Why I Quit... Video Game Bandwagoning!

Remembering myself as a child, I always thought I rolled over the floor demanding this and that from my parents.  I didn't understand back then why my parents would not give me this and that.  Back then, I had "friends" who had a lot of video game systems which today are obsolete.  It's their mentality that you are "rich" if you have (insert system), (insert system), (insert system)... and if you are "poor" if you don't have them.  They often forget that it's the amount of money you have that makes you rich, not the stuff you own.

Later on in life, nothing was more pleasant than to think I didn't have all those video game systems in the past such as the Super Nintendo or the Sega systems or my house would be SO FULL OF JUNK.  Good thing I didn't get a Sega Dreamcast because that game system's life was SO SHORT and I got a Playstation 2 instead.  I'll admit I didn't immediately get a Playstation 2 when it first came out and I'm glad I didn't because I had a lot more games to choose from!  It made me think that not all the newer games are cool like Tekken 4 isn't as good as Tekken 3 while Tekken 5 is definitely solid.

I really enjoyed having friends who liked me for me, not for the stuff I have and we shared the stuff we had.  Although, got to admit the same group of friends were also the same Toku pals I had who I joined with the most absurd of activities... namely talk about Toku girls than Toku itself or it's all about girls.  Now back to video games, I remembered how I would just get some tips from them, I was always the last person to get a video game system because well, I'm the cheapo guy so some of them assumed I must be much richer than they are when I'm not.  These guys were more enjoyable than the hype players.

Remembering when the Playstation 3 first came out, it was really PHP 40,000.00 (I think) but when I had it last 2013 (I think), it was around PHP 18,000+, the same price I would get a PS4 for though I am in no hurry whatsoever.  So what if I have to pay USD 5.00 for Goro or maybe by the time I get it, the DLC may have become cheaper or hopefully, Ed Boon makes Goro as free DLC as compensation for other players who weren't able to pre-order.  So should I get PS4 just to play Mortal Kombat X?  Nah... that can wait.  When I think of it, I played Mortal Kombat (2011) so last 2013 and that game has had some better reception than Mortal Kombat X, so really, I hate bandwagoning now.

When I bandwagoned I felt cool at first but that coolness lost its coolness over time.  It helped me develop my philosophy that a cool game doesn't easily lose its coolness.  By the time I played Mortal Kombat (2011) the hype was gone or was it?  I did get the Komplete Edition around PHP 1,000+ which gave me some savings.  If I'm just bandwagoning them I'm not a true fan of the game.  A true fan is different from the bandwagon fan because he or she does not care about popular opinion but rather, he or she cares about the quality and value that a game offers even after so long.