Remembering That Super Unreliable Floppy Disk In Doing Assignments

Aside from the typewriter - one of the things that I'm glad is gone is the floppy disk system. Yes, that really annoyingly stupid floppy disk. Okay, I may be pretty old fashioned with some forms of entertainment (but I enjoy both old school and new school stuff at the same time) all the while I embrace new technology. So what's my experience with the floppy disk and what nightmares did it really give me? I could remember typing a high school report and it was such a HUGE report required or I FLUNK. Then I discovered DUNDUNDUN I couldn't even save it into the disk. I had to have it printed somewhere but it ended up with me having NO INK in my printer. OUCH. That experience alone is such a nightmare.

The disks themselves were really anything but convenient. Fortunately, the birth of the USB drives and blank CDs came to existence. The blank CD though was still not so good that time since you couldn't delete data compared to today's CD writing technology. The USB drive gave me more power in my College days to accomplish tasks especially where I needed plenty of print jobs.

Then one day my old CPU broke. It still had the small floppy disk drive. When I bought a new one, I thought about just how thankful I am that floppy disks don't exist anymore. It wouldn't make sense to still have floppy disks when there are USBs and blank CDs/DVDs around for use. These have better, more reliable storage while I remembered the frustration of throwing floppy disks away because they have very short life.

Pretty much, I won't miss the Floppy Disk. While I may miss some old tunes, I may miss some of the games I played on the NES (and some of them can be played through modern means) but I just won't miss the Floppy Disk. It's given me more burden than help in doing my job in the past. Fortunately, a lot of paperwork can be brought home with the USB drive!