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Satirical News: Bum Aquino Spanked in Singapore!

Bum Aquino insisted on promoting data caps during a telecommunications conference in Singapore.  Although he was given the chance to step down from the stage, he continued to insist that data caps will help fair use policy in Singapore.  It was reported that he went to Singapore to find out how to improve the Philippines' rather slow Internet.  Instead, he was shown to have been attempting to promote data caps to Singapore's Internet Service Providers much to the ire of the Singaporean government.

After the Telecommunications Conference, Bum Aquino was caught acting like a baby and rolling on the floor shouting, "Data caps rock!  Data caps rock!"  The police caught Bum Aquino and brought him to Changi Prison to lock him up inside a juvenile cell (where minors who break the law are locked up, in his case pre-teenage lawbreakers) for a a week for his misbehavior.  The verdict came in how to deal with Bum Aquino's public scandal.

They very paddle that was used on Bu…

Why an Overly Protective Economy is Bad for a Country

If an overly open economy is bad for a country, then so is an overly closed economy.  One may consider history repeats itself one too many times.  Tokugawa era in Japan nearly crashed it, the Imperial Japanese state fell down because of ethnocentrism, Mao Zedong's economic policies just because he wanted power for himself caused China to go into poverty while he became fat, North Korea's Kim Dynasty led the whole country in rags... because of protectionism.  The Philippines' hindrance is the protectionist state policies are also a hindrance to progress.

Now for the reasons:

1.) The 40% or less only ownership for foreign investors discourages entry.  It's a very self-serving just protect your own country's interest.  Any foreign investor would take a fair share of 50/50 or have a higher share in a joint venture but definitely not anything that rules against his favor.  China's economy opened up saved it from the dirt-driven poverty it suffered during Mao Zedong…

Why an Overly Open Economy is Bad for a Country

I really have to admit that talking with a person who believes in an overly open economy is almost or just as annoying as talking with a person who believes that the economy should be closed with "protectionism".  So what's wrong with an overly open economy?  Here's what I can think of the disadvantages after discussing them with an economist:

1.) It is pure indiscriminate acceptance without regulations.  A foreign firm that is garbage is always garbage.  For example, should a country accept just any foreign firm that invests?  Absolutely not.  While 60/40 MUST GO but accepting just anyone can corrode the economy.  It may mean too much competition which can lead to too many choices.  A balance of competition is always necessary to spin the economy at the right pace.

2.) To get rid of joint ventures as a whole can be more disadvantageous.  The idea that no foreign firm accepts a joint venture argument is flawed.  One must realize that one of the reasons why the Phili…

President Nobita's SONAs Prove He's Obviously A Leader With No Direction!

Obvious garbage is obvious and President Nobita is no exception to the fact that he is indeed garbage.  Every last garbage regardless of degree of rottenness from a keyboard with one letter not functional to rotten tofu, they all end up in the garbage can.  That is what people must realize that President Nobita is highly incompetent yet they are all dragged away by his sister Krisis' crying.  In spite of the fact that the Macoy dictatorship was removed, people should realize that Cory just ended up continuing oligarchy which the late Ferdinand Macoy left behind.  For one, President Nobita shows by his SONA that he is a leader with no direction.

Why is he the leader of No Direction?  Obviously he has no direction, he just runs around in circles and everywhere.  For the past four SONAs, all President Nobita does is turn Gloria Abobo into his "convenient scapegoat".  While I would admit Gloria is corrupt BUT his faults are not her faults.  I mean, while I'm glad Glori…

Satirical News: No Direction's First Concert a Success in the Philippines, Booed By Other Countries!

