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Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For July 29, 2016

I'll admit she's aged better than Reiko Chiba. 
 Still a classic performance....

What I Currently Like About Gaming With Seventh To Eighth Generation Consoles

While I still enjoy some old school games but I'd like to share the benefits of seventh to eighth generation consoles. 
Patching makes it easier to give updates and fix bugs
The problem of old school gaming is that there's the tendency to release multiple bugged copies of the game. While there's still the possibility you got a defective disk but there are also game bugs. There's a lot of problems that could happen like online lag or just some stuff that need to be fixed. This gives an easier time to fix problems than the constraints that happened during the older generation console days. 
Achievement-oriented gameplay makes it more satisfying
Gone are the days of cheat devices. While playing Tales of Xillia 2, I remembered how often I cheated with a Gameshark during the PS1-PS2 days for some games. Then in Xillia 2, I remembered how I had to earn all that money to pay that huge loan and the satisfaction of doing it... even if it earned a really stupid ending. But the wh…

Amy Jo Johnson In Perfect Body Pictures For June 25, 2016

Here's a couple of screenshots of Amy Jo Johnson from the movie "Perfect Body". 
She looks like a doll here.
Got to love her beauty shining in simplicity.

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Seven "Snail Internet" Aggravates PLDC and Globe

The latest Shippaiman episode now addresses the problem of slow Internet. In a dystopian Japan now ruled by Prime Minister Nobita, Internet has become slowest in the whole of Asia. In this episode, Kunihiko Ooshiba appears as a guest star. He plays as Engineer Kenta Ooshiba (a combination of his character in Megaranger and him) to investigate Japan's now super slow Internet.

The whole problem of Japan's super slow Internet is that Prime Minister Nobita kicked out all non-Japanese Internet companies and left them with JLDT and World. Japanese people are forced to choose only between two sucky Internet services. With that in mind, Prime Minister Nobita also endorses Japanese Economic Protectionism in honor of his ancestor Ieyasu Tokugawa. During this time, Engineer Ooshiba is now a wanted man. It's because during an investigation, Engineer Ooshiba announced that Japan's Internet went super slow because of Prime Minister Nobita's protectionist policies. He also says …

Satirical News: Shippaiman Announces Two New Movies!

Due to Shippaiman's popularity, Toei decided to create two movies. The first movie is called "The Rise of the Empire of Shocker". The second movie is called "The Zyuohgers Are Outlaws?!" Toei Ltd. called Shippaiman as a new generation parody Super Sentai. Producer Shinichiro Shirakura now explains what goes on with Shippaiman's two movies.

"Shippaiman's first movie is an alternate retelling of events from the Showa Era and Heisei Era of Kamen Rider. You saw Ryoma Takeuchi act as Kotaro Minami instead of Tetsuo Kurata. A lot of new school actors will be playing as old school characters in this movie due tot he amount of time that has passed. In this movie, expect even newer Kamen Riders to be played by different actors. The movie's plot takes place in Japan ruled by the Empire of Shocker. The Empire of Shocker has taken over Japan because its incompetent prime minister Nobita Tokugawa banned the use of Tokusatsu powers except for Shippaiman and…

I Tend To Find Attractive Caucasian Women More Attractive Than East Asian Women!

Even with my East Asian descent and I've always called myself to be of the yellow color, I can't deny how I find white girls to be that attractive. My attraction started with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers followed by Baywatch. I did get shocked to learn Pamela Anderson was really born a brunette though. During the later seasons of Mighty Morphin', I was more into Kimberly than Kat so I felt blondes weren't always attractive. More blondes showed up during Power Rangers and I hardly cared about them but other blondes who were attractive caught my attention.

Retrogaming's Downside Anyone?

There's no denying that there's some cool games in the past. I really still want to play some old 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and other games. But there are also other games that I don't think I'd want to pick again. Just think I'm a Tekken fan yet I don't think I'd all be that interested in playing the first Tekken game again due to some issues. Yes, polygonal 3D graphics were cool yesterday but with Tekken starting to smooth things out since Tekken 3, I'd say the first game aged badly with a lot of problems.

Based on the the top ten things, I haven't observed them all until now. But in the world of digital online gameplay and online instructions (but I'd still prefer to get a guide whenever I can since printouts are still better), I could talk about the whole no patch thing. That means if I get a defective copy of the game I have to run to get another copy or when there's a major glitch then you got to deal with it entirely. Then there's a …

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Six "The Alien Infestation" Breaks New Record!

In the latest Shippaiman episode, the plot now involves an invasion of the Xenomorphs from the Aliens franchise. Toei asked for permission from 20th Century Fox to use the plot. During the episode, Xenomorphs are parodied in a battle to save Japan with Spaceballs Humor injected. The episode begins with the Kamen Rider Kabuto episode and the episode has Hiro Mishizuma as a guest star. In this episode. Andrew Michael Gray takes a short role as Dr. Burrows who decides to help out Winsbraindraft. Ciara Hanna's character is only seen in a cameo as a model for America. Sayaka Akimoto's role as Pia Wakamatsu is yet to be confirmed.
During the episode, the Winsbraindraft team are seen doing an investigation while Shippaiman and company are doing nothing. After the Winsbraindraft team starts realizing that Xenomorph infestation had just happened. Hiro Mishima plays as the guest star Tendo Souji (but not to be confused with Kamen Rider Kabuto) who displays his extraordinary talent in h…

Amy Jo Johnson Picture For July 16, 2016

Here's a picture from Power Rangers Turbo where she's sort of frantic...

Olivia Jordan Pictures For July 16, 2016

Here's some gorgeous pictures for all to enjoy!

