I'd Watch Power Rangers Megaforce Over Those Telebasuras!

Even if I really had a lot of bad things to say about Power Rangers Megaforce but I figured out that the show may not be so bad in my books.  In what way?  It's really something when something I consider to be a stupid entry in the franchise, ends up becoming my alternative to watching those telebasuras produced by local Filipino networks, especially from ABiaS-CBN, the yellow network of the Philippines.

I wonder if you heard of the Trope of "So bad it's so good"? which I think applies to Power Rnagers Megaforce.  While I would feel my idiocy and insanity saying, "Nah, Mako and Kotoha are so much better than the Megaforce girls anyday." but I'd say, "Not even Christina Masterson's acting is as bad as Kris Aquino's."  Now I may have had given it bad criticism but when it comes to Megaforce's failure vs. the daily dose of telebasuras, you know what I'll pick.


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