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Judi Bowker: Another Unique Beauty of the Past!

Considering that I hardly dig into old movies these days but I'd admit, I saw Clash of the Titans (the 80s version) which in spite of being old school, it was really much better than the remake. Now here's Judi Bowker who played as Princess Andromeda, truly a unique beauty for her era.
Here's a younger Judi Bowker for the movie Black Beauty... which I might try to watch soon. Considering she's a 1954 baby (same age as another unique beauty Brigitte Lin) so she would be in her 60s by now.  
Here's a picture of Judi Bower having grown old but I'm glad she didn't mar her face with all those unnecessary surgeries. So in short, she has really aged gracefully! =)

Baywatch And Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Awakened My Perverted Tendencies?!

Well it's time to recall some of the most awkward and stupid moments in my life namely...

Well nothing for me was more stupid than watching Baywatch not to learn about the life of a lifeguard but I might say, I might have purposely drowned myself to get a CPR from CJ Parker especially in scenes where she was in a two-piece.  Yeah I know it's crazy.  I'll admit that she was really stunning and I wanted a woman who looks like her and now, I find myself wanting my friend who has resemblances to her.  Later on, I couldn't help but lament on that the actress Pamela Anderson did to herself ruining her own image.

The other was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers which as you know, I really didn't watch it for its value but for Kimberly.  Wow, stupid right?  Even if I am really more or less neutral with Power Rangers, I still like Kimberly over Mei. After seeing the actress Amy Jo Johnson in her later years, she has aged gracefully unlike Pamela Anderson.  The character woul…

Victoria Justice Pictures For July 29, 2015

Hmmm so that's how she stays fit...
She's got that sweet childlike beauty....

Young Pamela Anderson Pictures For June 29, 2015

Well it's time to once again visit these rare hot pictures of a star who ruined herself with too many surgeries....
Stunningly pretty!

I just love that smile...

Satirical News: President Nobita's Nose Grew Long During The Final SONA!

As people flocked yesterday to get to hear the final State of the Nation Address, an event had occurred to where people wondered what happened.  During the SONA, President Nobita's nose was observed to have grown long during the final SONA.

It was observed that his nose grew long whenever he spoke about his achievements.  His nose was observed to have grown during several instances.  Whenever he said that the Philippines is Asia's next miracle, his nose grew.  Whenever he said that the Philippines has a straight road to progress, his nose grew.  Whenever he said it was Gloria Arroyo's fault and that she has magical hex powers, his nose grew.  Whenever he said that he was curbing all of the corrupt officials, his nose grew.

After those words, he said that the money collected from the taxes would be used to buy Gundams from Japan for the Philippine military made his nose grow twice as long.  He also mentioned that the Philippines will form an alliance with Vietnam, Japan, …

A Cool Game Doesn't Easily Lose Its Cool Value!

Some people say, "The coolest is always the latest."  Not always.  It just reminds me of how often I think that the coolest was the latest, I complained (from within anyway) that I didn't have the latest video game systems in the 90s.  But later I figured out that a cool game doesn't easily lose its coolness and a trashy game will usually be remembered for being trashy.

This just reminds me of the time I was whining I never got to play Super Mario World except by rental or in a friend's house because I didn't have a Super Nintendo.  I frequently bitched and whined about it never dreaming it would be obsolete.  Years later, I ended up playing the game on an emulator and later, I realized that some old games were still re-released together with other games as either downloadables or you might think, collector's edition.  In my case, I just played Super Mario World on a Game Boy Advance emulator and I realized that the game was still cool even after so many…

It's Hard For Me To Totally Boycott China!

Yes China is so hard to boycott... thanks to these girls!

I'll admit that it's hard for me to boycott China even during the time I had my American dream.  Now I usually boycott Chinese products because of product safety (and choosing to use Taiwanese or Hong Kong products instead or locally made Chinese product if I wanted products born out of Chinese influence) but it's really impossible to boycott Made in China.  So what did I think about trying to boycott China as a Filipino-Chinese?  Impossible!

