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Emma Roberts- One Look Says It All

This is Emma Roberts for Neuterogena.  I have to admit this picture says a lot, one look says it all.  Hee hee.

She Can Be MY DIRECTOR Anyday

Emma Roberts on a director's chair with her gorgeous looks... woah!

One Look Says It All- Rhian Ramos Howell

It can't be denied Rhian Ramos Howell is that HOT.  She could be the Emma Roberts of the Philippines.  That look can make my heart stop.

Emma Roberts in Phineas and Ferb

Okay I have to admit that Disney's current roster is filled with annoying acting (take its own season of Power Rangers for example during the Kalish era) but Emma Roberts remains so adorable here.  Too bad she's always beyond my reach.  I enjoyed her here.  I bet a lot of guys want to get her out there.

Emma Roberts in Wild Child's New Look

During her transformation journey, the platinum blonde look to the much simpler look makes her look better.  Definitely not just an inside transformation, it worked its way on the outside too.

Simply Elegant Emma Roberts

Simplicity is beauty... yeah.  In just a nice polka dot black dress, Emma Roberts prepares to attend for the Jay Leno show.  One can see how attractive she really is here.

Emma Roberts in House of Hype- Lovely Black Dress

Here's Emma Roberts in the House of Hype MTV Awards.  Love her look here and how well blonde dyed her hair is.  

Emma Roberts' Red Gown in "I Don't Know How She Does It"

Emma Roberts is so fabulous in her red gown.  Wow.  She's royalty in appearance.  Hail our princess.

Swapping Females Between Orientals and Whites?

Well looks like there's an exchange of women going on here... between Orientas males and White males.  So here's how a conversation could go in America or any white country. An Oriental guy would ask a White man to help him find a White girlfriend, in exchange that the Chinese guy gives the White man an Oriental girlfriend. :P
I can't really deny that there are plenty of Chinese women who are quite attractive.  Just talk about Liu Yi Fei, Esther Liu, Zhang Zi Yi and Zhao Wei to name a few.  Okay the American's guy what he's got...
On the other hand, I can't deny that aside from Orientals, where beauty seems to bloom is with the white people.  Okay not all white women are hot (take the case of most Power Rangers babes are inferior to beauty against Super Sentai babes).  Now the Chinese guy's got what he got- his White partner.  To be honest, attractive White girls for me are hotter than attractive Oriental girls.  A dating site for Chinese men seeking American…

Emma Roberts in Victoria Secret

This Emma Roberts obsession is killing me.  To be honest, here's just another gorgeous picture.