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I Hope Jasmine-San Will Forgive Me

Okay so I don't expect Jasmine-san to easily forgive me because of that prank I played on her last April 1 but she did thank me for the birthday greeting. Then again, I think she won't easily accept me back.

The Wish for a Caucasian Girl is Still There

I find it kind of crazy to why I'm really wanting to have a Caucasian girl to start a legitimate family with. So maybe I'm not Bruce Lee but then, I feel like I want to really have one. So far, I would probably take a business master's degree or maybe in English, in order to get a job that might help me land into one. So maybe, I could be an English tutor abroad in China or Taiwan, there might be a chance I might grab into a Caucasian girl myself. Then I won't mind if she's half-Chinese though.

It's Pretty Funny But My Younger Sister Has a Nuisance Schoolmate That Looks Like Shan Tsai's Mother and Thinks Like Shan Tsai's Mother Too!

My younger sister (nicknamed Mako) has been suffering from too much frustration when it came to dealing with her chubby stupid classmate in College who looks like Shan Tsai's mother and thinks like Shan Tsai's mother. I honestly thought of the situation is WAY TOO MUCH- not even I was that terrible! I personally thought the person is what I would call to be somebody who doesn't contribute to progress- make her a housewife and she wrecks the whole house with her laziness and spendthrift attitude.

So okay, I was told that this crazy character dropped her PE class over a LITTLE dispute with the teacher. What the? Then later, she wastes her time too much with "emergencies" that don't even exist. She came to sleep in our house and lied it was just a sleepover. I definitely knew something BAD was happening. Good thing though she can't stomach my sister's cooking.

Does that person save money? Nope. Like Shan Tsai's mother she spends it recklessly.…

Buying Dog Toys Over Real Ones

Since it's a pain taking care of two real dogs, I decided that buying a fake dog would be better. Why? Since it's not alive so I don't have to feed it, take it to the vet and I can keep it on display. Problem is when my other dog decides to chew on it- he's a stuffed dog murderer!

Dog Meat... I Won't Bother!

Honestly speaking, I am disgusted by how some people could eat dogs. Well, they may not be humans but as a dog lover, I wouldn't dare eat anything I raise as a pet. And also, for me, it's a more faithful companion than most of the traitors I face in my life. So why eat it? And that's another reason why I have an utter disgust for many Filipinos and some parts of China. Even some Chinese feel it's crazy. I agree. Being Chinese in ethnicity, I agree with it. I definitely want to cease the eating of dogs. Plus, it would be good for the health of the public. From those who breed dogs for meat, find another industry like raising edible frog meat instead!

Give Him a Wife to Make That Lazy Guy Diligent? PUH-LEASE!

It got somebody I know who got irritated in the workplace when one of his family workers told me that if I can help his lazy nephew find a wife, maybe his lazy nephew will work. That is SO BUMMER. Why? Most of them just find a wife to do ALL the work for them. Do they do anything? Nope. If they do, the housework is so horrible the maid does all the work and the wife, well how come she's the one working as if the husband can't do anything? What if she's pregnant? Well... it's going to really cause a miscarriage wouldn't it and that lazy husband just sleeps all day, watches TV and I don't know what he does all day.

If both of them are too lazy, they'll just be con artists and later end up being too poor when they're VERY OLD. In fact, some con artist couple I know are now suffering severe financial difficulty ever since they had to pay EVERY LAST CENT they conned people. Instead of aging gracefully, well they're going to look like hags instea…

Many People Waste Their Money Even in Difficulty Especially in Third World Countries

Another reason why poverty can't be totally alleviated is because of poor people who waste their money even when they're in dire difficulty. Take the following examples:
A laborer wastes all his money in wine and women after struggling for a week to get his just compensation for all the hard work. Now, he wants to get a younger wife and asks for a cash advance of Php 50,000 for the divorce fees.A daughter of two bums doesn't ride a jeepney. She's always riding a taxi even when she can't afford. Then she sells her stuff to run away from home and manages it pretty badly. Worse she doesn't do her studies well and keeps running away from her problems.
A poor guy in hard financial situation is always getting into trouble that involves huge tons of money.
In the squatters' area, a lot of people are seen betting money over the toss of a coin. Most of them are gotten from begging on the streets.Some poor people can waste food more than the rich- while I've s…

