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It's Time For Midautumn Festival AKA The Chinese Harvest Festival

Well it's time for the Midautumn Festival to which the celebration commemorates the middle of Autumn. I'll admit, I've only celebrated it with my fellow Tsinoys or Chinos. So what's the Midautumn Festival for you may ask? There are many reasons for the celebration to take place.
The celebration started around in the Shang Dynasty and that it was the celebration when the harvest was completed, hence the harvest moon. The celebration gained popularity during the Tang Dynasty and Emperor Xuang Tong popularized the festival, after he supposedly explored the Moon Palace, popularized the festival. Others state that ancient Chinese celebrated the harvest with the moon where they would have family bonding. It was given some political significance when the Han Chinese overthrew the Mongolians during Mid-Autumn, ending their rule and establishing the Ming Dynasty.

My Own Way Of Wrapping Things Up For My Imagined Parody, Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Edition

In the light of how I remembered writing the satirical news of Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Edition together with the comment that followed it, I thought of writing my own version of how the game concluded with both sides joining in for the greater good of humanity. So here goes the story and I hope it would be funny and disturbing at the same time:

Shinnok and Raiden called a truce considering that President Nobita's administration has been a greater threat to humanity. Now the mayhem had just begun...

Johnny Cage and Cassie Cage got so popular that it caused Kris Aquino to get mad. Angry, Kris tried to kill Johnny with STD related attacks but Cassie defends her father. Cassie performs her gun fatality on Kris but does not apply bubblegum. During this event, Bum tries to avenge Kris by attempting to violate Cassie. However, Jacqui appears and smashes Bum to pieces.

The fallen Elder God Shinnok and Quan Chi revive the victims of Stinky's relief goods which comprised of fake go…

I'd Watch Power Rangers Megaforce Over Those Telebasuras!

Even if I really had a lot of bad things to say about Power Rangers Megaforce but I figured out that the show may not be so bad in my books.  In what way?  It's really something when something I consider to be a stupid entry in the franchise, ends up becoming my alternative to watching those telebasuras produced by local Filipino networks, especially from ABiaS-CBN, the yellow network of the Philippines.

I wonder if you heard of the Trope of "So bad it's so good"? which I think applies to Power Rnagers Megaforce.  While I would feel my idiocy and insanity saying, "Nah, Mako and Kotoha are so much better than the Megaforce girls anyday." but I'd say, "Not even Christina Masterson's acting is as bad as Kris Aquino's."  Now I may have had given it bad criticism but when it comes to Megaforce's failure vs. the daily dose of telebasuras, you know what I'll pick.

Satirical News: President Nobita Suspended From Playing Defense Of The Ancients!

After President Nobita was suspended from Playstation Networkfor being tactless towards Playstation 3 and XBox 360 owners who were looking forward to Mortal Kombat X, now another incident has occurred. This time, President Nobita was suspended from playing Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) for his tactlessness and whiny attitude. The whole incident caused major laughs and stupidity at the same time.
The incident with DOTA started when he was online against Senator Bongbong Marcos. Prior to the incident, Senator Bongbong had defeated President Nobita in DOTA and topped again. During the time Bongbong won the DOTA tournament, he lost his cool. He started to raise personal issues by accusing Bongbong of attempting to assassinate him at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport up to saying, "Well Gloria is not the only problem I have. You are also to blame you (insert bad word) for my other problems. It was your fault that Manila still has floods because you stole public funds like your f…

Back Then, I Was Fascinated With The Ultraman Franchise!

I don't know exactly if I am still an Ultraman fan or not, but as of late, I feel like my relationship with Ultraman has been like my relationship with Power Rangers.  It's something that I enjoyed as a child, I can look back to it as a pleasant memory but in a way, I have either outgrown Ultraman and become neutral with it or I feel that I want to watch some Ultraman series every now and then.

Back as a child, I always had my fascination with Ultraman toys even if not all the series were broadcast in the Philippines.  I remembered the Ultraman games in the Arcade namely that rather difficult "Tatakae!  Ultraman Kyodai!" which I just played like every other kid or the Ultraman Arcade game.  Whenever I think of looking back at those memories, I am also reminded of how I almost injured myself imitating Ultraman... reminds me of that episode when Takeru was a kid in Maskman.

A Review With Some Of My Favorite Chatime Beverages!

Chatime happens to be my favorite "drinking outlet" and I would like to make a review on some of my favorite beverages.  I would like to do some rather sane reviews.  Here's my latest healthy alternative to Japanese liquor to save me from further breakdown.  In my case, I never add sugar to my drinks here.

Brown Rice Green Tea is tea made from the husk of rice grains.  During the milling process, the husk is removed and it becomes the raw material for making tea.  It has that smell of the fresh rice field associated with it.

Why I Think Shigeru Miyamoto Said Yes To The Theory That Super Mario Bros. 3 Is A Stage Play

Super Mario Bros. 3 perhaps one of the most beloved games that keeps getting re-released for next-generation Nintendo systems either as an in-disk item or as a downloadable game, I didn't realize that there was the theory that it was a freaking stage game.  So what was really going on?

Looking at these, some fans have presented some evidence that Super Mario Bros. 3 as a stage play based on the pictures above.  In the ending, we have Mario rescuing Princess Peach from what looks like a back door, in the Super Nintendo remake (which was an in-game content for Super Mario All Stars), we see the windows just open like a theatrical window and the floors were checkered like in many old-fashioned European theaters.

What's the possible message behind the yes?  My only theory is that it's his way of saying, "Children, remember Super Mario is just make-believe, the games may exist but it's just your imagination, nothing more.  So don't cry if Super Mario fell down a l…

The Stupidity Of Suing A Critic For His Or Her Opinion!

