My Own Way Of Wrapping Things Up For My Imagined Parody, Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Edition

In the light of how I remembered writing the satirical news of Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Edition together with the comment that followed it, I thought of writing my own version of how the game concluded with both sides joining in for the greater good of humanity. So here goes the story and I hope it would be funny and disturbing at the same time:

Shinnok and Raiden called a truce considering that President Nobita's administration has been a greater threat to humanity. Now the mayhem had just begun...

Johnny Cage and Cassie Cage got so popular that it caused Kris Aquino to get mad. Angry, Kris tried to kill Johnny with STD related attacks but Cassie defends her father. Cassie performs her gun fatality on Kris but does not apply bubblegum. During this event, Bum tries to avenge Kris by attempting to violate Cassie. However, Jacqui appears and smashes Bum to pieces.

The fallen Elder God Shinnok and Quan Chi revive the victims of Stinky's relief goods which comprised of fake goods from unscrupulous Chinese businessmen. In return, Stinky was cocooned by D'Vorah where she allowed flesh-eating bugs to slowly eat Stinky at the same spot where the expired relief goods were. Stinky dies a horrible death as a result.

Shinnok and Quan Chi also revive the SAF-44 as Revenants. Both Kabal and Stryker still as Revenants, attack the Pulis National Patola. Alan Impurisima, Pink Lacson and Getulio Napunas were later killed and sent to the Netherrealm for eternity.

Due to Kill Henares' tax polices, Kano soon gave new weapons to overly taxed Filipinos. Black Dragon becomes a revolutionary organization. The Bureau of Internal Robbery is destroyed as a result of the revolution.

To attack the Commission on Human Rights and other activist groups, both Liu Kang and Kitana while leading the other Revenants attacked Manang Etta Rosales. When Etta tries to reason out, Liu Kang performs the sore throat fatality on her and later, more of the activists were also punished as well. Kung Lao appeared and performed the buzzsaw fatality on Gary Martinez and Toady Casino to make them an example out of the clowns.

Scorpion appears to finally use his chain and spear to punish Joseph Pabaya for saying traffic is not fatal. A lot of people who died of stress in traffic come back as undead warriors, Scorpion and his newly found clan of undead torch Pabaya and the DOTC personnel. Scorpion's student Takeda was sent to punish all the irresponsible traffic enforcers for delaying  progress in Imperial Manila.

Sub-Zero and the newly formed Lin Kuei clan invade the compound of the Macoys, Bitays, Unggoy Estrada, Dilemma and Villar with the help of Kung Jin, Kenshi and Jax.

Kotal Kahn later attacked the Malacanang. He finally captures President Nobita and tortures him. Using a Macuahuitl, Kotal starts to torture President Nobita for being an irresponsible ruler of the Philippines. He is assisted by Reptile, Erron Black and Ermac.

Shinnok and Raiden both agreed to put their differences aside by destroying all the Aquinotards, Macoytards, Bitaytards, ABiaS-CBN and the rest of the political-tards. Shinnok orders his demons to drag them down to the Netherrealm where they will be tortured for all eternity. Shinnok calls for a truce and decides to stop attacking Earthrealm, finding a new reason for him to be entertained in the Netherrealm as all their victims are sent to different levels of the 18 chambers of the Netherrealm.

Elder Gods did not intervene and approved of all their actions.