Baywatch And Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Awakened My Perverted Tendencies?!

Well it's time to recall some of the most awkward and stupid moments in my life namely...

Well nothing for me was more stupid than watching Baywatch not to learn about the life of a lifeguard but I might say, I might have purposely drowned myself to get a CPR from CJ Parker especially in scenes where she was in a two-piece.  Yeah I know it's crazy.  I'll admit that she was really stunning and I wanted a woman who looks like her and now, I find myself wanting my friend who has resemblances to her.  Later on, I couldn't help but lament on that the actress Pamela Anderson did to herself ruining her own image.

The other was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers which as you know, I really didn't watch it for its value but for Kimberly.  Wow, stupid right?  Even if I am really more or less neutral with Power Rangers, I still like Kimberly over Mei. After seeing the actress Amy Jo Johnson in her later years, she has aged gracefully unlike Pamela Anderson.  The character would also later inspire my Spike and Mako jokes.

I always thought that these instances may have caused me to dream or my wish to be considered as an "American" and get a white girl.  It just had me thinking what was I thinking?