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Satirical News: Toei Ltd. Announces The Creation Of Tokusatsu Series "Shippaiman" Based On Comic Book "Sa Gitna Ng Unos"

After a Filipino staff member of Saban Brands (who did not want to disclose herself) was given a copy of "Sa Gitna Ng Unos" meaning "In the Middle of the Storm". Saban was able to get an English version of the comic strip and called it a huge pile of garbage but thought it might make a great comedy series. Saban flew off to Japan to meet Toei's CEO Noriyuki Tada and gave a copy of the comic book. With a translator at hand, Tada said that the whole comic book was a big pile of garbage but it gave him an idea.

Inspired by the event where Roxas sought to become a Kamen Rider and failed miserably, both parties agreed to name the series Shippaiman. Shippai means failure in Japanese. The story of Shippaiman takes place that a huge storm hit Akihabara. Shippaiman tries to become a superhero but his henshin powers only makes the situation worse. The main character is named Manabu Rokuda (same initials with Mar Roxas) who is a failure of a superhero. Casting decisions …

Young Pamela Anderson Photo For March 29, 2016

Well she's almost fifty in real life but can't help but display this younger picture of her here. Too bad she's never had a daughter and all her beautiful DNA got wasted in the process. 

Emma Roberts Picture For March 29, 2016

Another pretty picture of my former favorite Nickelodeon girl back then... 

There's Something About Gracie Dzienny...

I remembered watching Supah Ninjas and finding Gracie Dzienny more on the "cute side" and I was more into Victoria Justice or Emma Roberts back then. There's also Ciara Hanna who's now graduated from her Nickelodeon girl status. I just wanted to give a thought back and forth to how she became that cute blonde into a real hot blonde.

Just merely looking at the transformation she had from teenage years to adulthood, she's properly bloomed into a beautiful 20 year old young woman. It's a real turn of events to how a cute blonde becomes a Pamela Anderson look-alike. Just like Pam in the younger years she's got that innocent look with a stunning smile to go along with her attractive physique.

I never thought she'd bloom this gorgeous.... then again, not everyone bloomed in their teenage years either.

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Animated GIFs

I'll admit this one still gets me to this very day... and she's still got more charm than Rishiya Princess Mei IMO. So there!
Something must have upset her
Gotta love that smile

Blondes Don't Always Look Better

While I can't deny that I do like blonde beauties a lot but blondes don't always look better. Now for some situations that show blondes don't always look better.

I can say blondes don't always look better are Kimberly and her replacement Kat. Kat's a blonde, she's cute but I personally didn't find her as pretty as Kimberly.

Another instance of blondes aren't always better is my favorite example of Tori Hanson vs. Nanami Nono. Tori is kind of cute but let her wear that magician costume, I don't think it'd be as distracting as those episodes of Lily Shirogane in Kamen Rider W. Nanami for me has always been hotter than Tori. Sometimes, Japanese girls are hotter.

I could still bring Ciara Hanna up. I'll admit she's attractive. While I think she looks better than Mao Ichimichi but other Sentai girls still look better.

Then again, isn't beauty in the eyes of the beholder?

Satirical News: Neri Cuckonares Proposes "Kahit Konting Awa" To Become The New Philippine National Anthem!

Considering today is the 21st death anniversary of the late Flor Contemplacion, Senatorial candidate Representative Neri Cuckonares decides to submit a proposal to Congress. With Migraine International's endorsement, he proposed that "Kahit Konting Awa" which means "Just a Little Pity" will become the new Philippine national anthem in place of Lupang Hinirang.

During an interview, Representative Cuckonares was asked, "Why do you propose that 'Kahit Konting Awa' should be the new Philippine national anthem?" He replied, "Remembering Flor Contemplacion's unjust execution at the hands of foreigners and with people who decide that Philippines should be open to foreign direct investment are not aware of evils foreigners can do to Filipinos. We Filipinos have always been victimized. By changing the national anthem to 'Kahit Konting Awa', we will build awareness that Filipinos are indeed an oppressed race and always deserves the pit…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For March 9, 2016

What can I say? My jaw dropped to the floor with how she looks like here. 

Anime Openings VS. Filipino-English Cover Versions Anyone?

Here's a sample clip of a classic Anime called Ninja Senshi Tobikage which was dubbed as "Ninja Robots". Some cover versions can be good depending on the singer. In the case of Ninja Senshi Tobikage, you may want to make a comparison between the original song vs. the cover version.
What's my freaking opinion between the two songs? I really think that the original song called "Love Survivor" beats out "Ninja Robots". Sure the English opening keeps the tune, it has nice lyrics but the problem is the singer's lack of passion combined with a flat voice. The Japanese singer Hit Boy had better vocals than the singer of the English version. The English version needed a more passionate singer than the one they hired.
Then again, I might be having my biases. It sort of happens to me after I've watched Japanese shows that I used to watch dubbed. But after seeing them fan-subbed with the original Japanese audio, I tend to immediately favor the origin…

Gracie Dzienny: From Cute Blonde To Hot Blonde

This is a real leap in blossoming isn't it?
Gracie Dzienny as a cute blonde teenager. Back in Supah Ninjas, she was a cute blonde girl. But given some time she really turned into something unexpected.
As a 20 year old adult, she's really become very pretty lady. The more I look at her later pictures, the more she's blossomed into a real beauty. She has that impression of child-like innocence accompanied with real gorgeousness.

The X Button's Location Varies From Console To Console

Try to take a look at these obsolete video game consoles and you might say, "Wow the X gets located somewhere." The X button's location varies from console to console. I just thought of the time I played with an X-Box at somebody else's house while I had a Playstation 2 back then. Then I remembered also the time when I played with a Super Nintendo (for rent only) and when I had my first Playstation, I felt funny (at first) with the X located at the bottom of the four main buttons but I immediately got used to it.
What's your experience with the X button in the past?

Snow Fungus Sweet Soup

If there's black ear fungus used for cooking main dishes then there's also snow fungus which has a different consistency. Snow fungus has been used in main dishes though I remembered it being prepared as a dessert. The dish is prepared using snow fungus and rock sugar.

So how is this dessert prepared? Here's how according to Little Corner of Mine. It's being prepared by slow cooking the snow fungus in water in high temperature for four hours. After four hours is over, the rock sugar is added to taste. Stirring the rock sugar until it's dissolved. You may serve it hot or chilled depending on one's preference or climate.

Some Delicious Vietnamese Egg Meat Loaf

I'm not really that fond of Vietnamese cooking nor steamed egg dishes in the past. This dish called the Vietnamese egg meat loaf tickled my taste buds. It's eaten with some rice and Vietnamese soy sauce. I never expected to like this dish considering I wasn't so fond of Chinese steamed egg dishes when I was younger.
It's prepared by mixing eggs and ground pork, steaming it in medium heat for half an hour and then adding some yolks on top then steaming it for a quarter hour to make a dish. Added into the meat are cloud ear fungus and some mushrooms which contributes to the flavor. Soy sauce, oyster sauce and some sugar are added as seasonings to enhance the flavor.