Just My Funniest Dream... My Son Is Old Enough To Be My FATHER?!

Nothing has been funnier than my dream of actually marrying a human clone based on my real first crush given life by the Phoenix (and that she was actually my former best friend's science project in the past), having a child and eventually losing that child.

In my own dream, an ancient menace awakened in modern day and he was revealed to have been awakened by the birth of my son.  My son harnessed powers even at his infancy and that of course, threatened his very existence.  He infected the child with the Techno-Organic virus which he was supposedly dying.  Then a mysterious figure told me she can heal the child but I may never see him again.  It was a hard decision to give up on my son and never see him again or is it?  I would find myself really in a bad state of mind that i had to be separated from my son.

However at the most unexpected moment, I see an aged man who is really my son?!  Nothing has been funnier than me thinking, "Man son, you grew so fast!  It was like... yesterday?!"  It would be funny that my son is now biologically fifty years old and he's got a son, just like a brother except it's a prodidal son named Tyler.  For me, the whole dream left me having a weird feeling in the morning, thinking of a son old enough to be my father.