The 90s to the Early 2000s Local Philippine Television Were A LOT MORE Kiddie Show Overloaded

I could remembered some time in my life, when there was a time that the Philippine television were kiddie show overloaded, that toy stores sold too many toys than usual. So I would like to think of how Fridays were also wasted because of too many kiddie shows. So here's how it went:

ABS-CBN on Friday evenings had a short marathon. For example if we had Ninja Turtles on 7:00, we had X-Men. Later they were replaced by Batman and Power Rangers.

Studio 23 came to existence as part of ABS-CBN and MORE cartoons for Saturdays and Sundays. Well there was Highlander. Nighthood, Men in Black to name a few.

GMA-7 later created the Anime nation which was a serious study hazard. Since they were old Anime, I guess they were aimed for College students then. :-P There were also the Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Flame of Recca nights. Voltes V and later Combattler V during Friday evenings along with Daimos. Lupin was also added.

ABC-5 was my favorite channel back then because of the Saturday to Sunday…

Too Stuck with Classical Music

Even if I didn't like the mandatory violin lessons when I was still little, I however got stuck with classical music after just having basic music classes where students learned some note reading and singing a few songs. Well I can't explain why. Maybe it has to do with the fact that classical music is timeless, relaxing and helps me concentrate. Also, with classical music, having no words yet having a meaning in the sonata, helps me imagine more and generates my imagination.

Falling in Love with Triplets?!

I find it pretty funny I could be in love with triplets. Hee hee. Weird huh? I hope it can be resolved soon. :-P I seem to just fall for any woman I find attractive. But the triplets? They're not exactly that attractive. I wonder... if it's possible to forget them.

Timeliness: A Problem Among MANY Filipinos!

It's really a BIG problem in the Philippines that most Filipinos operate on Filipino time. I can't help but think how much consequences this kind of modus operandi has affected much of the images Filipinos have abroad. And how true. Let's think of how thins type of movement is such a BAD THING NOT TO BE PROUD OF:
If one operates based on being late, investments can be closed earlier than they think.Performers wake up early to be on the practice on time only to discover that their instructor is the one who's late.
Audiences will be snoring for an hour just to wait for the program to begin.Creativity is stifled because of tardiness.
If the school's model is in always being late, the students are most likely to carry that bad attitude too when they work.People who are to deal with their other important stuff are most likely to suffer.In the world of chemistry, wrong timing can destroy the whole community.
And not to mention lives are involved. A pregnant woman can die…

An Incompetent Laborer's Plead for His Lazy Nephew

At the businessman's office, his incompetent laborer asks him a favor.

"Sir may I ask you seek a wealthy wife among the daughters of your friends for my lazy nephew so somebody can raise him." said the incompetent laborer.

"That I cannot do. It's not part of the benefits. Besides, you can't sue me for refusing to help you with such a monstrous task." said the businessman.

"Sir am I not your employee and part of this company?" asked the incompetent laborer.

"You are but it's not part of the benefits. This company does not breed parasites." said the businessman "Besides, your nephew should learn to work. You can't raise him forever. Besides, it's the man's job to work and the wife to care for the house. Dismiss this stupid idea or lose your job."

The Same Dream... Again!

Somehow I'm falling restless despite the fact that the girl that gave me the Oedipus complex has rejected me the same way Farla rejected Sincline in Golion. Hmmm... and it's getting out of control. Why do I dream of this girl like she resembles my mother? I don't know. Somehow when I see her, I tend to call her "mother". Is there a secret I'm not told?

