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Emma Roberts as the Antagonist in Scream 4

Scream, well not a fan of the series but Emma Roberts did a great job as the main antagonist Jill Roberts, a part originally made for Ashley Greene.  At first, appearing so innocent (which is complemented by how her physical beauty communicates a childlike innocence over an antagonistic look), she seemed to be a good guy until later, she is revealed to be a snake in the grass which makes Emma Roberts show her flexibility.  As said, the portrayal  was so well done, one can have a shift of emotions for the whole scene.  Pity during the first part of the film and eventually hatred as she killed even her own partner Charlie Walker.  Her heroine roles (like Nancy Drew) were good, playing as the villain showed she improved in her acting.
So what villain role do I suggest she plays next?  Here's my choice...
Maybe she should play Poison Ivy for any Batman film.  Poison Ivy's only 5'2 according to some stats and Emma Roberts (who's quite petite) could play that part.  My own vi…

Power Struggle within Cobra?

Well G.I.Joe has to worry about these things- after Cobra Commander had died in a crossfire, struggle for power happens between Destro and Dr. Mindbender.  Destro seems to be the most ideal candidate being the one who had planned some of Cobra Commander's major campaigns against America.  Destro as usual was always the Starscream of the scene and now G.I.Joe worries about the fact that others loyal to Cobra Commander may start a Cobra civil war.

"I am afraid that if a Cobra civil war breaks out, many will die.  Right now, the Taliban who are loyal to the Cobra Commander have decided to avenge his death.  Destro or Dr. Mindbender could be up to taking over Cobra for themselves.  Cobra after all has its delegation done." said General Hawk.

Major Bludd who is still held in custody and in prison said, "Cobra is no more with Cobra Commander done.  We would rather die in battle avenging our master than let the U.S. government destroy us."  Major Bludd was arrested af…

Emma Roberts Women's Health Posing

Her beauty is really astounding here.  Only if she'd stop smoking.  Anyway, enjoy the glamor here.  Hee hee.  Just a natural beauty.

Emma Roberts: More is Less

In this photo, Emma Roberts in a lovely dress, no dye and less make-up... she looks simply fabulous.  Hmmm... but still her blonde style still looks good but not as good as this!

The Cobra Commander is Dead

Well it just came into my head that after decades of struggle, G.I.Joe's evil archenemy the Cobra Commander has been killed in a short firing duel.  Yup they found him in his final Cobra headquarters, a luxurious outpost where he was probably betrayed by his treacherous right hand man (and Starscream) Destro and also by the Baroness.  Right now, much of the world is cheering but it's too early to celebrate until all of Cobra's members are destroyed.  Cobra still has its own hierarchy of the high command each struggling for leadership position.

This is the TRUE face of Cobra Commander as found by G.I.Joe... the moment we've all been waiting for!  G.I.Joe has killed Cobra Commander in Pakistan.

Yup he's dead.  And it's best to strike Cobra while Destro hasn't taken over yet.  Destro and Baroness may be trying to reorganize Cobra for themselves.  There's still much to think about!

You'd Be LUCKY To Run Into Her... Emma Roberts Shopping!

Here are some Emma Roberts photos shopping.  Quite good shots.
Even in her disguise, she's HOT.
She looks good in her natural hair color or in blonde... just don't go with other colors.
Only if I could run into her... hee hee.
Just getting some cash...
It's another alluring view.