Remembering The Sony Playstation VS. The Nintendo 64 In The 90s Console Wars

While Sega was falling apart, I could remember the Playstation vs. Nintendo 64. I remembered I wanted both but only had my Playstation. I can't forget the Playstation One though I also remember it for having a lot of cool games while having slow loading times.

There's always this part do I regret not having a Nintendo 64? If I think about sure I was a fan of Super Mario for some time but there's some games better than Super Mario. There was bigger storage for the PS1 which allowed us to see better CGI and graphics. Here's a bit of comparison of the graphic capability...

Do you remember Mortal Kombat 4 for the Playstation and N64? You can see the graphical processor. The endings of MK4 for the N64 were limited. I even thought if Killer Instinct were ported to the PS1 (which was pretty impossible due to the Nintendo license that Rare had) it could have been done better. Take a look at how the PS1 endings of MK4 are superior in every way compared to the N64.

I could also talk about the challenge of taking the arcade game home via consoles. I could remember how the Killer Instinct Gold game lacked some cool features from the arcade such as more than one possible ending depending on how one plays through the game. The PS1 succeeded in giving players cool features not found in the first three Tekken arcade games namely those cool CGI endings and other features. On the other hand, the PS1 didn't give the true meaning of tag team play with the memory intensive Marvel vs. Capcom series.

What are your memories of both game systems?