Meteor Garden Appeals to The Filipino Setting

Although Meteor Garden was based on a Japanese anime "Hana Yori Dango" and it was adapted in Chinese, however the show has been somewhat too easy to adapt to the Filipino culture.

For starters, let's take a look at the heroine Shan Tsai and her family. Her parents are spendthrift wastrels. They spend money like it's always there even when it isn't. To make matters worse, they are quite poor. So the father has been in the same company for 20 years and he never got promoted because he's always late for work. The mother is materialistic even if she doesn't have money. Plus, the fact that they sent Shan Tsai to an expensive school proved they were living the Cinderella mentality, hoping that Shan Tsai would get married to a rich man. Shan Tsai may model the OFW or the practical Filipino lady who saves money, is generous and doesn't believe in materialism.

Let's talk about her friends. Her best friend Xiao You would be the typical daydreaming …

European Wife vs. American Wife for a Chinese Guy

I pretty thought of it that for Chinese guys who are intermarrying with Caucasians, there can be some big differences between Europeans and Americans. For example:
European women tend to save their food more than American women. Most American women don't keep the leftovers. I for one, choose to keep leftovers for the next day and consume it or feed it to the dogs than throw it to the trash bin.European women are more open minded to different types of food than American women.European women also like eating certain types of animal entrails like pork intestine, beef stomach and other similar types of food compared to most Americans. I do like entrails too.European women prefer to eat dinner around the table than in front of the television. Hmmm... can work with a more open-minded Chinese.


I personally thought of it that most women put too much make-up. Truth is, it makes them look really ugly. And I personally thought about it that too many enhancements ruin natural beauty. The ugly becomes uglier... the pretty becomes ugly. Not a good move.

Amy Jo Johnson's Aging Gracefully

I had decided to watch Flashpoint as her fan, and honestly she still looks kind of pretty even when she's nearly 40. Now she's 40. I'm amazed to see that she didn't mar herself like Pamela Anderson did. Aging gracefully makes older people look better than those who keep undergoing surgeries to look younger.

Just Wishful Thinking... Wanting A Pamela Anderson Look-Alike

Hmmm... I don't know but it's plain wishful thinking that I want to have a Pamela Anderson look-alike, preferably three years younger and a maximum of ten years below me. Additional note, no surgeries- just looking natural. Hmmm... just funny isn't it?

An Incompetent Laborer In Audience With A Businessman For A Marriage Proposal

An incompetent Filipino laborer 48 years of age dresses up in a funny attire, requesting an audience to a competent businessman who happens to be a close friend of his boss. He then is speaking in a funny accent.

"Good sir, may I request that I take your lovely 22 year old daughter to be my wife so I may have money to support my lazy nephew who does nothing but sleep all day." said the incompetent laborer.

"Monstrous and ridiculous. You come here pretending to be a rich guy yet you are obviously the laborer." said the businessman.

"But your daughter shall not be disappointed with my own (censored) as hard as steel." said the incompetent laborer.

"You speak more nonsense!" said the businessman.

"My good sir, my boss' son said he'd help me." said the incompetent laborer.

"Lies! More lies!" said the businessman "He has called me and warned me of you. I will not sanction this union, this hellish corruption of lazines…

Sometimes Orientals Can Be Hotter Than Caucasians

As said, being white doesn't make one hot or one is hotter. Here's some proof.

Here is a picture of Brittany Pirtle who'll be acting as Emily in Power Rangers Samurai. I find her pretty but...

In my opinion, Rin Takanashi is still hotter. But then it seems Rin Takanashi has Caucasian blood.

A Secret Denial All These Years: The Want For An Attractive Caucasian Woman

Being raised in a family of Oriental by ethnicity, it's been a typical no-no for us to marry Caucasians for so many reasons I can't spell out that easily. Honestly speaking, I have to admit that perhaps my childhood crush wasn't that fixated either because I also had feelings for that pretty Spanish girl but, I was too afraid to tell my mom I had a crush on her because she was Caucasian (half Caucasian actually, her other half was Filipino). After seeing one Caucasian (of Australian descent) who was pretty irritating (and not attractive IMO), I only had a temporary retreat.

