My Attempt To Write A Suspension Of Disbelief Scenario!

In fiction, there's seldom the need to suspend disbelief especially if it's a cartoony show like how in Shinkenger, I can't help but laugh at the stupidity of the Gedoushu who fell for the obviously fake disguises or how Mako's bad cooking is so exaggeratingly horrible it knocked Takeru out.  Now I thought of how Mako in my fics tends to be a disaster magnet while she's able to cope up with them but she had one damsel-in-distress moment with a group of other girls forced to be part of some strip club, worse, she attracted the most number of Alienizers!

Now she's gotten into a real stupid scenario that requires you to suspend disbelief beyond measure!  This was in Super Sentai x Nickelodeon: The Delusional Crossover called "Delusional Bootleg".  Now to really look at what I'd call purposely done stupidity which she turns the tables in the end.  Suspension of disbelief was really required in that story considering that it's written with cartoony humor.

In that episode, the Power Rangers hater know as Gekorio Masungit (an evil version of Nobuo Akagi) leads an entire force determined to eliminate Power Rangers.  His best friend is Buraibudi Hudaffi an Indonesian billionaire (who looks like Jun Shibaura) who finances his operation and cause.  Even the two villains require you to suspend your disbelief much more than the Dino Thunder episode where they saw Abaranger on TV.

The stupidity though begins when they run across Mako who they assault thinking she's Kimberly and blame her for supposedly ruining their childhood.  This begins a series of misadventures for Mako which actually falls against the villains of the episode.  Poor Mako gets assaulted under mistaken identity - they call her a slut and accuse her of things she didn't do all because they think she's "Kimberly" which only at the end, they find out that "Kimberly" was really Mako.

Like think - Mako has a darker complexion and she is sexier than Kimberly.  Kimberly is fair-skinned compared to Mako.  Even with those differences, Mako still gets assaulted and every time she tells them she's not Kimberly they refuse to listen and still assault her.  She did exploit that moment with the help of Spongebob and got the help she needed.  I always laughed writing the scenario imagining the two idiots getting arrested after their activities were discovered.  Plus, need it be mentioned that the two look ABSOLUTELY nothing alike?

For Mako's bad girl act as an evil version of Kimberly, it's pretty much a shoutout to that horrible Turbo movie.  So Mako becomes "evil" and Spongebob is supposedly her "master".  My original plan was where Spongebob would have been her "subordinate" in the final scene and make her an "evil queen" as all part of the plan to get the fantard army to show up.  However I thought it'd be funnier if Mako were Spongebob's "subordinate" since the now-deleted Spongebob 2019 fic accused Spongebob of hiring the Power Rangers to make sure that children never knew of Japanese superheroes.

Caning was carried out in the end.  In the real life scenario, Singapore actually makes sure that the caned offender doesn't get any serious bodily harm.  But in this fic, the two clowns were caned several times on their buttocks by Den Iga the former Sharivan for comedic reasons.  Suspension of disbelief is required again especially if you're a Singaporean for that scene!