Earlier Entries Of Video Games Can Age Badly!

If you're a 90s child then you might get this straight. Some games in your past can really age badly. I remembered how I got my PS2 and I started thinking that man, the load times were faster. I remembered the PS1 and I always got mad at the loading times. I was happy about the rise of DVDs, better processing units and redefinining old school stuff into the zone of new school. I start to think of video games I used to play and the question is, "DO I FREAKING STILL WANT TO PLAY IT NOW?"

I remembered a couple of games that were once considered cool when they first game out. Games like the Street Fighter II series, first two Tekken games, the earlier Mortal Kombat series before the PS2 era, the first Megaman game, etc. Some of them were pretty cool when they came out but some of them didn't age well at all. I remembered the time I started playing the sequels and while the sequels weren't always better, but they were still playable.

As much as I'm a fan of several video game series but I can't think of playing the first entries anymore. When I think I'm a fan of Megaman do I still want to play the first Megaman game? I may want to play the first Megaman X game but not the first Megaman game. I still can't forget how the first two Tekken games had less responsive controls to the Tekken games today. I still can't forget how the difficulty was not because of the CPU but because of the less responsive controls. It's fair to give you a tough opponent if and if you have smoother controls. Then after playing Mortal Kombat (2011) for the Playstation 3, I don't even want to play the first Mortal Kombat game anymore or much of the other games before it. It was fair to make Shao Kahn that difficult in the reboot because you had easier controls.

It's either because of my age or such games just aged so terribly. It does get frustrating if the game is too hard. Sure, it's nice to be challenged but some games are just so hard and it's running on a very obsolete engine that makes me say I don't want to play those games anymore! But some video games still age properly. Like I still think of playing Tekken 5 even if its predecessors are getting newer gimmicks to keep the gameplay fresh or I still want to play some 16-bit platforming games like the first three Megaman X series because they're still that memorable. It's a matter of quality that keeps a game from aging badly.