A Strange Fan-Fiction Was Born From My "Batman VS. Poison Ivy" Encounter!

There's that moment in my life that I thought had an impact with me was my dangerous teenage fling. I can remember her especially when she somewhat resembles Sayaka Akimoto (hence the pictures here used as her placeholder) to a certain extent. We were only teenagers when the whole incident happened yet I can't deny that I compared it to Batman and Poison Ivy. Why I compare her to Poison Ivy is because she's really attractive and seductive. She has her attractive assets and she knew how to use them. But it wasn't always so.

I first to her as an antagonist I must beat while I saw her as someone to win. While I looked to her as my enemy, she had the habit of teasing me habitually. I wanted to hurt her more than once yet I found myself mysteriously drawn to her. She was somewhat fearless and I felt like I was drawn to her the more I wanted to hurt her. It's like how Batman and Poison Ivy would appear in some incarnations. The more time passed, the more I started to be…

Satirical News: Duterte Administration Finally Unearths Evidences That Prove Nobita Aquino And Company Were Responsible FOR ALL SHOOTINGS!

Just recently, an investigation opened by PNP General Bato Dela Rosa, Chief Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. and Senator Panfilo Lacson uncovered the most startling fact in the history of the Philippines. It was discovered that President Nobita Aquino himself both masterminded and did all of the shooting incidents during the Nobita Administration. 
Incumbent President Duterte could not believe his ears that all crimes were linked to Nobita Aquino. On an interview he said, "I can't believe that for all these years, it was Nobita Aquino who had either masterminded all the shooting incidents and did many of them himself." There's picture positive as presented by Justice Secretary Aguirre and PNP General Dela Rosa. Prepare to be shocked at what the DOJ and PNP had unearthed in a recent investigation.

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For July 12, 2016

Playing the role of a sick person.
She still looks fabulous here.

Olivia Jordan Pictures For July 11, 2016

Stunning beaut.
This is a delightful sight indeed!

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Five "The Kamen Rider Wannabee" Further Insults Mar Roxas!

As Shippaiman becomes a huge sensation for what's intended to be a short-term series, Ryoma Takeuchi and Rio Uchida  both showed up to play as alternate versions of old school Kamen Rider characters. Takeuchi plays as an alternate version of Kotaro Minami and Uchida plays as an alternate version of Reiko Shiratori. Since Shippaiman happens in the "What If Universe" of Toei or just anything goes, a timeline distortion happens.

In this episode, the Kingdom of Shocker accidentally opens a dimesional gate to Shippaiman's dimension in the year 2016. They find out that they didn't take over Japan. Instead, it's the corrupt Prime Minister Nobita and his family. But seeing that Japan's defenses have been lowered ever since Tokusatsu heroes were banned save for Shippaiman. General Jack and Shadow Moon inform their leader the Great Leader that Japan of 2016 is theirs for the taking. General Jack and Shadow Moon are now played by Mitsuomi Takahashi and Yasuka Saito…

Young Pamela Anderson Pictures For July 9, 2016

Well it's time for some classic beauty isn't it?
She's got that look of innocence.

 She looks pretty upset.

She looks intimidated here.

A Fun Vegetable Joke Indeed!

As somebody who likes having some vegetables, I do find this very funny. Credits to whoever made this one. It's pretty funny on how we can make a fun of vegetables.

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Four "The Hanma Gang" Further Hurts Mar Roxas!

Shippaiman's latest episode "The Hanma Gang" focused on the ridiculous proposal of Mar Roxas to ban the sales of hammers in the malls. In this Shippaiman episode, the Hanma Gang is acted by the Ninninger cast (as guest characters using their first names in Ninninger but no surname was given). The Ninningers now play as villains who wreck havoc in Japan using hammers to cause trouble around Japan. Manabu Rokuda stupidly proposed a new countermeasure that will ban the sales of hammer in the malls of Japan to counter the Hanma Gang.
The recent problem has that the Hanma Gang has caused damage to several malls in Akihabara. Several Filipino tourists were injured off-screen by the Hanma Gang and were hospitalized. Worse, the new cast member Chikako Sonozaki (acted by Mie Nanamori) is the new welfare minister of Japan. She agrees to Manabu's idiotic plan and implements the plan that no more hammers will be sold at the malls. Instead, they will be sold only outside the mal…

Earlier Entries Of Video Games Can Age Badly!

If you're a 90s child then you might get this straight. Some games in your past can really age badly. I remembered how I got my PS2 and I started thinking that man, the load times were faster. I remembered the PS1 and I always got mad at the loading times. I was happy about the rise of DVDs, better processing units and redefinining old school stuff into the zone of new school. I start to think of video games I used to play and the question is, "DO I FREAKING STILL WANT TO PLAY IT NOW?"
I remembered a couple of games that were once considered cool when they first game out. Games like the Street Fighter II series, first two Tekken games, the earlier Mortal Kombat series before the PS2 era, the first Megaman game, etc. Some of them were pretty cool when they came out but some of them didn't age well at all. I remembered the time I started playing the sequels and while the sequels weren't always better, but they were still playable.
As much as I'm a fan of sever…

A Funny Picture On How Spongebob Redefined Kamen Rider

After watching Kamen Rider from Kuuga up to Drive, I felt that the innovation involved was this: making Kamen Rider more friendly than it was before. If Super Sentai can go and become lighter and softer after Timeranger, why not Kamen Rider? After seven seasons of nightmare fuel then having lighter and softer series is a huge welcome. Den-O and Kiva were more on the balanced side, Decade well I don't want to watch it again and the rest of them present fun that both children and grown ups can enjoy while watching Super Sentai. Whoever made this funny chart must be a genius!