The Problem of the Philippines is NOT a Lack of Budget But Misusing It!

Obviously President Nobita doesn't know what happened to the money or does he?

Whether or not the Philippines had economic boom during Gloria Abobo's term and currently President Nobita's term, one may think that the problem is misusing national budget.  Why did the late Ferdinand Macoy bring the whole economy down?  Simple- he was MISUSING the budget.  The same went for Nobita's late mother Cory "Tamako" Aquino and Sherap Estrada.  If any post-Macoy leader gets the blame the most, I would say it's Sherap.  Sherap spent the money on jueteng, then his son Unggoy came to power as a Senator, the pork barrel gained strength through the swine Sherap's regime and then President Nobita's laziness also contributed to a misuse of budget.

One GOOOOOD example of the misuse of funds is the Yolanda bunkhouses vs. that of the pork detention cells.  Why are they building BAAAAAD bunkhouses for typhoon victims and give nice cells for pig politicians?  Pig politicians should be LOCKED UP in pig pens instead!

It's a real waste of taxpayers' money not to focus on decentralizing government offices.  For example, they should start offering more extension offices via malls, banks, why not rent a space to build an extension, etc.?  For one I'm happy that the BIR allows payments through banks, NBI can be done at malls, etc. but one has to be certain about this.... why aren't they making government transactons easier?  They aren't thinking that in the long run, it will cut the vein of internal revenue (and for that Kill Henares has turned the BIR into the Bureau of Internal Robbery).  Computers should be placed in the government offices to keep track of payments as back-ups, better shelves, etc. to make sure records are kept properly to avoid government vs. citizen disputes over money as much as possible.

Also why isn't money allocated to the Department of Public Works and Highways?  They should start to spend money on cleaning up the roads, increasing the fines, enforcing the fines, start to fix the flooding problems.  But no, where does the money go in Imperial Manila?  It goes to the pork of Senators for their private amusement.  What is wrong with them?!

Why isn't money allocated to improve the public school education?  For one, ENOUGH OF THOSE MEDIOCRE TEXT BOOKS!  How often is it already that the teacher is right and the textbook is wrong?  Too many times than I can count!  Lack of books, lack of chairs, lack of rooms... while those corrupt politicians are swimming in their clean pools and dipping in clean tubs, the CRs of public schools are as bad as sewers!

This is also proof of the Pinoy spendthrift culture and not knowing how to use money properly.  Because even if every citizen pays taxes properly, it will still be an obstacle if the government does not use the money properly.  I mean the Philippines could actually LEARN a lot from its neighboring countries like Modern Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.  Only if it can start to learn to allocate its budget to what really matters, then the Philippines can obviously become conducive to businesses in spite of the 60/40 limitation (which needs to be removed in favor of 50/50 and above).  Sad to say they are always stuck with their Pinoy pride which is, "We Pelepenos are da most greatest race in da world!  We need no foreign investmend, we wil survibe..." quote.