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Wishful Thinking: The "Failed Hero" Trilogy

I thought of my ideal "Failed Hero" ideas and what inspired me to imagine them...

B.S. Man 

B.S. Man is what I'd call a failed version of Kamen Rider Agito. Its main character Nobita Nobino seeks to destroy the organization called Universal Karma. The Universal Karma's triumvirate is headed by the Overlord of Creation, the Overlord of Preservation and the Overlord of Destruction all acted by Rei Haneo who was the two Overlords in Agito. The fight against Universal Karma ends up in a tragic (for the main characters) but hilarious way to the audience. In the end, the fight against Universal Karma caused them to be reincarnated in ways they didn't want to be. Crisis is reincarnated as a female dog, Bummer is reincarnated as an ebola carrying monkey and B.S. Man is reincarnated as a sloth.


As if Machine Man's failure wasn't enough we have Shippaiman. Osamu Sakuta plays as Manabu Rokuda a super hero wannabe. The situation is a dystopian Japan ruled by …

Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Says Oxford Study On President Duterte Will Prove He's The Real President

Marbobo Roxas now makes headlines yet again aside from his malnourished visage. Right now, it is said that a study in Oxford University has proven that the Duterte Camp has been using trolls to help President Rodrigo R. Duterte win the elections. He decided to get an interview with Raissa Espinosa-Robles' daughter-in-law Pia Granada-Robles on Crappler as his electoral protest is still going on.

"I am the real president of the Philippines. The study in Oxford has solid evidence that Dutertrolls have caused my loss. There is solid evidence that the Hocus PCOS Machines were hacked which allowed Duterte to win. I am not only willing to charge an electoral protest but I want to get Duturte and his cohorts to be in jail for electoral fraud. The case of Bongbong vs. Leni is clear that the former is trying to illegally steal the seat of the latter. Duterte owes me my presidency. I should have been president." said Marbobo in the interview with Pia on Crappler.

This just in, Korin…

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For July 5, 2017

Really hot and sexy.
A real distraction isn't it?

She's a natural beauty.
She has that childlike innocence in her looks.

Listening To Dubs VS. The Art Of Reading Subs

I remembered watching Tagalog or Filipino-English dubs as a child. Years later, I wanted to take a break from Tokusatsu when Tagalized versions of Taiwanovelas and Koreanovelas came. Then I started missing Tokusatsu and started watching new school. If there was anything I discovered is that there's a huge difference between watching the dubs vs. the art of reading subs.

Some people say they prefer dubs over subs because they hate to read subs. Some people do have legitimate reasons because of eyesight problems. I'm a myopic guy myself but I decided to learn reading subs for this reason. Let's have a bit of comparison of the Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango. Maybe some of you may change your mind after reading this post. 
Try to notice the dub of Meteor Garden. I really have to admit is that the best you can give for dubbing Tsukushi Makino? This scene really makes Kaede Doumyoji look REALLY PALE when she's supposed to be a mean bitch and Tsukushi is worse than a po…

Remembering The Sony Playstation VS. The Nintendo 64 In The 90s Console Wars

While Sega was falling apart, I could remember the Playstation vs. Nintendo 64. I remembered I wanted both but only had my Playstation. I can't forget the Playstation One though I also remember it for having a lot of cool games while having slow loading times.
There's always this part do I regret not having a Nintendo 64? If I think about sure I was a fan of Super Mario for some time but there's some games better than Super Mario. There was bigger storage for the PS1 which allowed us to see better CGI and graphics. Here's a bit of comparison of the graphic capability...

Do you remember Mortal Kombat 4 for the Playstation and N64? You can see the graphical processor. The endings of MK4 for the N64 were limited. I even thought if Killer Instinct were ported to the PS1 (which was pretty impossible due to the Nintendo license that Rare had) it could have been done better. Take a look at how the PS1 endings of MK4 are superior in every way compared to the N64.

I could also…

Gracie Dzienny As Clementine In Zoo

It's safe to say she's made it pass her Nickelodeon girl years for more mature roles. Her natural beauty stands out a lot. 

Walking Once Again In My Childhood Memory Lane

I was a kid in the 90s and an 80s baby. So how do I feel that I'm feeling old. I thought about how Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, etc. for better or for worse is still going on. I thought about my preferences where I usually prefer new school Kamen Rider and mostly post-Gokaiger seasons though these are subject to change. I thought about how often I take a place between stuff that I like. I can't forget how I took a break from Tokusatsu to watch Korean shows then I took a break from Korean shows to watch Tokusatsu. It's a strange journey indeed!

It's time to think about the 90s and last decade considering how much time has passed...

I just watched the Gavan/Dekaranger movie and I'm feeling THAT OLD. Just looking at how New School Gavan gets the sword from Old School Gavan made me remember how time must pass its course. Geki Jumonji gets the sword from Retsu Ichijouji. I can remember watching the dubbed versions of Gavan and Sharivan on television. I thought of how it&#…