So why am I saying it's easy for me to boycott Chinese products?  Well blame the loose customs who are very easy to bribe and the fake Chinese goods that were OUTLAWED in China by their government end up getting sold in the Philippines like the melamine milk scandal and currently fake rice and fake noodles.  If those Chinese crooks did their livelihood in China, they would end up in the chopping board.  For Chinese brands, it's very easy for me to actually Google them a…

Just My Funniest Dream... My Son Is Old Enough To Be My FATHER?!

Nothing has been funnier than my dream of actually marrying a human clone based on my real first crush given life by the Phoenix (and that she was actually my former best friend's science project in the past), having a child and eventually losing that child.

In my own dream, an ancient menace awakened in modern day and he was revealed to have been awakened by the birth of my son.  My son harnessed powers even at his infancy and that of course, threatened his very existence.  He infected the child with the Techno-Organic virus which he was supposedly dying.  Then a mysterious figure told me she can heal the child but I may never see him again.  It was a hard decision to give up on my son and never see him again or is it?  I would find myself really in a bad state of mind that i had to be separated from my son.

However at the most unexpected moment, I see an aged man who is really my son?!  Nothing has been funnier than me thinking, "Man son, you grew so fast!  It was like...…

Satirical News: Bobo Muna Presents The Lubi Iton Bag!

As the possibility of further escalating conflict between the Chinese government and the Philippines keeps going on, Bobo Muna has presented its latest product called "Lubi Iton". Lubi Iton is a bag made from mostly coconut leaves, weaved and made into a bag in the quest to promote their "Sariling Atin Only" campaign and in celebration of economic protectionism.  
Members Toady Casino, Representative Neri Cuckonares, Stupor Ocampo and Loka Masa of Bobo Muna opened the Lubi Iton promotion event in Club Filipino. The bag was presented as "Proudly Filipino Made, World Class Quality". The event was presented by Bobo Muna members where many people were presented with the new bag called Lubi Iton. Only Filipino cuisine was served such as palabok, lechon, kare kare, puto maya, maja blanca and sago't gulaman.  

So Janet Hsu Of Sanrio Becomes Saban Brands' New CEO? My Thoughts!

So I read from the Tokusatsu News Network that Janet Hsu the former Chief Operating Officer of Sanrio Inc. has now become Saban Brands' new CEO and the first one at it.  So what's my thoughts on having her as a CEO for Saban Brands?

Looking way back in 2012 when she was with Sanrio, the brand soared so what if the effect can also take place with Saban Brands?  I hope so considering that Saban Brands didn't make such a good performance with Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce (which may have generated losses when Toei was asking for the royalties) - hopefully she will be able to revive the group to a better direction.

My thoughts would also be on how to really find the right network for Power Rangers, reviving the Power Rangers franchise and getting better writers.  I'm glad Judd Lynn is back but again, he like Yasuko Kobayashi or Toshiki Inoue can eventually burn out.  I feel she might actually try to get better writers and producers for the franchise. …

Recalling The Time I Wanted To Be Considered American

Time came when I was in high school I soon had the desire to be considered American, hating the country of my birth (the Philippines) and the country of my ancestry (China). It was because I started to hate studying Tagalog and later, I simply found traditional (and obsolete) Chinese customs to be just bizarre. No sooner did I have my plan to move to the United States of America hating my own ethnicity and insisted that I was a white man even if I was obviously Chinese. I tried to sound more with an American accent which made me think... SO MUCH FOR BEING ANTI-AMERICAN (and I wanted to "return home" to China which is just impossible due to the fact that most of my predecessors were not Chinese citizens but Filipino citizens themselves) before this happened. This was during my teenage to College years.

