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Satirical News: Die Hard Dilawan Narco Alcos Arrested In Dasmarinas, Cavite For Drug Related Charges

Long time supporter of the Dilawan party namely Narco Alcos was arrested around 3:00 P.M. in Dasmarinas, Cavite. News of his involvement in recruiting students to join the rally were linked to him after February 25, 2018 was over. It was reported that rallyists who have had not been paid (and voluntarily surrendered) decided to reveal Alcos' patterns.
The Philippine National Police at Cavite headed by Supt. Fernando R. Ortega led the arrest of Alcos. It was reported that Alcos tried to escape with some money that he was paid for to troll others and promote his propaganda. He did not want to share the money with his recruits and was planning to keep it all to himself. He was last seen having some transactions where he was seen selling the now outlawed Marbobo cigarettes to underaged people.

It was done by a buy bust operation of the PNP. Recruits of the PNP pretended to be addicts and caught Alcos selling Marbobo. After a long chase from 12:00 noon up to 2:59 P.M. -- they finally …

The Problem With Using Comic Book Time Or The Floating Timeline

I wanted to give a thought about why I'm hating a lot of comic book companies now. I used to like Marvel a lot but I hate it now. I used to like DC a lot but I hate it now. Perhaps the problem lies with the use of comic book time where stories that started in very old school eras (instead of having been hit with the reset button every how many years) are still continued today. Heck, I'm too upset at stuff like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver got a complete rewrite without resetting the Marvel Universe or how comics in general tend to suddenly written unconventional plot twists to make a new story.
So what's the point? I think the problem with characters that just grow old when it's convenient to the writer is the amount of garbage space they receive. It's just like junk files in your desktop or mobile devices but maybe only worse. But it doesn't only limit itself to comics -- you can see it in cartoons. Spongebob staying past its prime makes room for really stup…

Snow Cone With Gracie Dzienny

She's taking a bit of a break with some snow cones. 

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For February 15, 2018

She's got that wonderful smile.
It's time to melt isn't it?

She's got that innocent, wholesome look!

Gracie Dzienny Picture For February 10, 2018

She's with her pouting position for some reason. Plus, is it me or is her hair color not really blonde? 

I'm Not Surprised: Butch Hartman Left Nickelodeon

I thought about if there was one person that made me like Nickelodeon a lot -- I couldn't forget about Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom which were born by Butch Hartman. I think I could thank him for a lot of crazy times I enjoyed Fairly Oddparents (prior to the current season) and Danny Phantom. I liked Nickelodeon to the point I wrote a lot of crazy stuff just for some crazy fun and nothing more. I can't even stop thinking about the number of times I throw Danny Phantom jokes at Kamen Rider Kiva -- all because of Hartman.
But what happened? I thought about how Nickelodeon is shooting itself at the foot. Spongebob is not funny anymore after the movie. Fairy Oddparents is no longer the same show that I used to enjoy. I felt like the show should've ended after the Grow Up Timmy Turner movie. Not to mention, Power Rangers is getting worse under Nickelodeon with the two season split. Ugh... what in the world is happening? I even feel like discontinuing my fan fic because …

That Moment I Kept Singing Diana By Paul Anka During The 90s

Going back to memory lane is both fun and frustrating. It's like playing old school games -- you can remember the fun of playing it at the same time you remember the downside of old school games. Another one that I could think about was falling for a woman five years older when I was nearing adolescence -- I was 11 and she was 16 when it happened. I admired her performance on every school program and I couldn't help but notice she was quite a looker. 
I never had a formal conversation with her and I admit -- that crush went nowhere but admiring from afar. I admit, she was a beauty to behold during her time. I wanted to pursue it and watching "The Phantom Menace" somewhat encouraged it -- both Anakin was five years younger than Padme. I never openly spoke about it -- not even with my classmates or family during that time. I just kept it to myself and that crush went nowhere. But she was nowhere to be found so it went nowhere and I accepted it. Plus, I started liking …

Victoria Justice Picture For February 2, 2018

Yup, she's out there getting some food perhaps? 

Working Out With Rhian Ramos Howell

It's time for another workout isn't it? 

Gracie Dzienny Picture For February 1, 2018

It's hard to deny she's gotten past her cute stage and now she's a hottie.

What you can't deny is that she's got a finely chiseled face.