After hearing I would meet that Spanish girl again, I was pretty excited but my mother had proposed me meeting with some girl that looked like Haruka Suenaga. Then again, a lot of things have changed. I just wanted to have that Spanish girl for some reason. Well she was friends with that girl who looked like Haruka Suenaga, whose appearance just keeps giving me the Oedipus complex whenever I saw he…

Childhood Celebrity Crushes

Ah that one point in my life to have celebrity crushes as a child. Here are some of them:

Amy Jo Johnson- After watching MMPR even for just a few episodes, I immediately forgot I had a crush on Michiko Makino, Kanako Maeda or Noriko Kinohara.  
Pamela Anderson- This came from a SEVERE misadventure when I saw Snapdragon in my old rival's house. We were still best friends back then until we fought for my childhood crush, who wasn't pretty.

At this point, I was in the middle of stuck in between the racist values my family has taught me over my desire for American citizenship and a Caucasian wife. Childhood can be SO stupid.

Is the Mano Po Series Unrealistic? I Don't Think So!

Some people, probably not Chinese think that the situations in Mano Po are being unrealistic but the truth is far from fiction. Whether it was the trilogy (1-3), the dual comedy (5-6) and back to serious again (6) where each film was not connected to the other but operated within their own continuity, there is much truth in those films if one has lived with traditional Chinese parents. And how true indeed. Here are the following truths derived from each and every entry:

Mano Po 1- My Family
There's a high tendency to discriminate a Filipino to the point to call him/her a criminal when they aren'tA true Filipino doesn't have to be Pinoy by blood to be a true FilipinoIn the older Chinese family setting, it's all about extreme obedienceMano Po 2- My Home
Overextended Chinese families are usually a burdenA Chinese mistress can be worse than a Filipino oneBeing too traditional damages people like how Antonio Chan should have just turned down his mother's command because…

A More Open Gateway Between Chinese and Westerners

In the past, both of them met each other with so much bias. However, as of late, the Chinese population has spread to the West and we have Chinese men marrying Western women, Chinese women marrying Western men and they hang out together. However, the Chinese have brought their precious language of Mandarin. Sadly I'm more English proficient than Mandarin proficient even if I've been watching quite a number of Mandarin films lately. I'm just slow with languages but with some practice, I can learn the essentials.

One good example is how American and Chinese entertainment are mixing together. Jay Chou played Kato in the Green Hornet remake, Crystal Liu played as Little Sparrow in the Forbidden Kingdom and many more are getting added. I forgot- Jacky Chan and Jet Li had appeared in American movies too. Bruce Lee also managed to present a new revolution in the American film industry- also he was married to an American woman named Linda Cadwell. Both of them possess ideas…

Chinese and Japanese Actresses I'd Like to Date If I Could

Here are the Chinese actresses I'd like to date if I could. Well maybe I should pack my things and prepare for Canadian migration since I'm really poor in Chinese.

Esther Liu- She would be in my top spot. We both have the same faith, same favorite animal and she is a spunky girl. Also she can speak English proficiently.

Crystal Liu would also be part of the list.

Haruka Suenaga caught my attention in Boukenger. Too bad though, she's not her character Sakura. Oh well...

Not to mention Rin Takanashi. I just hope her cooking isn't as bad as her character Mako Shiraishi's.

Erika Toda. She resembles the second cousin once removed (or third degree niece) with whom I nearly had an incest with.

Just Met My Old Nemesis Again

It's just pretty upsetting to think about it that my old archenemy has come home for a visit while he was in New York, trying to recover his lost fortunes. Well, after all, it's his dead father he's remembering isn't it? Unfortunately with that guy, we had a Cyclops vs. Mr. Sinister type of antagonistic relationship. I don't think he's easily given up either.  Well I wanna optic blast him right now.