When I thought about the anti-cybercrime law a few years back, I am afraid that law could really spiral out of control.  With that libel clause inserted, I already thought that how it was defined refused to tell the difference between NEGATIVE OPINION vs. LIBEL/SLANDER.  As a person who has the tendency to be so touchy and not to mention, the occasional bootlicker and approval addict, I thought it was good until I saw the kind of trouble that it would develop.

Now let's think about our DIFFERENT opinions.  Now let's say it's me vs. Sentai Bandicoot and we have different opinions and criticisms.  Now let's just say that I offer him criticism on his Gingaman review on Herotaku and he offers me criticism on my Jetman review on JEFusion like let's say, things we both believe each other lacked.  Like he'd say, "Sean, you're being too repetitive." or I'd say, "Sentai Bandicoot I feel you need to elaborate more."  We can also name a situat…

For Blazblue Continuum Shift... My Current Favorite Fighter Is Jin Kisaragi?!

So I'm enjoying Blazblue: Continuum Shift, the Story Mode's gameplay is addictive except for that it can get annoying for me to read through walls and walls of text, compared to Tekken 6's cinematic shots in Scenario Campaign as well as Mortal Kombat (2011) with rendered cutscenes.  So I just figured out that for some reason, my current fighter to like is the noble villain, Jin Kisaragi who has some sadistic yet disturbed tendencies.  
Yeah I know, I sort of like psychotic and cruel characters at times.  I mean like in Dragon Ball Z, my favorite would be the rather impulsive former antagonist Vegeta instead of the more cool-headed Goku.  In Tekken, I'm a die-hard Kazuya player.  In the case of Jin, he's a cold-blooded guy demonstrated by his power,  I tend to like characters who tend to be very cold and uncaring, and willing to harm or even kill anyone.  
Putting aside the personality, I think Jin's gameplay sort of describes mine.  I'm pretty cheap myself…

Satirical News: Ed Boon Releases Kombat Pack: Filipino Edition For Mortal Kombat X Players In The Philippines!

After President Nobita made a tactless remark about Mortal Kombat X's cancellation and Ed Boon revealing his regrets about the game's cancellation, he decided to finally release Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Exclusive Kombat Pack for USD 4.99 but it will be available first in the Philippines.  He promises that President Nobita would not get away with his tactless remark.

The new Philippine Kombat Pack features the following as downloadable content.  It features Filipiana style costumes for some characters like Liu Kang and Kung Lao looking like katipuneros, Johnny Cage dressed up in a barong, Sonya dressed up in Arnis attire, Kano dressed up as a Tondo gangster and what sparked the outrage was Shinnok's latest appearance.  The alternate costume of Shinnok looked like President Nobita wearing his presidential barong.

When asked why he made Shinnok look like President Nobita, Boon only stated, "Well Shinnok is a lazy villain who relies too much on his subordinates.  Presi…

Which Mortal Kombat Character Do I Compare President Nobita To?

In the midst of my "despair" that Mortal Kombat X was so cancelled for the last generation systems, I was inspired by a Get Real Philippines post to write this post. Which Mortal Kombat character is President Nobita? Would you compare him to Shao Kahn? Not even close enough to persoanlity! Now here's one character who I think is Noynoy in Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat X's final villain, Shinnok would be the character fit for President Nobita. Whether it was Mortal Kombat 4/Gold (back for the Playstation then the Dreamcast), I thought it might make a good comparison to identify Shinnok's traits in both the original Mortal Kombat and the franchise' reincarnation to at least understand the character and how President Nobita is Shinnok.

Looking at Mortal Kombat 4/Gold, it's easy to see that Shinnok is a lazy, incompetent and arrogant character in more than one level. Doesn't that remind you of President Nobita with his cybercrime law, Pwede Na Yan attitud…

Why I Quit... Video Game Bandwagoning!

Remembering myself as a child, I always thought I rolled over the floor demanding this and that from my parents.  I didn't understand back then why my parents would not give me this and that.  Back then, I had "friends" who had a lot of video game systems which today are obsolete.  It's their mentality that you are "rich" if you have (insert system), (insert system), (insert system)... and if you are "poor" if you don't have them.  They often forget that it's the amount of money you have that makes you rich, not the stuff you own.

Later on in life, nothing was more pleasant than to think I didn't have all those video game systems in the past such as the Super Nintendo or the Sega systems or my house would be SO FULL OF JUNK.  Good thing I didn't get a Sega Dreamcast because that game system's life was SO SHORT and I got a Playstation 2 instead.  I'll admit I didn't immediately get a Playstation 2 when it first came out…

Victoria Justice Picture For September 2, 2015

Here's Victoria Justice appearing rather modest but still very pretty....

Just Checking Out... Blazblue!!!!!

It was indeed a boo hoo for me that Mortal Kombat X got cancelled for the Playstation 3 but an item change was allowed to where I pre-ordered.  So what I did was to actually the fuzz about Blazblue and got Continuum Shift Extend for PHP 1,000.00.  So what's my thoughts?  I would admit that playing through rather impossible scenarios is my favorite thing to do.  Now I am just getting new to Blazblue and I don't know much about it but here goes...
The main hero is Ragna the Destroyer who for some reason wants NOL destroyed.  So he's sort of that anti-hero and I'll admit, I sorta like having these kinds of twists.  So after the Dark Beast attacked humanity and well, nearly destroyed the world in some futuristic setting, so something's happening right?  So really, I thought that in my rather messed up mind of unbearable destruction of sorts.  Meanwhile my favorite character to use (as of the moment) is the really cheap Jin Kisaragi and somehow, I always have a knack f…