There's Something About Gracie Dzienny...

I remembered watching Supah Ninjas and finding Gracie Dzienny more on the "cute side" and I was more into Victoria Justice or Emma Roberts back then. There's also Ciara Hanna who's now graduated from her Nickelodeon girl status. I just wanted to give a thought back and forth to how she became that cute blonde into a real hot blonde.

Just merely looking at the transformation she had from teenage years to adulthood, she's properly bloomed into a beautiful 20 year old young woman. It's a real turn of events to how a cute blonde becomes a Pamela Anderson look-alike. Just like Pam in the younger years she's got that innocent look with a stunning smile to go along with her attractive physique.

I never thought she'd bloom this gorgeous.... then again, not everyone bloomed in their teenage years either.