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Gracie Dzienny At MacQueen Orchards

Here's Gracie Dzienny looking really hot with these apples. 

Remembering That Super Unreliable Floppy Disk In Doing Assignments

Aside from the typewriter - one of the things that I'm glad is gone is the floppy disk system. Yes, that really annoyingly stupid floppy disk. Okay, I may be pretty old fashioned with some forms of entertainment (but I enjoy both old school and new school stuff at the same time) all the while I embrace new technology. So what's my experience with the floppy disk and what nightmares did it really give me? I could remember typing a high school report and it was such a HUGE report required or I FLUNK. Then I discovered DUNDUNDUN I couldn't even save it into the disk. I had to have it printed somewhere but it ended up with me having NO INK in my printer. OUCH. That experience alone is such a nightmare.

The disks themselves were really anything but convenient. Fortunately, the birth of the USB drives and blank CDs came to existence. The blank CD though was still not so good that time since you couldn't delete data compared to today's CD writing technology. The USB driv…

A Very Powerful Video Of Loving Your Grandmother

Nine years ago, my paternal grandmother passed away at the age of 91 years old. She would have been 100 if she were alive today. I want to share this video as it still makes me wish that she were around. It's  because of the emotional strings that are hard to remove. I just thought of how old people aren't getting any younger. In this video, the grandmother just wants to enjoy her old age. Please watch and know what you can learn!

To close, I still think this song fits in everything. I may not talk too much about her in public or all the time. But what I can't deny is how the memories are still there. I still can't forget the advice of the old people for the young. I also still remember how often this song still brings a tear to my eye one way or another because it's a very emotional song.

Gracie Dzienny Picture For October 9, 2017

Really distracting if you ask me!

Victoria Justice And That Cotton Candy

I can't deny how I used to watch Victorious for her. Now she's beyond her Nickelodeon years and honestly, I feel like new school Nickelodeon hasn't been any good these days. =P

Going Beyond Shallow Reasons Why I Dislike These Two Films Based On My Childhood

I admit that I wanted to avoid two films based on my childhood for stupid reasons. Okay, people know I dislike Power Rangers because of all the bad decisions the franchise keeps putting itself into. I also dislike Disney now for ruining my childhood with what they did with Marvel and Star Wars. It's time to think things objectively (or not) with this post.

First I could talk about Belle 

This is going to be very unpopular. There's always the fandom frustration especially when you've got Jim Paredes-minded fanbases in every fanbase. While I admit I can whine about how Emma Watson is nowhere near as pretty as the non-existent fictional character but I really have thought of how I just couldn't warm up to Emma Watson's version of Belle. It's not just the appearance but the substance of the script that made me think WTF why did I even waste precious time watching it? Watson gets praised but I'm unfortunately not among the many.

What's my problem with the 20…

Rhian Ramos Howell And Hello Kitty

Who's cuter? Her or the Hello Kitty? 

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Picture For October 2, 2017

She's really looking lovely here. Too bad MMPR didn't treat her too well that's why I don't want to bother rewatching it even for her. -_-