President Nobita's SONA was yet another jamming success together with the performances of Pink, Doraemar, Kill and Money.  No Direction took the SONA to another direction which No Directioners were all clapping and cheering as the following performances were done:
The whole group danced the Gangnam Style as the introduction of the concert.President Nobita's song "Pwede Na Yan" (That Will Do)Money Villar's campaign jingle in rap form.Kill Henares' "Magbayad Kayo Ng Buwis" (Pay Your Taxes) song number.Doraemar Roxas' "Bayanihan Rap".  Bayanihan is the term of people working together as a group.Pink Lacson's "I Love the Pinoy National Police" song.Their group songs were "There's a Dap Down In My Heart" to support DAP, "Kung Walang Corrupt" (If There's No Corrupt), "Data Caps Yeah" and "Protectionism Rules".
"Wow President Nobita, you rock!" was the shout of one No Dir…

Victoria Justice Picture for July 27, 2014

What can I say?  She's really SMOOOOKING hot!

Satirical News:Kill Henares Vows to Give Tax Discounts To Those Who Bought High Priced No Direction Tickets!

No Direction band member Kill Henares vows to give tax discounts for all those who bought the No Direction tickets rating from diamond to VIP tickets.  As the No Direction concert on July 28, 2014 is nearing, Kill Henares offers a new bonus for No Direction.  The proposal was approved by President Nobita to increase the popularity ratings of No Direction in the Philippines.  Others who approved where her fellow band members Money Villar, Pink Lacson and Doraemar Roxas.

She said, "By buying the tickets of One Direction, you are supporting the Original Pinoy Music industry.  We of No Direction will guarantee that we have recorded the names of all those who bought the diamond and VIP tickets to get a tax discount.  We will give 30% less on taxes for Diamond ticket buyers and 40% less for VIP ticket buyers."

Atty. Viraliano Aguirre said, "This is a victory for the Nobita Liberal Party.  When you open yourself to the Pwede Na Yan culture, you will see your life is better of…

President Nobita Should STOP Treating The Philippine Presidency Like a Computer Game!

Looking at this picture of President Nobita playing computer games (and acting like a kid while at it), makes me think he's really treating the administration as if it were a computer game.  What he may want to remember is the huge difference between the world of fiction and video games.
I have played through some historical simulation series, my first being Romance of the Three Kingdoms X for the PS2.  The player could create his own character or play as any character, change historical events and so on... but this is real life.  In the real life, President Nobita cannot simply hit the reset button when he's made a mistake... mistakes happen forever compared to video games where you can always choose to push the reset button.  After he refused to apologize to China, he could not go back to that date and poof, change settings.  Real life is not a historical simulation series.
Besides common sense should tell us that if you crash a lot in any racing games like Grand Theft Auto…

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for July 24, 2014

Here's some Vanessa Hessler pictures, the Italian goddess of beauty...
Oh so hot...


Really gorgeous!

Two Economic Views That Economists Should Be Careful Of

While I'm no economist, I just consulted one of my economic professors who is a doctorate in the field.  I told her about the economic concepts of two persons.  I'll name the models as the Blabbersky Model and the other, the Pedronomics Model.  These are two extreme views to avoid for these reasons.

The Blabbersky Model is a view of an overly closed economy.  I named it after some American guy who thinks the Philippines is blessed to have 60/40 economic policy.  He believes that progress is bad, that the poor are blessed, that multiplying children beyond one's means is good for the country, he somehow embraces poverty, he thinks that opening up the economy will destroy the "holiness" of the Philippines.

This view also views the culture of being habitually late, lavish feasting, covering up the fault of your countrymen, the victim mentality and lack of discipline makes life worth living in a third world country.  Countries worse than the Philippines like Banglade…

Victoria Justice is My Favorite Nickelodeon Girl

I was actually in denial about Victoria Justice.  Normally I prefer hot whites and hot orientals, I had my Emma Roberts infatuation though I was drawn to her when watching Victorious.  She was in Disney as a starlet, fortunately she moved to Nickelodeon.

For one, she helped me get over my temporary Spongebob hatred.  I guess she would NEVER want to read that awful (now deleted) hate fic Spongebob 2019.  She's a big Spongebob fan and I respect her for that.

I simply find her voice delightful which I wish she will have more songs.  I really enjoy her songs in my MP3.  Just made me think, will Nickelodeon get another talent like her?

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for June 19, 2014

Ever still so gorgeous...
The goddess of beauty by the sun...

