Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Seven "Snail Internet" Aggravates PLDC and Globe

The latest Shippaiman episode now addresses the problem of slow Internet. In a dystopian Japan now ruled by Prime Minister Nobita, Internet has become slowest in the whole of Asia. In this episode, Kunihiko Ooshiba appears as a guest star. He plays as Engineer Kenta Ooshiba (a combination of his character in Megaranger and him) to investigate Japan's now super slow Internet.

The whole problem of Japan's super slow Internet is that Prime Minister Nobita kicked out all non-Japanese Internet companies and left them with JLDT and World. Japanese people are forced to choose only between two sucky Internet services. With that in mind, Prime Minister Nobita also endorses Japanese Economic Protectionism in honor of his ancestor Ieyasu Tokugawa. During this time, Engineer Ooshiba is now a wanted man. It's because during an investigation, Engineer Ooshiba announced that Japan's Internet went super slow because of Prime Minister Nobita's protectionist policies. He also says that Philippines had managed to solve the problem by opening up the economy.

The Winsbraindraft team are tasked with protecting Engineer Oshiba from arrest. In this episode, it's also revealed that Senator Bum has been hoarding 90% of data for his own personal use. As the Winsbraindraft team start their investigation, they also hear from Engineer Oshiba that Senator Bum has been dominating Japan's Internet and using it to stalk hot chicks. In this episode, both Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman end up facing Takeru and Jules. The Winsbraindraft suits prove superior to the Shippaiman suits. In this episode, Engineer Oshiba manages to free the data system from Bum's headquarters which reveals he's a pervert. The end of the episode has a group of angry Filipino girls and Japanese girls beat Senator Bum up when he appears in public.