I couldn't help but remember the time I personally boycotted anything Filipino, I wanted to stop eating Filipino and Chinese food and I wanted to focus on American culture …

My Attempt To Write A Suspension Of Disbelief Scenario!

In fiction, there's seldom the need to suspend disbelief especially if it's a cartoony show like how in Shinkenger, I can't help but laugh at the stupidity of the Gedoushu who fell for the obviously fake disguises or how Mako's bad cooking is so exaggeratingly horrible it knocked Takeru out.  Now I thought of how Mako in my fics tends to be a disaster magnet while she's able to cope up with them but she had one damsel-in-distress moment with a group of other girls forced to be part of some strip club, worse, she attracted the most number of Alienizers!

Now she's gotten into a real stupid scenario that requires you to suspend disbelief beyond measure!  This was in Super Sentai x Nickelodeon: The Delusional Crossover called "Delusional Bootleg".  Now to really look at what I'd call purposely done stupidity which she turns the tables in the end.  Suspension of disbelief was really required in that story considering that it's written with cartoo…

Satirical News: Chinese Government Shows Links Between Stinky Soliman And Illegal Chinese Food Manufacturers!

Chinese government had done some investigation on the recent food scandals that have plagued their country.  Fake rice, fake eggs, fake noodles, gutter oil, some restaurants that were caught feeding people dead fetuses, dog and cat meat trading - you name it were under the top list of the Chinese government for immediate shutdown.  The Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China Li Dequan together with China Food and Drug Administration Bi Jingquan have done some investigations.  It was discovered that several Chinese illegal food manufacturers also had transactions with Stinky Soliman which plastic rice had actually made it into the Philippines during Typhoon Yolanda.

Bi Jingquan had revealed that some Chinese people who got arrested actually had dealings with Stinky Soliman.  Pictures revealed that Stinky's most frequent spots of arrival were on Dongguan, China where she would purchase fake eggs, fake rice and just everything fake.  Shipments were made to the Phili…

One Of My Biggest Moments of Hypocrisy: I Was Anti-American But...

It's really amazing how people can be so hypocritical especially leftists.  Based on my experience I got into stupid Anti-American sentiments but...

I actually watched Baywatch mindlessly having a crush on C.J. Parker and at times, sneaked out to watch Pamela Anderson videos with my former nemesis...

I would also consider it hypocritical I actually enjoyed Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (even if it's not as much as Super Sentai) and kept watching it because of my crush on Kimberly Hart... plus I denied who my real first crush is all these years!

Classic Pamela Anderson Pictures For July 10, 2015

Here's some young Pamela Anderson pictures for today... makes me lovesick for that girl who looks her her...
So pretty!
Nice ass!

It's Funny That I Like Zyuranger Over MMPR But I Like Kimberly Over Mei!

After watching Zyuranger (thankfully NOT in bad dubs) and rewatching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers season one, I simply am stuck with the dilemma. For one, I have a like/dislike relationship with Power Rangers to which for me, it's one item in the menu that I wouldn't order compared to the servings of Super Sentai. But I could always have a lower opinion on Mei and a higher opinion on Kimberly.

If I'm to talk, the main reason why I like Kimberly over Mei is due to the actress. I always thought about a comparison of the two. True, I like most of the Zyurangers over their Mighty Morphin' coutnerparts but I'm always ready to pick Kimberly over Mei anytime. Both actresses have their own charm but I always thought one is better than the other. Others may say, "Well it's apples and oranges." If that is no, then it's like I'm choosing the orange (Kimberly) over the apple (Mei). This is strange considering that I prefer Super Sentai over Power Ra…

Amy Jo Johnson At The Lax Westin Hotel So Last 1998

Here's another classic Amy Jo Johnson at the Lax Westin Hotel. Too bad she hasn't showed up in the Power Morphicon to meet Reiko Chiba.=P

Victoria Justice And Sweets!

Well here's the lovely Victoria Justice and some cupcakes... heehehehehe!!!!