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Childhood Revisited: Radish And Carrot!

I guess not so many people will get this one unless they were 90s children. The whole answer is that the names of the Saiyans were based on vegetables. Saiyan is a pun on Yasai or vegetable in Japanese. Goku's original birth name was Kakarot (Carrot) and Raditz is obviously based on Radish. It's no surprise either that Planet Vegeta was once known as Planet Plant, its two warring races were the Saiyans and the Tuffles (truffles). Plus, the king was named Vegeta though why isn't the current Vegeta named Vegeta Jr. instead?

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode 12 "Bullet Souvenirs" Enrages Former MIAA GM Jose Devil Honrado

Shippaiman's latest episode features Satoru Saito acting as Joe Horimoto who acts as Narita International Airport's manager. In this episode, the Bullet Gang has planted stray bullets into the bags of unsuspecting tourists in Japan. The bullet gang schemers were played by Ryo Ryusei and Ryota Ozawa. They planned to gain money through frame-ups. All Joe offered to tourists is to wrap their bags in plastic which offers no real solutions. Worse, Joe made them pay up extremely high fees every time they caught some bullets in their bags.

Ciara Hanna arrived as a guest star for the Shippaiman episode. Her character Gia Jordan appeared to as a tourist in the episode. Gia got angry when she's unjustly framed up. Troy tried to help her out but to no avail. Takeru and Gregory had their investigation leading to Joe's neglect allowed both scam artists Daigo and Marvelous (named after their Super Sentai counterparts) to flourish. Captain Naoyuki berates Joe for his negligence of t…

Never Play Runes Kings While At Work... Or You Get This!

Here's a funny commercial starring Liu Yifei who's used for Runes Heroes. The guy learns it the hard way when he deludes about Yifei (and I would also) where he nearly kisses his boss. In gaming, there's always the tendency to confuse reality and imagination while you're playing. While I have nothing against gaming in general but some technological advancement can be so distracting. Enjoy this fun video!

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode 11 "Nobita's Father Complex" Angers Nobita Fanatics!

Yutaka Hirose who plays as Prime Minister Nobita in Shippaiman praised Naruhisa Arakawa's comedy in the show. Trying to rehash the episode in Akibaranger "Our Pain! Yellow Mama!" we now have another fictional character Nobisuke Tokugawa (PM Nobita's dad, also played by Yutaka Hirose only in flashback) and his mother Tamako Chikamoto-Tokugawa (played by Megumi Mori only in flashback) were given "honors" as heroes. During the death anniversary of Nobisuke and Tamako who were heroes who corrected Ieyasu Tokugawa's mistakes, the son shows himself to be what he is... a free rider. The episode caused a massive protest by former president Nobita's fanatical followers outside the Japanese embassy demanding Shippaiman to be canceled.

During the Nobisuke Festival, PM Nobita speaks of how "great" he is because of his father Nobisuke. He also speaks how great his ancestor Ieyasu Tokugawa really was in closing Japan's economy. He speaks how the Me…

I Seldom Look Forward To Skipping Animal Meat

While I'm no vegetarian and I'm still a meat eater, I can't deny that I still look forward to days when I skip meat. The reason is because there are times I'm just not in the mood for meat and I want to focus on vegetables. So here's some alternatives to meat.

Tofu is definitely one meat alternative. Although I've usually eaten tofu with meat but I would sometimes prefer it meatless. Some vegetable dishes will taste better without meat.

The other is having gluten instead of meat. I don't want to call it "fake meat" anymore due to all the food scandals as of recent. Instead, it can be called as vegeterian meat or just gluten. It's a chewy treat though tofu is more nutritious so I want to mix them both.

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Ten "Witch! Burn The Witch!" Angers Mrs. Korina Sanchez-Roxas!

In the latest Shippaiman episode, Atsuko Takahata guest stars as an economic professor named Reiko Maribaron who's accused of being a witch by tabloid journalism. Japan becomes a real dump no thanks to Prime Minister Nobita. He orders Kashiya Sano to hunt down Professor Maribaron because she's now using "witchcraft" to "corrupt" the Japanese people. Due to Kashiya's idioicy, some of the crowd believe that Reiko is a witch and they start hunting her down.

The episode took some elements from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. Professor Reiko gets surrounded by Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman who declare her to be a witch. They dress her up as one and blame her for the earthquake that happened. The gullible people buy it which results to Winsbraindraft interfering. With proof that Reiko was no witch and that she speaks the truth about Prime Minister Nobita's economic policies, they manage to rescue her from an angry crowd of gullible Japanese. 

Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For August 13, 2016

She's really aged gracefully.
Was she in her 30s here?

Vegetarian "Meat" Dish Pictures For August 11, 2016

Some of them don't look like animal meat while others do. This is just wheat gluten dishes and I want to try tasting them whenever I'm bored with meat.
Wheat gluten "ribs"...

Wheat gluten stuffed with almonds...

Gracie Dzienny's Swimswuit Pictorial

She does look like Pamela Anderson in her younger days here huh? Not surprising! 

So This Was Old School Mr. Clean?

Not all the appealing mascots of today are as appealing as yesterday. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the late Yul Brynner from the King and I? To say that the original is always the best is an overstatement. He does look like Lex Luthor here and not very appealing for an advertisement.
The current Mr. Clean looks more appealing and friendly. So who says original is always the best? Besides, a lot of company mascots needed to be revamped so they look more appealing to the public. Otherwise, it's just bad publicity.

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Nine "Earthquake Drill" Further Hurts Nobita Aquino!

This week's Shippaiman episode focuses on another of Nobita Aquino's incompetence during his term. During this episode, Prime Minister Nobita, Manabu and Bum skip the important earthquake drill because of the release of new DLC character named Tremor in Mortal Kombat X. Ryuuichirou Nishioka appears as a guest star for the episode as the dismissed welfare officer Matoi Nishioka. The other guest star is Kaya Hirasawa who previously played as Denus in GoGoFive acts as the sinister Koko Sogabe. Koko was guilty of giving rotten relief goods to the earthquake victims and typhoon victims. Because of Japan's frequent earthquakes, Matoi runs an earthquake drill on National Earthquake Drill day. He berates Prime Minister Nobita for his incompetence saying that earthquakes are no joke.

In the same episode, an earthquake hits Japan which Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman start to try and rescue civilians. The Winsbraindraft team shows up rescuing civilians with what Matoi has to offer. Sean…

Fun With Gluten Anyone?

When it comes to gluten content, the less refined the flour is the higher the gluten it contains. Gluten is what gives anything that's made from wheat its chewy texture. The more unrefined the flour, the higher the gluten content. The video shows that cake flour contains less gluten and bread flour contains more gluten. 
While it does look like meat but some can already tell it's not meat. Gluten just has that tough texture which makes it feel like meat. Some call it "fake meat" but due to all the fake foods as of late, I'd just call it vegetarian meat or meat substitute. The process requires some boiling in a seasoned broth to give it the taste. With the right technology on hand, it may be possible to mass produce them without being commercialized. Sometimes, new technology related to food can kill quality while others have a good mix of traditional and modern methods. 
This vegetarian "meat" is fun to mix into vegetable dishes or even meat dishes. Li…

Gluten Free Diet For Non-Celiac Disease Sufferers? NO WAY!

There's the trend of going on a gluten free diet. There was even that book called "Wheat Belly". But how true is it anyway? Based on the video above, this short from DNews does feature something useful. While I didn't completely agree with his video on Mathematics but it doesn't mean he should be totally discredited for some mistakes. Like I can agree you don't need to be a math person to do math but there's such a thing as a math person (i.e. person who's really good at it). 

The problem behind this gluten free diet trend is based on sensationalism and ignorance. To make something "gluten free" actually kills nutrients in the wheat and using chemical treatment. People are thinking gluten equals bad. It's bad if you've got celiac disease but if you don't have it then you can eat it but everything should be eaten in moderation. Some studies are showing that you really need to go to a doctor to check if you have celiac disease and …

Sweetly Gracie Dzienny

Cheesecake anyone?

It's time for some sprinkled ice cream.

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Eight "One Week Traffic" Further Offends Joseph Pabaya!

Not satisfied with just tackling the MRT Issue, episode writer Yoshio Urasawa now presents the issue with traffic. Super Sentai senior actor Yuji Kishi plays as a guest star in this episode. He's the dumped off transportation minister of Japan. Yoshihiro Fukoda resumes his role as Joben Abunami in this episode. Kishi's character Kyousuke Kishi was fired by the incompetent prime minister for criticizing the latest scheme. After his dismissal, Abumani kept telling the Japanese people that traffic is not fatal. Worse, Prime Minister Nobita lies to the Japanese people it's a sign of progress.

No thanks to the mismanagement, Tokyo gets stuck in a one week traffic jam. The Winsbraindraft start to analyze Joben's claims and layouts to "fix traffic". They discovered that trains in Japan were reduced to such a small number and that poor traffic enforcement has made Japan a country of traffic violators. The problem soon results to Japan's economic activities getti…