So sexy!

The garden of beauty...

So hot!

The beauty queen!

Beauty by the sun!

Victoria Justice Goddess of Beauty

This picture of Victoria Justice makes me want to call her the goddess of beauty...

The Problem of the Philippines is NOT a Lack of Budget But Misusing It!

Obviously President Nobita doesn't know what happened to the money or does he?

Whether or not the Philippines had economic boom during Gloria Abobo's term and currently President Nobita's term, one may think that the problem is misusing national budget.  Why did the late Ferdinand Macoy bring the whole economy down?  Simple- he was MISUSING the budget.  The same went for Nobita's late mother Cory "Tamako" Aquino and Sherap Estrada.  If any post-Macoy leader gets the blame the most, I would say it's Sherap.  Sherap spent the money on jueteng, then his son Unggoy came to power as a Senator, the pork barrel gained strength through the swine Sherap's regime and then President Nobita's laziness also contributed to a misuse of budget.

One GOOOOOD example of the misuse of funds is the Yolanda bunkhouses vs. that of the pork detention cells.  Why are they building BAAAAAD bunkhouses for typhoon victims and give nice cells for pig politicians?  Pig politic…

Satirical News: No Direction Leaks Out Sneak Peek for SONA Performance!

As the day for the SONA approaches, the fans of No Direction are all getting wild for what would be the biggest performance of a lifetime.  Now President Nobita vows to make the 5th SONA of his term as the President of the Philippines more memorable.  Last night, President Nobita uploaded his video of him dancing "Gangnam Stye" which was well received on Youtube!  The video is below:

President Nobita's video revealed his "dance moves" which caused No Direction fans to react.  The video had over 100,000 views last night as fans of No Direction all screamed "Nobita!  Nobita!" as they were watching the president's dance on Youtube.

"OMG!  President Nobita you are so cool!" said a No Directioner "I don't regret spending my tuition fee for the VIP ticket to the No Direction concert!"

Fans of No Direction all gathered together to cheer for President Nobita's sneak peek performance and they all shouted, "Go Nobita!  Go …

Some Pernicious Myths About President Nobita

Although I am still willing to subject to debate President Nobita's father Ninoy for further scrutiny, some of the myths about President Nobita needs to be exposed.  These are in no particular order and I hope this will awaken people to the truth:

Myth #1- Under President Nobita, the economy is growing

The truth is the economy is in decline proven by the rising prices of goods and commodities.  Not that I support Gloria Abobo but he should stop blaming her for the economic situation he himself caused.  The pork barrel, the DAP, the PDAF and etc. is all under Nobita's proof that he is an irresponsible president.  Even if he's not as bad as the late Ferdinand Macoy but he is still nonetheless an economic disaster.  One may continue to think how unemployment still increases all the way.  If the economy is growing, why hasn't the need for OFWs cut down considerably?  One has to consider that Nobita's economy is nothing more than a for show only by ABias-CBN and Ginago …

My First Crush Doesn't Quite Fit In Like Belle?

I just remembered the lyrics of "Little Town" which says that Belle doesn't quite fit in and which made me think why my first crush is still single in spite of having lots of suitors.  Like Belle, she was mostly with the nose stuck in a book personality.

Which I thought my first crush was the overly diligent type which made me think... a girl with her personality is a rare catch though I'm probably still obsessed over that Bea Saw lookalike who has the "Belle complex" over this girl but I guess she will still do.  Although in my case with my first crush, I did admire her simpler outlook in life aside from her appearance.  The attraction though was based on the fact she was a gentle person compared to my bad temper which is a very weird attraction.  She was typically more inclined to be different like I am.  So what she's the one for me?

Are Status Symbols the Biggest Indicator of One's Financial Wealth?

I always love the statement of, "Nothing is wrong with having an iPhone just make sure you have iPon (savings)." which is true.  The problem of children, teenagers and EVEN adults is that they want to look fancy so others will think they are rich, even if in the reality they aren't even rich or are probably even broke.  Many try to live like that they have millions but are in reality, broke.  And personally, status symbols are usually just to brag.

