Back Then, I Was Fascinated With The Ultraman Franchise!

I don't know exactly if I am still an Ultraman fan or not, but as of late, I feel like my relationship with Ultraman has been like my relationship with Power Rangers.  It's something that I enjoyed as a child, I can look back to it as a pleasant memory but in a way, I have either outgrown Ultraman and become neutral with it or I feel that I want to watch some Ultraman series every now and then.

Back as a child, I always had my fascination with Ultraman toys even if not all the series were broadcast in the Philippines.  I remembered the Ultraman games in the Arcade namely that rather difficult "Tatakae!  Ultraman Kyodai!" which I just played like every other kid or the Ultraman Arcade game.  Whenever I think of looking back at those memories, I am also reminded of how I almost injured myself imitating Ultraman... reminds me of that episode when Takeru was a kid in Maskman.

If anything, I still remembered watching bits and pieces of some Ultraman series either aired on ABiaS-CBN (Ultraman Ace), some Indonesian channel in the past where I saw bits and pieces of Ultraman 80 (and really, I NEVER understood anything because it was dubbed in Indonesian) or the very first Ultraman I watched from start to end, namely Ultraman Tiga where I saw the ending and I haven't seen the endings of Ultraman nor Ultraman Ace except read the synopsis to find out what happened, but it's much different if I watch them from start to end.  There was Ultraman Towards The Future but I wasn't a fan of that Australian adaptation.  I saw Ultraman Tiga when I was around 13-14 years old as a disturbed, touchy teenager who was missing someone so dearly.  I still remembered its Ultra-Finale where Ultraman Tiga got the power of children around the world to defeat Gatanozoa.

I can't determine the fateful day I really started feeling neutral about Ultraman, whether it was the time I stopped being a Super Sentai purist or was it during the time I took a break from Tokusatsu as a whole, deciding to focus on Chinese films from either China itself, Taiwan or Hong Kong?!  I still wonder have I really gone neutral with Ultraman?  I think as of right now, I' have gone neutral with it maybe except for a few occasions when there's a pretty girl around in the series (ex. Yukari Taki).  Hehehehehehe!