trill

This is one of the hardest pieces to play.  Well it has a very bizarre speculation behind it that Giuseppi Tartini met the Devil in his dreams but that has never been confirmed at all.  It has a very creepy theme.  It is indeed one of the hardest violin pieces to master.  This piece was also used in Kamen Rider Black episode 8 titled "The Devil's Sonata".

This is a modern version done by Vanessa Mae where the creepiness is partly removed.