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Features That I Think Make Caucasian Women Exotic to Chinese Males

So far, I would like to think about what makes me find Caucasian girls exotic to Chinese males. These are:

1.) The bug eyed beauty. Okay I find tiny-eyed girls hot too but, it seems that I'm getting bored with chinky eyes. Then again, there are bug-eyed Orientals due to a mixture in the line. Also there's the eye color too.

2.) It's the hair color isn't it? I find blonds, brunettes and redheads attractive.

3.) The skin tone is too. Well Caucasians do have that "certain glow" in their skin that some people try to achieve and can't. Hee hee.

But I would want a 5'2 Caucasian girl with all the features above. Ha ha. Seriously.

A Kazuya-Erika Love Story Can Happen Between a Chinese and an Caucasian

Here's a little bit of everything- if you remembered Daimos (if you ever watched it) andi ts love story, it's between Kazuya (known as Richard to English dub fans) and Erika (a Baam who is the sister of Ulrich) which was a forbidden love. Yup. And what was the issue? War between Earth and Baam was it. And in reality, such a similar relationship can happen minus Daimos. And it can happen between a Chinese and a Caucasian. Truth is, Caucasians have opened up to the idea earlier than most Chinese. Being Chinese in ethnicity I understand that myself.

Actually it can happen in two ways- Chinese guy and American girl and the more common Chinese girl and American guy.

Let's go down to the more common: Chinese girl and Caucasian guy. We can start where there are Chinese, like the Baams, some have become wanderers looking for a new home. Some are pro-peace and others are not. So let's just say that a prideful Chinese guy has a younger sister who has a relationship with…

Some Beautiful Results of Caucasian-Oriental Breeding Along the Line

So far, since there have been Chinese-Caucasian breeding somewhere in between so here are some of the lovely results:

Bug-eyed oriental girls. Yup. Vicki Zhao is one example.

Some look more Chinese but have Caucasian skin. Isabella Leong Nolasco de Silva is half-Portugese, half-Chinese.

Penny Lin and Wallace Luo. They may have traces of Spanish or Portugese blood along the way. Most Taiwanese have evidence of interbreeding with Europeans. Even some Japanese exhibit such appearances these days.

Defining "Exotic Women" for Caucasian Males

So far, here are the type of girls that Caucasian males are most likely to go after:

The Asian brown beauty, for some reason preferably Filipino although not limited to Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and the like. Filipino women are usually found in Western countries married to white men. Also, some Caucasian guys especially Americans have been fond of getting services with Filipino women working as GROs. Sad but true.

The oriental Asian beauty. Well, this would naturally be my type if I were a white man. Somehow there's something about orientals especially women from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong that makes them h-o-t mostly from Taiwan. The most preferable so far are Chinese women on top although there are also Japanese and Koreans. In some parts of China and Japan, some Caucasian males take advantage of their overnight services.

Why I Think Some Chinese Men Desire Caucasian Women

I personally thought that ever since the Caucasian man-Chinese woman pairing came in, it seems that it's beginning to surface that the opposite can happen. We now have Chinese men going after Caucasian girls and I appear to be one. Hee hee. Seriously, I find myself becoming unappreciative of my own ethnicity and finding myself wanting to marry a Caucasian girl. Seriously, that's why I've decided to take a Masters in business to work in England or Switzerland, migrate and hopefully marry a Caucasian girl. Strayed off didn't we? Anyway I pretty thought much about the Caucasian girl craze:

When going to China, I realized that some areas have had a drop of the female population. True. I can't believe they kept aborting! Darn it! You know, they could have grown to be such lovely women. Sad but true. Some Chinese women have flown somewhere and married outside China, never to return.

We do have the white guy and Chinese girl pairings. So maybe, these American guy…

Somehow I'm Not Very Attracted to Typical Filipino Beauty

Sad but true really. Although I'm always willing to work with anybody of any ethnicity and be friends but attraction is always a different issue. It doesn't mean I work with a woman doesn't mean I'm attracted to the person. Same goes for the typical Filipino women being dark-skinned. I like slightly brown but not dark brown. Ha ha. Well I guess that's why I've never courted the typical Filipino beauty women I've worked with.

On the other hand, some Filipino girls with certain mixtures do come out well for some reason just like mixing Chinese blood with Caucasian blood.

To Cope Up with ADHD, Mozart Therapy May Work Better than Medication?!

So far, I have heard that medications for ADHD may just land me on the rehabilitation center. It seems that to listen to Mozart during idle moments or while blogging may actually slowly help the mind improve. Hmmm... can it be my real therapy? Maybe I should spend more time listening to classical music instead of just being in too much silence in my own room. Too much silence can be a room to breed ugly thoughts.

I Fancy Funny, Pretty, Kindhearted Girls...

Truth is, I fancy funny, pretty kindhearted girls and it seems that if they do have some being air-headed, it makes them more attractive. Hmmm... and I just like how they react with something funny and strike back, forth and they would make good practicing partners. And that's how I felt about that woman two years older than I am. I just wish I could forget about her. On the other hand, I hope I can find a new one.

A Hag with No Shame... REALLY!

I was just done delivering some money to the banks where my cousin worked as the manager, I went to walk a distance to eat some of my favorite affordable but clean foods then I ran into a big fat monstrous lady wearing nothing! It was pretty horrible. :-P Fortunately our family employee who's crazy wasn't there or he'd keep dancing with her.

Despite Being Oriental, I'm Still Wishing to Marry a Caucasian Girl?!

Yup I have to admit it's pretty complicated. Besides, I'm really and seriously going to take my master's to be able to get a better job in America or Canada. No more business handling, only employment. Hmmm... and if I marry there, I might have more chances of marrying a Caucasian girl. Pretty much what I wanted.

On the other hand, some Oriental girls are still hot. I've heard that some Oriental girls age slower than Caucasians. Then again, some Caucasians still look younger without surgeries like I refused to believe that Jane Fonda is actually in her 70s.

If There's Any Apple I Like, It's the Japanese Apples!

Okay I have to admit I'm not very fond of apples that's why I choose mango over apples, but Japanese apples are the best. They have a certain flavor that's not in American apples. So far, they have a unique crunch and flavor that's hard to find in the West.