Remembering the 90s, I remembered the system wars that kids had which for me made me realize why I'm thankful I didn't have all those video game systems.  For one, some snotty classmates of mine picked on me because I didn't have all those systems.  Some of the so-called 'rich' kids had a SNES, Sega systems, etc. which they say, "I'm rich because I have lots of these stuff."  Well it's pretty natural for a child to be conceited but sadly, some of these go beyond adulthood.  Later I reali…

Ciara Hanna Picture for July 12, 2014

Here's a Ciara Hanna picture for today with a Quest Bar... looks yummy enough...

Some Common Bad Traits Between Pinoys and Muricans

Apparently Pinoys and Muricans have a lot of bad traits in common.  With the allegation that the Murican adult is dumber than most adults, I guess it's no wonder why the typical Filipino is dragged down in the process.  Now to list them down:

Declaring heroes out of disrespect.  Get Real Philippines compared the situation of Viraliano Aguirre to Steven Slater in this article.  During the Jetblue flight incident, some hailed Steven Slater as a hero for "standing up against bullies".  What went wrong was that what he did jeopardized airline safety, he could have just reported the bully passenger to the management so the person could be banned.  But no, he pulled out a publicity stunt that deserves him to be jailed yet many Americans made him a hero.  Later the same happened during hte impeachment trial when Viraliano Aguirre decided to show the court he wasn't willing to listen to Miriam's tirades... which were against the incompetence of the prosecutors in doing t…

The Pinoy's Possible Views of Valid Criticism?

One of the worst traits of Pinoys is when they can't accept any valid criticism at all.  Like it, almost everyone doesn't want to accept their wrong, they want to be always right but... as said, we are after all pattered as flawed human beings.  But the problem of the Pinoy is their utter view of "I"m always right!" is one of the biggest problems of the country towards reaching progress.

The Viraliano Aguirre view of criticism which is just a term I invented myself though I am no psychiatrist.  If you don't like it, remain silent and close your ears for all you care then make a bravado speech when you are being scolded.  That's what Viraliano Aguirre did when Miriam lectured the prosecution panel about their lack of discretion in handling the impeachment trial.  The statement, "In my forty years of practice, this is the first time I've heard a judge lecture lawyers." is B.S. because one, don't judges lecture lawyers?  Don't tell me …

Satirical News: As SONA Approaches, No Direction Fans Go Wild!

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is due on July 28, 2014.  Failipino fans of No Direction's leader President Nobita are in a state of excitement for the first performance of the band No Direction.  No Direction is now going to release its mall album at the Quirino Grandstand, where the SONA will be followed by a two hour premiere concert of the band.

Some supporters of President Nobita are now showing their tears of excitement as President Nobita, Kill Henares, Doraemar Roxas, Money Villar and Pink Lacson will perform for the first time during the SONA.  Those who have not bought the VIP tickets to the SONA however are still causing chaos, because they wanted front seats to the first No Direction Concert which will happen during the upcoming SONA.

"Wow I'm so excited." said a No Direction fan "We Filipinos are satisfied with President Nobita's performance in getting rid of the pork barrel politicians, in raising nationalism, in impeaching Corona and w…

A Link Between American Superiority Mentality Failipinos and Stupidity?

From the New York Post, it is said that a lot of U.S. adults are dumber than the average human.  It leaves me thinking how true is this post?  Before, America was viewed as the land of promise, the land of greatness, it was once the greatest country in the world (or so many thought)... and now to take a look at what happened in America and what is going on and what traits Failipinos have carried over from the Murkans:

One may want to take a look at the disaster known as George W. Bush's administration.  His warmongering policies led to America's poor economy.  In his administration, several bank con cases had happened through mail order fraud and stock manipulation.  If America gets conned out of a lot of money in one sitting, it deserves to crash!  Before George W. Bush became President, the Philippines had Sherap's rather destructive solution against the Abu Sayyaf or you can talk how the 1987 Constitution did not reverse the damages done by the Macoy party.  Currently i…